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BMW X5 price

BMW X5 for Sale in Pakistan

The X5 is a luxury Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) manufactured by the BMW Motor Co. A Sports Utility Vehicle is a car which can go on off road tracks as well as on normal roads. SUVs are usually powerful vehicles, so they consume more fuel than normal city cars. The X5 rolled off the BMW assembly line in 1999 and it is still going very strong with no plans to be discontinued in foreseeable future. The midsize luxury SUV has carved out its own place in the high end luxury vehicles market and has become an instant hit with customers in Germany and in the international markets. A comprehensive collection of BMW X5 for sale can be found at Carmudi. However, before you decide on it, here are:

10 Things You Need To Know Before Buying BMW X5 in Pakistan

1. What are BMW X5 Specifications?

The first generation X5 came out of the BMW yards in 1999 and its design has changed significantly over the past 15 years or so, but the main characteristics still remain the same. It is a five door midsize luxury SUV with front engine and four wheel drive layout. The X5 is accessible in three different engine options i.e. 3.0L, 4.5L and 4.8L paired with either 5+1 manual transmission or five/ six speed automatic transmission. The second generation BMW X5 8 speed transmission is also available in the market. The latest BMW X5 2015 carries an inline 6 cylinder engine paired with 8-speed Shiftable Automatic transmission system.

2. What is BMW X5 Fuel Consumption?

The BMW X5 2015 gives an average fuel economy of 10.2 km/L in the city and 13.0 km/L on the highways, while the previous second generation BMW X5 2013 has a fuel economy rating of about 9.15 km/L. Comparing this to Toyota Harrier, the BMW X5's fuel average is not that good, however the X5 BMW is still a more luxurious choice.

3. Review of BMW X5 Exterior Design and Engineering

The BMW X5 is a luxury mid-sized SUV. The first generation X5 was developed using technology from Land Rover, whose vehicles have excellent off-road designs. It weighs a whopping two tons and although technically mid-sized, it is quite hefty. The X5’s transmission is a unique design which transmits 32% of the power to the front wheels and 68% of the power to the rear wheels making it a true four wheel drive. The BMW X5 headlights and front dual slate grille give an elegant look to the SUV, while the BMW X5 wheels extend an aggressive feel to the overall exterior design.

4. What BMW X5 Colors are Available in Pakistan?

The BMW X5 black is the most preferred color of the customers in Pakistan, however you can also see the X5 in silver, grey and white colors. Besides, the 2015 BMW X5 is available in a range of colors including Alpine White, Black Sapphire Metallic, Carbon Black Metallic, Dark Graphite Metallic, Glacier Silver Metallic, Imperial Blue Metallic, Jet Black, Mineral Silver Metallic and White Metallic, Space Grey Metallic and Sparkling Brown Metallic.

5. BMW X5 Interior Comfort

Luxury is the word that defines the BMW X5 Interior 2015. The opulent seats will provide you with ultra-comfortable driving experience, especially on longer routes. The driver and passenger doors have storage pockets to keep your important documents, while both the front and rear compartments have a cup holder. The front panel features an LCD display, plus telescopic steering wheel has mounted audio controls.

6. What are The Best Technological Features in BMW X5 New Model?

The new 2015 model has a number of interactive and modern features which will make your driving experience enthralling. These include the BMW X5 navigation system with voice control, leather heated seats, Roadside assistance, hands-free calling system and blue-tooth technology to control your phone without taking hands off the steering wheel.

7. BMW X5 Accessories in Pakistan

The official BMW dealers in Pakistan provide all the labor and original BMW X5 parts. Although they can also be bought from local suppliers or online users, but it is recommended that you buy the parts from official dealers only.

8. BMW X5 has a good Resale Value

Considering it a highly luxurious utility vehicle, the resale value of X5 is also not that bad. Even the first generation BMW X5 2003 and BMW X5 2004 are sold at a good price. So, if you buy a BMW X5 second hand you will surely not bear any loss.

9. Should You Buy a BMW X5?

The BMW X5 series stands out in the crowd thanks to its luxury features and superb handling. The first generation contains a navigation system, a telecommunication system, a television and a very flexible Automotive Computer System (ATS) which could easily be upgraded to make room for more recent technologies like Bluetooth, iPhone and Android Beam. The newer models also have more enhanced safety features such as traction control, stability control, parking assistant, remote anti-theft alarm and dual front and side airbags. In other words, it offers great performance, makes the drive engaging plus ensures the safety of the driver. All these features make the BMW X5 stand apart from its competitors in the Pakistani market which include Toyota Harrier and Land Rover, which may have a lower price tag, but do not offer such advanced technological features.

10. What is BMW X5 Price in Pakistan?

The BMW X5 off road is accessible in both new and used conditions through BMW official dealerships and third party sellers in all the big Pakistani cities. As there is no BMW assembly plant in Pakistan, the X5 found in Pakistan are all imported. The price varies from PKR 2,500,000 to PKR 10,000,000 depending on the condition and the model.

BMW X5 Used Price List

  • BMW X5 2004 Average Price: 40 Lacs
  • BMW X5 2003 Average Price: 30 Lacs

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Review on BMW X5 in Pakistan

The BMW X5 is a true luxury vehicle with its plush interior, extraordinary design and wonderful mechanical specifications transforming your driving pleasure into pure joy. The number of international and European awards won by the vehicle over the years is a testament to the BMW quality and the X5’s class. When you buy an X5, you not only buy an excellent luxury offroad car, you buy all the prestige and goodwill that come with the BMW name and technology. The X5 is the first SUV to get a five-star rating from the very prestigious European New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP). We highly recommend the BMW X5 to our readers.