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Chevrolet for Sale in Pakistan

This vehicle brand is named after Louis Chevrolet, a Swiss race car driver and the founder of Chevrolet Motor Company. It is now a formal division of the largest American automaker, General Motors Company. Some of its early produced cars include Baby Grand, Model T and Series 490.

Currently, Chevrolet is offering a wide range of vehicles in hatchback, coupe, sedan, truck, crossover, SUV and sports car segments. Although Chevrolet does not hold a huge market share in Pakistan, but it is considered a reliable brand here.

5 Reasons to Buy Chevrolet Cars

  1. Chevrolet utilizes plentiful physical and intellectual resources of General Motors to regularly upgrade its automotive technologies. For instance, Chevrolet collaborated with GM for the development of EcoTec3 engine family.
  2. Its third generation of Emissions Control Optimization Technology (EcoTec) ensures high performance standards in a more environment-friendly manner.
  3. The latest Chevrolet cars are using advanced control and safety technologies to sustain best level of handling and make your journey safer than ever.
  4. Most of the technologies used in Chevrolet vehicles are developed by GM and shared by other subsidiary divisions of the parent company. These technologies range from transmissions to entertainment and mobile integration.
  5. Chevrolet cars are highly efficient and durable. Moreover, they are available in a range of engine options to suit the needs of different customers.

Top 5 Bestselling Models of Chevrolet in Pakistan

In over 100 years of its existence, Chevrolet introduced many vehicles for the global markets. In 2011, the Detroit-based automaker set a new sales record by selling around 4.76 million units around the world. Although it maintains a broad lineup of advanced and efficient cars, we will be specifying only those available in Pakistan.

1. Chevrolet Joy - Chevrolet Spark

A city car that is now renamed to Chevrolet Spark. The third and latest generation of this five-door hatchback is available in 1.0 liter and 1.2 liter engines, while the previous versions were built with 800cc and 1000cc engines. You can easily find first and second generation Chevrolet Joy in Pakistan for a price between PKR 350,000 and 880,000. For more info, check our Chevrolet Joy review.

Chevrolet Spark ev price in Pakistan

Chevrolet Spark ev (Chevy Spark EV’s Car)price in Pakistan for a price between PKR 350,000 and 880,000

2. Chevrolet Aveo

A subcompact car available in sedan and hatchback body styles. Launched in 2002 it is also sold as Chevrolet Sonic in some regions. The Chevrolet Aveo comes in several engine options including 1.2 liter, 1.3 liter, 1.4 liter, 1.6 liter and 1.8 liter. The price of this car in Pakistan is around PKR 900,000.

3. Chevrolet Cruze

A compact car launched by the American automaker in 2008. It is available in sedan and liftback body styles carrying a variety of powertrains based on petrol and diesel powered engines. Chevrolet has already announced the launch of second generation Cruze in third or fourth quarter of 2015. You can find a good condition Cruze for around PKR 2,600,000.

Chevrolet Cruze 2015

Chevrolet Cruze 2015 model has entirely a new front end with updated grill, fog lamps which give a very beautiful front end appearence.

Chevrolet Cruze 2015 will give users a wifi mobile hotspot on wheels. Passengers in the back seat will also be able to access to the internet through their ipads and other devices while driving on the road. Chevrolet Cruze is being offered in the diesel. Chevrolet started selling it about almost two years ago. It can achieve 46 miles per gallon on the highway better than its many other competitors. One can go upto 700 miles with one tank of diesel fuel.

The eco version of Chevy Cruze gets 42 miles per gallon with the manual transmission.

Chevrolet Cruze 2015 Specifications

  • text message alerts
  • wifi mobile hotspot
  • siri eyes free

4. Chevrolet Optra

A product of GM Daewoo that was marketed as Chevrolet Optra from 2002 to 2008 and then was discontinued. It is a compact car that was offered in sedan, hatchback and wagon body styles. The powertrain options of this vehicle include 1.4 liter, 1.6 liter, 1.8 liter and 2.0 liter engines. This is the most popular Chevrolet in Pakistan and is available at prices ranging between PKR 700,000 and 1,275,000. For more details, check our Chevrolet Optra review.

5. Chevrolet Camaro

A pony car (a sports car). According to Chevrolet, the name "Camaro" is derived from the French word camarade, which can be translated as "comrade" or "friend". The world famous sports car Camaro was built as a rival to the highly successful Ford Mustang and quickly became one of the most popular sports car.

Chevrolet Camaro Price

The Chevrolet Camaro price in Pakistan (used-2009/10 model) is around PKR 11,000,000.

Availability of Chevrolet in Pakistan

Although Chevrolet cars are not officially sold in Pakistan, some of these are made available by Nexus Automotive (Private) Limited - the importer and progressive manufacturer of General Motors in Pakistan. Moreover, the used auto market of Pakistan has been rapidly growing for the past few years, for this reason, the Chevrolet vehicles are widely traded in Pakistan.

Interesting facts about Chevrolet

Chevrolet has produced over 200 million vehicles in its 100 years of its existence, which is in itself a record. It is the best-selling brand in United States and has significantly stretched its operations to more than 140 countries worldwide.