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Daewoo for Sale in Pakistan

Daewoo cars are manufactured by the General Motors Co. today which acquired the South Korean conglomerate Daewoo Industries in 2001 after its bankruptcy following the 1997 Asian market crisis. Initially the Daewoo brand cars were manufactured by the Daewoo Motors Co. founded in 1983. Daewoo quickly became very popular due to its cars that were fuel efficient and powerful at the same time. At the height of its powers, Daewoo Motors Co. was one of the biggest automobile manufacturers in Asia. Even today most of the Daewoo designs are being fabricated and marketed by General Motors under other names.

Performance and Technology of Daewoo 

Daewoo Motors was established in 1937 and was at that time called National Motors. It is therefore the oldest South Korean automotive brand. Daewoo also has a very long history of collaboration with General Motors Co. Daewoo started manufacturing in collaboration with General Motors Co. in 1976. Daewoo vehicles therefore are a blend of Asian aesthetics and European comfort. Daewoo cars are equally known for their roomy interior and powerful engines as for their high fuel efficiency and pleasing to the eye design. Even after acquisition by General Motor Co. Daewoo motors has retained its autoparts manufacturing facility in Incheon which collaborates in research and development closely with General Motors Co.

Popular Models

Daewoo released several popular models over the years which became instant customer favorites both at the local and export markets. Daewoo produced a wide range of automobiles including cars, trucks, jeeps and pickups. The most popular models however are the models designed for urban usage. These models include but are not limited to the Racer, the Matiz, the Leganza and the Espero.

  • Racer: Daewoo Racer is a compact sedan which came with a 1.5L engine and a spacious interior. It became immensely popular in South Korea due to its excellent design which delivered a lot of power without compromising on fuel efficiency.
  • Matiz: Daewoo Matiz is a five door subcompact. It is perhaps the best known model produced by the Daewoo Motor Co. It is was so popular that even after the collapse of Daewoo and its subsequent acquisition by General Motors Co. it was not discontinued. It took a new life under General Motors management and is today marketed as Chevrolet spark. It combines the elements of fuel efficiency and spaciousness which is appreciated by urban users and which made Matiz an instant success as a city car.  

Availability in Pakistan

The Daewoo cars have a particular history in Pakistani context. In the early nineties, the Government of Pakistan awarded a huge contract to build the country’s first motorway from Lahore to Islamabad to the Daewoo conglomerate. In conjunction with this contract, the Pakistani government imported thousands of Daewoo cars to relaunch the Pakistani economy and in order to start a massive employment scheme. The Daewoo brand is therefore very well known to the Pakistani public, The spare parts and after sales services are very easily available in all the big Pakistani cities.

Interesting Facts about Daewoo cars

The name Daewoo has a very peculiar story attached to it. It is in fact a combination of two words, “Dae” and “Woo”. Dae means great in Korean while Woo is the name of the owner and premier Chief Executive Officer who founded the company. So the name literally means “Great Woo” keeping in line with the tradition of naming companies after their founders for example Toyota or Suzuki. An impressive collection of very reasonably priced Daewoo cars can be found here.