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Daewoo racer | Daewoo racer price in Pakistan

Daewoo Racer for Sale

The Racer is a compact car manufactured by the Daewoo Motors South Korea. The first generation of Racers hit the Asian and European markets in 1986. A second iteration was released in 1994 which continued till 1997. In 1997 Daewoo Motors decided to stop production and discontinue the model. The Racer was marketed in European and American markets as Daewoo Le Mans. Le Mans is a French city famous for its race tracks and for this reason, in non-French speaking countries, this model was marketed as Daewoo Racer. A very impressive collection of Daewoo Racer for sale in Pakistan can be found at Carmudi.

Reasons to buy Daewoo 

Performance of Racer

The Daewoo Racer is a compact car which comes in both sedan and hatchback models. Most of the Racers found on the Pakistani market are sedans. The salient features of Daewoo Racers available in Pakistan are as follows:

  • The Racer is available in 1.5L and 2.0L configurations however the cars available on Pakistani market are generally 1.5L models.
  • It is only available in the Petrol configuration.
  • It has a front wheel drive with a front engine configuration.
  • It is equipped with a four cylinder 16 valve engine.

The Racer comes in manual 4+1 as well as 3/4 speed automatic transmissions. The Racer is one of the first cars on the Pakistani market which comes with the Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) technology which makes it very fuel efficient. The Racer’s 1.5L engine packs an impressive 60 kWH punch without compromising the fuel economy.

Design of Daewoo Racer

The Racer comes in hatchback as well as sedan designs. The sedan is well known for its spacious interior and ample storage space available in the trunk. The Racer comes with fog lights and alloy rims which at that time was a novelty in Pakistan.  The interior is exceptionally well-designed as well. The Racer was intended for North American, European and Australian markets as well so Daewoo took care to provide extra leg room to compete with the cars already present in those markets. The result is a car which is very roomy and makes the ride extremely comfortable.

Standout Features of Racer

The standout feature of Daewoo Racer is certainly its 1.5L engine which packs a lot of power in Daewoo Racer’s compact frame. The fact that the Racer was intended to be a taxi in Pakistan is in fact a testament to its endurance and ruggedness.

Price and Availability of Daewoo Racer

In 1992, the then Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, launched a taxi scheme to reduce unemployment. Quite a significant number of Daewoo Racers were imported under this scheme during the 1992-1994 year period. Its been almost twenty-five years now that the Racer is present in the Pakistani market. Due to this fact the spare parts and after sales services are available everywhere and are very easy to find. The price varies between PKR 150,000 and PKR 450,000 depending on the condition, mileage and model.

Overall Impression

The Daewoo Racer is a car which has passed the test of time on the Pakistani market. It is an ideal car for a small or medium sized family. The generous space in the trunk allows for long haul travel without the inconvenience to share the passenger space with suitcases. It has a very good fuel economy for a 1.5L engine. The Racer combines the advantages that come with a compact configuration with an excellent fuel economy and leg room. We highly recommend the Daewoo Racer to our readers.