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Daihatsu Esse price daihatsu esse

Daihatsu Esse for Sale in Pakistan

The Esse is a “Keijidosha” type car manufactured by the Daihatsu Motors Co. Ltd. The “Keijidosha” is a special designation attributed to subcompacts in Japan which refers to their conformance to certain environmental and carbon emission standards. “Keijidosha” cars are known by their diminutive appellation “Kei” as well. The Esse is a fairly recent entry to the Japanese market, presented to the Japanese public in 2005 at the Tokyo Automobile Show and released in December of the same year. The production was however stopped in 2011 and the Esse was replaced with Daihatsu Mira. You can find a huge collection of Daihatsu Esse Japan for sale in Pakistan at Carmudi. Here are:

10 Things To Know Before Buying Daihatsu Esse in Pakistan

1. What are Daihatsu Esse Specifications?

In accordance with the “Keijidosha” or more popularly “Kei” standards, the Esse car comes with a small enough motor to pass the carbon emission and environmental tests. It carries a 660 cc engine having three cylinders paired with either 4+1 speed manual or automatic gearbox delivering 54 horsepower and a 65 Nm torque, which is very impressive for a 45 kWh engine. Although most of the Esse cars on the market are front engine front wheel drives, some Esse models do come with a 4-wheel drive.

2. What is Daihatsu Esse Fuel Consumption?

The Daihatsu Esse fuel average is around 21 km/L; this splendid fuel economy is the reason why it has gained popularity in most Asian countries. In Pakistan too, owning a car with such incredible fuel mileage can help you save a lot of money. You won’t even have to install a CNG kit to tackle the increasing fuel rates.

3. Here is Our Daihatsu Esse Review of Exterior Design

The design of Esse Daihatsu is characterized by the rounded-off finishing and a straight vertical cut for the rear of the car. The straight cut integrated the rear doors design with it and therefore the rear doors have a relatively straight cut. The Esse resembles the Renault 4 and Renault 5 models of the late 1980s. Although it is a Keijidosha car, it has 5-doors and the vertical rear cut allows for increased Storage space which is especially helpful if you consider taking the Esse car for vacations to Northern areas. Appearance wise, it resembles the Daihatsu Mira a little bit.

4. What are Daihatsu Esse Color Options?

The Esse car is available in a range of colors including black, white, yellow, grey, orange, beige and silver. The women would love Yellow, orange and beige colors, while men can choose between Black, White, Grey and Silver.

5. Check our Daihatsu Esse Interior Review

The interior is roomy and comfortable (considering it compactness) with luxurious seats and a wide front panel. The speedometer in the Daihatsu Esse 2011 is placed right at the center to provide a better view while driving. The windows and steering are powered too.

6. What are Daihatsu Esse Safety Features?

The Esse offers some basic safety specs which include front and side airbags, anti-lock brakes (ABS) and central locking. It should be noted that not even the standard brand new Suzuki Swift includes airbags but Esse does!

7. Are Daihatsu Esse Parts Easily Accessible in Pakistan?

You won’t have any problem finding Daihatsu Esse spare parts Pakistan, as they should be readily available at major auto parts market. If you are living in Karachi, head over to Japan Plaza in Saddar, Lahori residents can check Bilal Gunj market near Shah Jehan road, while people living in Peshawar can visit the Shoba bazar for all types of Esse parts and accessories.

8. Should You Buy Daihatsu Esse 660cc in Pakistan?

The Daihatsu Esse’s stylish compact design is what makes it favorable among masses in Pakistan. Women in Karachi and Lahore especially prefer to drive Esse since it’s easy to cruise around in heavy traffic, plus parking it on narrow roads is also not an issue. The Daihatsu Esse petrol average is also very impressive, which is another reason why it’s better than the locally manufactured hatchbacks that don’t offer such good fuel average. Check our listings to buy used Daihatsu Esse in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and other cities.

9. What Daihatsu Esse Features Make It Stand Out?

Although Esse Japan is a small car with a 660cc engine, nevertheless it is famous in major cities of Pakistan including Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. The first reason is its compact design, which helps the driver quickly escape from heavy traffic jams in metropolitan cities. The second feature is its excellent fuel efficiency with the Daihatsu Esse clocking an excellent 21 km/L during the tests.

10. What is Daihatsu Esse Price in Pakistan?

Since the Esse is a relatively recent addition to the Daihatsu collection of compact vehicles, it is available in excellent condition with original parts and colors in the Pakistani market. The prices start at around PKR 700,000 and could touch PKR 9,000,000 depending on the features, condition, mileage and year of the vehicle. Please note you cannot buy Daihatsu Esse 2014 or Daihatsu Esse 2015, as production has been stopped. If you like the Esse model, we suggest you to go for Daihatsu Mira E:S, which delivers 30 km/L fuel economy. Below you can find average prices of Daihatsu Esse cars according to current Carmudi listings:

  • Daihatsu Esse 2011 Price: PKR 8.8 Lacs
  • Daihatsu Esse 2010 Price: PKR 8.6 Lacs
  • Daihatsu Esse 2008 Price: PKR 7.5 Lacs
  • Daihatsu Esse 2007 Price: PKR 7.10 Lacs
  • Daihatsu Esse 2006 Price: PKR 6.6 Lacs

Our Final Remarks On Daihatsu Esse

The Esse lives up to the Daihatsu reputation as a manufacturer of quality, high fuel efficiency cars. It has a very impressive 21 km/L fuel economy which fetches it a very good price at the pre-owned car market. Another very attractive point is the all-wheel traction which makes it a very logical choice for people looking for a low fuel consumption car in the rural setting. Daihatsu’s intelligent design ensures that you could store a fairly huge amount of luggage in the trunk. It’s perfect for women and small families.