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Daihatsu Mira for Sale in Pakistan

One of the most popular and one of the most recognizable Kei cars manufactured by Daihatsu Motors Co is the Daihatsu Mira. The Daihatsu Mira Japan was first manufactured in 1980 to replace the Daihatsu Max Cuore. It became an overnight success first in the Japanese and then in the international market and sale is still going strong. Other models of the Mira family include Mira E:S, Mira Custom, Mira Cocoa and Mira Van. A huge collection of Daihatsu Mira for sale in Pakistan can be found at Carmudi. Here are:



3.4 stars


4.3 stars


4 stars


4.1 stars


3.8 stars


4 stars

Daihatsu Mira overall score by Carmudi's car expert:
3.9 stars

Top Things To Know Before Buying Daihatsu Mira in Pakistan

What are Daihatsu Mira Specifications?

Daihatsu Mira 2015

The first generation Mira became available in two engine types: 550cc and 660cc, which were offered for Japanese markets only. The export versions owned more powerful and bigger engines since there was no need to conform them to Japanese environmental regulations. In general, the Australian, European and Latin American markets usually accept engine models of only 847cc or higher. The latest Japanese version of Daihatsu Mira 2015 carries a 660cc petrol engine coupled with manual transmission generates 65 Nm of torque and power of 58 horsepower. If you prefer the CVT automatic gearbox, go for the Daihatsu Mira ES. It is available in both 2WD and 4WD.

Daihatsu Mira Dimensions


Daihatsu Mira Length (mm)


Daihatsu Mira Width (mm)


Daihatsu Mira Height (mm)


Daihatsu Mira Weight (kg)


Daihatsu Mira Ground Clearance (mm)


Daihatsu Mira Wheelbase (mm)


What is Daihatsu Mira Fuel Consumption?

The Daihatsu Mira E:S is highly fueled efficient, capable of covering 30 km in one liter while the standard Mira car has a fuel economy of 24.2 km/L. With Mira, a trip from Islamabad to Kashmir will require only around 13 liters of petrol, saving a great amount of money in planning your vacations.

Daihatsu Mira ES Fuel Consumption

The Daihatsu Mira E:S is highly fuel efficient capable of covering 30 km in one liter. You won’t find such fuel economy in any other city car here.

Daihatsu Mira Design

The design of Mira Daihatsu combines fuel economy with compactness. The rear of the car is flat in accordance with the hatchback vehicles’ design guidelines. Despite the Mira being a subcompact, it offers great leg space and has a very roomy feeling. This is one of the reasons why the Mira is immensely popular among the urban dwelling double-income families.

Daihatsu Mira Exterior

Although the design of this Daihatsu car has changed considerably over the years, the recent models come with a very aesthetically pleasing curvy design which is very easy on the eyes. The overall exterior design of the Mira features stylish multi-reflector halogen headlamps and long taillights. These lights make the Mira  more attractive, compared to your local Mehran and Alto.

Daihatsu Mira Interior

For a Kei car priced so less, the dual-tone interior is very impressive and elegant. Despite being a compact car, it is very spacious and offers extremely luxurious seats. The cabin is designed specifically to reduce any noise coming from outside. It can easily accommodate your whole family and still leave some space to carry luggage.

What are Daihatsu Mira Color Options?

The color choices for new Daihatsu Mira include

  • Black Mica Metallic
  • Bright Silver Metallic
  • Light Rose Mica Metallic
  • White
  • Plum Brown Mica



Woman drivers mostly prefer colors such as the Plum Brown and Rose Mica, while men go for Daihatsu Mira Black, White or Silver.

What are Daihatsu Mira Safety Features?

The safety facilities in the 2015 Daihatsu Mira include ABS with EBD, Dual SRS Airbags for both driver and passenger, pre-tensioners and force limiter mechanism with front three-point ELR seatbelts, rear three-point ELR seatbelts, Security alarm and central locking feature. The Daihatsu Mira Eco Idle is a new feature which helps save fuel while the car is idle.  

Daihatsu Mira Safety Rating

Daihatsu Mira is a big car which is strongly built very unlike the other vehicles coming from Asia. The NHCAP has given it a four-star rating for both frontal and lateral crash tests.

What Are The Best Features Of Daihatsu Mira?

The standout feature of Mira is certainly its fuel economy. During the tests, it was found to deliver 24.2 km/L fuel economy. For a country like Pakistan, that has to rely on imports for its fuel needs, the Mira becomes a very interesting option for a small family with working parents and school going kids. It comes equipped with security features such as airbags and child locks as well.  

Where Can I Find Daihatsu Mira Accessories in Pakistan?

Daihatsu Mira parts are not so difficult to find now in Pakistan. Since it has become a popular car in metropolitan cities like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, the local vendors have Mira parts readily available with them. You can check for the Japanese cars’ spare parts at Shershah (Karachi), Shoba Bazar (Peshawar), Bilal Gunj and Montgomery Road (Lahore) and Chah Sultan & Ahata Mithu Khan (Rawalpindi).

Where Can You Buy Daihatsu Mira In Pakistan?

The Mira is one of the most stylish and fuel efficient hatchbacks you could buy in Pakistan. Its minimum turning radius of just 4.2m makes parking very easy even in narrow roads of Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi. People looking to buy Mira used, we suggest them to choose between Daihatsu Mira Avy and Mira Gino. The resale value is also not bad compared to other Japanese vehicles in the market; in fact is ranked second in resale after Vitz. The Mira is definitely a must buy. Check our listings to buy new and used Daihatsu Mira in your city.

Daihatsu Mira 2016 Review

With its compact design, ample storage space and excellent fuel economy, the Mira has become the ultimate urban car. It is ideal for young professionals as well as for small families. Your office to home or home to school commutes for the kids won’t break your bank because of the low fuel consumption and low maintenance that the Daihatsu Mira 2016 offers. We highly recommend car Mira to you because of its fuel efficient drive.

Daihatsu Mira Popular Models in Pakistan

Mira ES 2012

The Mira 2012 is probably the most popular of all. The main reasons are its reliability, good resale value, and the affordable price. The Daihatsu Mira 2012 price in Pakistan varies between 7 Lacs and 10.5 Lacs.

Buy Daihatsu Mira 2012 in Pakistan

Daihatsu Mira 2007

The Mira 2007 is an economical and dependable city car. The price varies between 6 Lacs and 8 Lacs depending on the condition and the add-ons installed.

Buy Mira 2007 in Pakistan

Daihatsu Mira 2 Door

The Mira 2 Door has a 660cc engine as the standard model, but as the name implies it is shorter in size with 2 doors only and is more appropriate for a single person.  You can find Mira 2 door cars on Carmudi.

Daihatsu Mira compared to other city cars in Pakistan

Daihatsu Mira vs Suzuki Alto

Being the successor of Mira, the Alto is more technologically advanced offering premium features, as it's being developed for international markets. The Jimny car has a 1.1L engine while the Mira holds a 1.0L engine, thus, the former is more powerful. The extra power does not compromise on fuel efficiency and renders 19.8 km/l which is a lot better than the Mira. In culmination, the Alto easily beats its predecessor in all departments and is highly recommended.

What is Daihatsu Mira Price in Pakistan?

The Daihatsu Mira is one of the most demanded car models in Pakistan, for two major reasons. The first one is the wide availability of spare parts and mechanics, and the second one is ease and economy of maintenance. Add to it the fact that it has a very good mileage and it instantly becomes the darling of Pakistani car buyers. The new Mira 2015 can be imported from Japan for PKR 13 Lacs (US$ 13,270) (2WD including shipping charges without tax duty) and PKR 15 Lacs (US$ 15,270) for Daihatsu Mira 4WD. The used Mira comes in a range from PKR 450,000 to PKR 1,300,000 depending on its condition and mileage.

Daihatsu Mira ES Price in Pakistan

The 2015 Mira ES can cost around PKR 13 Lacs (US$ 13070) without customs duty.

Daihatsu Mira ES for sale in Pakistan

Mira car price in Pakistan 2014

The price of 2014 Mira varies between 9.5 Lacs and 11 Lacs. Below are:

Daihatsu Mira 2014 for sale

Daihatsu Mira Average Price List - Mira Price in Pakistan:

  • Daihatsu Mira 2014 Price: 11.5 Lacs
  • Daihatsu Mira 2013 Price: 10.9 Lacs
  • Daihatsu Mira 2012 Price: 10.7 Lacs
  • Daihatsu Mira 2011 Price: 10.5 Lacs
  • Daihatsu Mira 2010 Price: 10 Lacs
  • Daihatsu Mira 2009 Price: 8.9 Lacs
  • Daihatsu Mira 2008 Price: 8.7 Lacs
  • Daihatsu Mira 2007 Price: 8.2 Lacs
  • Daihatsu Mira 2006 Price: 7.7 Lacs


Daihatsu Mira latest offers in Pakistan