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Daihatsu Move for Sale in Pakistan

The Move is a subcompact car manufactured by Daihatsu Motor Co. of Japan. Daihatsu started manufacturing Move in 1995, which is currently now in 6th generation. The car is manufactured in hatchback body style with a number of models which include standard Move, Move Custom, Move Conte and Move Conte Custom. A very impressive collection of Daihatsu Move for sale in Pakistan can be found at Carmudi. Here are:

10 Things To Know Before Buying Daihatsu Move in Pakistann

1. What are Daihatsu Move Specifications?

The Japanese versions of Move have a 660cc engine, while the export markets get an 847cc and 996cc engines.

Daihatsu Move 2015

The Daihatsu Move 2015 is offered in 3 trims, Daihatsu Move X, Daihatsu Move L and Turbo X. All three trims carry the same 660cc engine paired with automatic CVT gearbox, but the Daihatsu Move turbo has a turbocharged engine that generates 64 horsepower and 92 Nm of torque, while the other two variants produce 52 horsepower and 60 Nm of torque that can help it reach a top speed of 140 km/h. Apart from these, the Daihatsu Move Custom comes with the same 660cc engine but added facilities and updated styling. There Move Conte and Move Conte Custom also retain the same powertrain as Kei cars but feature different design elements.

2.   What is Daihatsu Move Fuel Consumption?

The European and other export models come equipped with a 12-valve, three cylinder engine with electronic fuel ignition maximizing Daihatsu Move fuel consumption which is around 14 km/L to 15 Km/L. The 2015 Daihatsu Move has an incredible fuel average of 31.0 km/L, which makes it an ideal car for daily use in Pakistan. Drive in city or take your Move for vacations to northern parts of country and you will not have to worry about stopping frequently for refueling.

3. Here is Our Daihatsu Move Review of Exterior Design

The Move is one of the rare Daihatsu vehicles designed by an Italian designer. The Daihatsu Move new model has a more aggressive front fascia with a chrome grille and stylish multi-reflector halogen headlamps. To give a sportier feel, a rear spoiler has been installed too.

4. What are Daihatsu Move Color Options?

The Daihatsu Move new is unbelievably available in 13 different colors including Black Mica Metallic, Bright Silver Metallic, Cotton Ivory, Deep Blue Crystal Metallic, Fire Quartz Red Metallic, Light Rose Mica Metallic, Pearl White, Plum Brown Crystal, Silky Blue Pearl, Silky Green Pearl, White, White + Silky Blue Pearl and White + Silky Green Pearl. Although the exterior design is sporty and masculine, but shades like Green, Light Rose and Cotton Ivory are more preferred by women.

5. Check Daihatsu Move Interior Review

The Move offers the most opulent interior you can find in any compact car, especially if you compare it to Suzuki hatchbacks. The front dash is equipped with a CD/DVD player, while some high grade models even have an LCD display. The speedometer is placed at the center, providing a better view of the road.

6. What are Daihatsu Move Automatic Safety Features?

The Move Daihatsu features a high strength, lightweight body structure, ensuring maximum protection. The standard safety facilities encompass driver and passenger airbags, anti-lock brake system (ABS) with Electronic Brake distribution (EBD), Vehicle Stability Control & Traction Control, Hill Hold system, power windows and central locking. Not even the latest Suzuki Swift offers these safety specs.

7. Are Daihatsu Move Accessories Easily Accessible in Pakistan?

Finding Daihatsu Move parts should not be a problem, as a large number of Move cars have been imported in Pakistan lately. Thus the local vendors should have Daihatsu Move spare parts readily available with them. Just check the famous automotive markets in the metropolitan cities which include Japan Plaza in Karachi, Bilal Gunj and Montgomery Road in Lahore, General Bus Stand Gujranwala, Shoba Bazar in Peshawar and Chah Sultan & Ahata Mithu Khan in Rawalpindi.

8. Should You Buy Daihatsu Move Car in Pakistan?

The Move car is one of the few hatchbacks in Pakistan with such attractive and eye-catching design that offer fuel efficient drive and advanced safety specs. Compared to local hatchbacks in Pakistan, such as Suzuki Mehran, the Move is slightly expensive, but you will not find the abovementioned features in any locally manufactured car in Pakistan. Check our listings to buy new and used Daihatsu Move cars in your city.

9. What Daihatsu Move Features make it Standout in its Class?

The Daihatsu Move fuel economy, spacious interior with great legroom and headroom, and state-of-the-art safety specs such as Vehicle Stability Control & Traction Control, Hill Hold system make it one of the best hatchbacks you could buy in Pakistan.

10. What is Daihatsu Move Price in Pakistan?

One of the most outstanding features of Daihatsu subcompacts is their fuel efficiency. Combine this with enhanced storage space and legroom and you’ll know why the Daihatsu move commands excellent resale price on the Pakistani market. The new Daihatsu Move 2015 can cost around US$ 15,770 (2WD including shipping charges without tax duty), while the Daihatsu Move 4WD might cost US$ 16,770. If you want the Daihatsu Move Custom 2015, it can be imported for around US$ 17,470. The price of used models can vary between PKR 900,000 to PKR 1,200,000.

Daihatsu Move 2013

Japanese Daihatsu MOVE 2013 is particularly very popular in Pakistan. Daihatsu Move was originally launched in 1995. 

Move 2013 is equipped with the latest e:S Technology with advancements in fuel efficiency and affordability.

Daihatsu Move 2013 Price in Pakistan

Rs 1,150,000

Below you can find average prices of Daihatsu Move cars according to current Carmudi listings:

Daihatsu Move Average Price list:

  •  Daihatsu Move 2014 Price: PKR 11.5 Lacs
  •  Daihatsu Move 2013 Price: PKR 11 Lacs
  •  Daihatsu Move 2012 Price: PKR 10.8 Lacs
  •  Daihatsu Move 2011 Price: PKR 10.5 Lacs
  •  Daihatsu Move 2010 Price: PKR 9.7 Lacs

Our Final Remarks on Daihatsu Move

There are a number of Japanese Kei cars available in the Pakistani market right now but what makes the Move different from them is its advanced exterior design. Not only it looks outstanding, but also offers an exceptional fuel economy. We would especially recommend youngsters searching for an economical hatchback to buy the Daihatsu Move Japan.