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Daihatsu Terios for Sale in Pakistan

The Terios is a small Sports Utility Vehicle (an SUV) manufactured by the Daihatsu Motors Ltd. An SUV is usually capable of travelling on off-road routes and resembles more a station wagon than a car. Strictly speaking, the Terios is smaller than a regular SUV and hence it is classified as a “mini SUV”. The SUVs were quite popular in the late nineties and sensing this trend, Daihatsu released the Terios in 1997. It was an improvement upon the already existing Daihatsu Ferroza which was discontinued after the introduction of the Terios to the Japanese market. The second generation Terios was presented to the public in 2006 and formally went on sale in 2007. The second generation is produced in collaboration with Toyota. A huge collection of Daihatsu Terios for sale in Pakistan can be found at Carmudi.

10 Things To Know Before Buying Daihatsu Terios in Pakistan

Let’s discuss in detail the top 10 reasons to buy Daihatsu Terios in Pakistan:

1. What Are Daihatsu Terios Specifications?

The Terios is the best kind of SUV manufactured by the Daihatsu manufacturing utility and has top of the line specifications.

  • The Terios Kid has a 659 cc engine while the regular version comes  with either a 1295 cc or a 1297 cc engine.
  • The Terios has a four cylinder engine
  • 47 kWH or 63 horsepower for the Terios Kid and 68 kWH or 91 horsepower for the Terios
  • Only petrol versions are available
  • Four wheel drive as well as two wheel drive versions available

2. What Is Daihatsu Terios Fuel Consumption?

Since the Terios has a modified Charade engine, it can be seen that it does not consume a lot of petrol. Indeed the Terios fuel consumption is among one of the best in the SUV category. It does 100km per 5.7 liters on the highway and 100 km per 6 litres in the city.

3. How Daihatsu Terios Performs on the Road?

The first generation Terios was released in two versions. The Terios and The Terios Kid. Quite naturally, the Terios Kid had a smaller engine than the regular version while retaining the same design. The Terios Kid is in fact a Keijidosha car which consumes very little fuel and conforms to the carbon emission standards defined by the Japanese government. True to the SUV reputation, it is equipped with a four wheel drive to explore the off-road routes as well as the urban landscapes.

4. How Is The Design Of Daihatsu Terios 2015

Daihatsu Terios has a design which combines the properties of a station wagon with a sports car. It is one of the most powerful passenger vehicles manufactured by Daihatsu Motors Ltd. It is designed for off-road usage and for driving on dusty, muddy, unpaved tracks. The rear has a vertical cut with the spare tire mounts fixed to the rear hatch. The overall design emphasizes a round natural look as opposed to straight lines designs employed by certain other SUV manufacturers.

5. Which Daihatsu Terios Colors Are Available In Pakistan

The Terios is available in a ton of colors such as Black, White, Maroon, Metallic Grey, Metallic Blue etc. Being a relatively new comer to the Pakistani market, even the used Terios vehicles are available in their original colors.

6. Daihatsu Terios Interior Comfort

The Terios comes with central locking, airbags and hydraulic windows which confirms its luxury reputation. Being an SUV it is certainly more comfortable than the standard compact vehicles fabricated by the Asaan and European manufacturers.

7. What Are The Features That Makes Daihatsu Terios Standout?

The Terios is available in a smaller version as well which is known as The Terios Kid. This allows customers with a hatchback budget to own an SUV which is certainly a standout feature of Daihatsu Terios.

8. Easy And Cheap Availability Of Terios Parts And Accessories

The Terios is manufactured by Daihatsu which is a subsidiary of Toyota which means that all the parts and accessories are readily available in the aftermarket and finding the right kind of manpower and labor is not a problem at all either.

9. What Is Daihatsu Terios Price In Pakistan?

Both the Terios and the Terios Kid are available on the Pakistani market with the Terios Kid being predominantly present. The Terios being a relatively recent entry in the Pakistani market even the used Terios models are available in very good condition with original paint and parts still intact. The spare parts are not expensive and are readily available. The price varies between PKR 1,500,000 and PKR 3,850,000 depending on the version, condition and mileage. Below you can find average prices of Daihatsu Terios cars according to current Carmudi listings.

Let's find out Terios prices of different models:

Daihatsu Terios Price List

  • Daihatsu Terios 2015 Average Price: PKR 38 Lacs
  • Daihatsu Terios 2014 Average Price: PKR 34.5 Lacs
  • Daihatsu Terios 2013 Average Price: PKR 23 Lacs
  • Daihatsu Terios 2012 Average Price: PKR 16.4 Lacs
  • Daihatsu Terios 2011 Average Price: PKR 12.7 Lacs

10. Where To buy Daihatsu Terios In Pakistan

Since Terios is manufactured by Daihatsu which has its plants located in Pakistan, the availability is not an issue at all. It can be found in all the major metropolitan areas in Pakistan:

Final Words About Daihatsu Terios Pakistan

The Terios is an excellent choice for suburban lifestyle. It is excellent for the daily commute to and from the city while giving the owner an option to enjoy the wild countryside on the weekends. It has a powerful 1.3L engine which makes off road exploration possible. For our readers who would like to have value for their money without breaking their budget limits, our advice would be to buy Daihatsu Terios in order to enjoy both their work and leisure drives. Other popular SUVs in Pakistan include Kia Sportage , Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota Prado.