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Estate cars in Pakistan

Did you ever want to own a vehicle which was a coupe-sports-utility-crossover? If so then the car style you have been searching for is an estate car (also known as station wagon). This car body style has an extended roof covering the rear and the luggage area is accessed by a fifth door instead of a trunk lid. These two designing features separate an estate car from a hatchback. This vehicle style can be traced back to the 1930s and can be considered a by-product of the train travel age. They have evolved from their specialized use of only transporting passengers and their cargo to and from train stations to highly sought-after family cars. These are ultimate family transporter vehicles and retain their unique niche in the world of automobiles.

Mercedes Estate CarToyot Land Cruiser

Local market favorites

The concept of owning estate cars is slowly gaining momentum in Pakistan. Lack of availability and customer preference for saloons or SUVs are changing. In this day and age the need for possessing a versatile, multi-purpose vehicle is being realized by the local Pakistani consumer. Made for the Japanese domestic market, a few models have found their way to the Pakistani market and are slowing gaining acceptance because of their prices and spacious interiors especially the baggage space. We are slowly seeing more and more of this vehicle on the roads of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad along with other smaller cities. Toyota Probox, Nissan Wingroad, Mitsubishi Lancer Van, Toyota fielder, Toyota Wish and Honda airwave are among the popular estate cars seen. Among these some like Nissan’s Wingroad and Honda Airwave are head turners as they are very elegant looking automobiles.

Why go for an estate car?

  • These carlike wagons are easy to operate and cheaper to maintain then larger crossover sports utility vehicles.
  • Competitively priced in the market and thus manage to be multi-purpose than simple sedans.
  • Saving in running costs due to economic fuel consumption.
  • Models have a number of luxury and convenience features like automatic climate control, heated seats, Bluetooth capability and so on.
  • Loads of cargo space
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