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Faw V2 for Sale in Pakistan

The FAW V2 (FAW Vizi) Launched only recently in Pakistan. It is the latest offering from Chinese car brand, FAW. The Chinese automaker FAW set up its assembly plant in Pakistan in November, 2012. Since then, the plant has been locally assembling the FAW V2 for sale in Pakistan, and its sales have catapulted in the country. This is largely due to the rising traffic in metropolitans, especially Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Faisalabad where people now prefer smaller, more compact cars.

10 Things To Know Before Buying Faw V2 In Pakistan

FAW V2 Review

Let’s discuss in detail the top 10 reasons to buy Faw V2 in Pakistan:

1. What Are Faw V2 Specifications?

The 2014 FAW V2 also termed by many as V2 car is powered by a 1.3-liter (1300CC), 4-cylinder petrol engine that produces 67 horsepower and 120 lb-ft of torque. As of now it has not been confirmed if the future version of the FAW V2 will have an automatic gearbox. There is independent suspension on all four wheels, which provides superb road handling.

Compared to the FAW V2 2014, the FAW V2 2015 EURO model has certain modifications and additional features over its preceding models. FAW Motors Pakistan has announced at the end of 2014 that the FAW V2 EURO 4 will be following Euro 4 emission standards under slogan "Big on Power, Mileage, Space & Safety".

First of all most of the 2015 vehicles are only available in 1.3L cylinder volume. Being a 4-door hatchback, FAW V2 2015 model is one of the few vehicles on Pakistani roads to be a hatchback and have a 1.3L engine capacity at the same time.

The 2015 model is only available in manual transmission configuration with five forward and one reverse transmission. For the time being only front engine front wheel drive specimens are available and no mentions were made for having a FAW V2 automatic version.

Faw V2 vct-i

Faw V2 vct-i has a beautiful exterior and interior with this low price and excellent fuel milage. Faw V2 vct-i is fully loaded with powerfull 1.3L engine power windows/steering and air bags.

2. What Is Faw V2 Fuel Consumption?

The engine has 16 valves with an electronically-controlled multi-port fuel injection system which, coupled with a five-speed manual gearbox results in a good fuel economy.

Faw V2 Mileage- Faw V2 Average

Excellent coupling with a five-speed manual gearbox results in a good fuel economy of 6.51L/100km on the highway.

3. How Faw V2 Performs on the Road?

Faw V2’S 1300cc engine with Variable Cam Timing (VCTI) similar to Honda’s VTEC and Toyota VVTI. Its electronically controlled multi-port fuel injection system for increased efficiency and performance.

4. How Is The Design Of Faw V2 2015

The FAW V2, being a stylish and well-proportioned car, makes a striking first impression: on the inside, the cabin is quite spacious and can comfortably seat five people. The large luggage space at the rear can hold up to 320 liters of cargo. However, with the seats folded this space can be increased even further. You get alloy wheels to add to the looks of the car. The FAW V2 is available in five colors: silver, black, white, blue and red. The bumpers and door handles match the car’s color.

5. Which Faw V2 Colors Are Available In Pakistan

Faw V2 is available in all the classic colors such as white, black, red and metallic grey. Loud colors such as orange, pink, purple and fluorescent green are not available for the time being.

6. Faw V2 Interior Comfort

The FAW V2 offers a plethora of features for a reasonable price, which include power windows, radio/CD audio system, chilling air-conditioning system, electrically-adjustable rear view mirrors with indicators, remote fuel flap opener, dual glove box compartments, four-way adjustable driver’s seat and interior reading light, amongst others.

7. What Are The Features That Makes Faw V2 Standout?

FAW V2 comes loaded with all the features which have made this brand a household name in Pakistan like: air-conditioning, central locking and power windows. Given the severe fogging that affects central Punjab during the winter months, the FAW V2 2015 EURO 4 model comes with the anti-fogging lights as well. A huge collection of FAW V2 2015 model can be found here.

Those looking for a V2 for Sale will be happy to know that unlike its rivals, the V2 uses double wishbone independent rear suspension. It is a remarkable feature for a B-segment car as most manufacturers prefer torsion beam system that is cheaper and far less efficient.

8. What Is Faw V2 Price In Pakistan?

A new 2015 FAW V2 Euro 4 2015 is priced for around PKR 9,00,000 to 1,000,000, whereas the used ones will be available for marginally lesser prices.

9. V2 Is Easy To Buy and Sell All Around Pakistan With Good Resale Value

Faw V2 has a very good resale value since it is manufactured in Pakistan and therefore there is no concern about import duties or damage through importation etc.

Faw v2 Price in Pakistan 2015

The FAW V2 was launched by Al-Haj FAW Motors (Joint Pak-China venture) in  November 2014. The Faw V2 price in Pakistan 2015 is PKR 1,049,000/

You can also find latest prices of Faw V2 in your cities here: 

10. Easy And Cheap Availability Of V2 Parts And Accessories

One of the very few vehicles to be ever assembled A to Z in Pakistan, the Faw V2 has no problem whatsoever with the availability of spare parts and accessories. The same plant which churns out Faw cars makes the spare parts and accessories as well for very reasonable prices.

Final Words About Faw V2 Pakistan

The FAW V2 has been reviewed by Automark magazine recently in their March 2015 issue, stating that "the V2 is fairly reasonable when it comes to comparison in between the imported vehicles, the V2 should be a better option". It is anticipated that as awareness grows for this fresh production, sales will rise further in the short future.

Overall, the FAW V2 is definitely a notch higher than other compact cars in Pakistan. Being a new car, it incorporates latest technology to make it stand out from the competition. Everything from the interior to the exterior and the power under the hood is commendable. We agree V2 is a good value for money but enough of "we recommend it" ,everyone should buy it. In Pakistan, people often compare Faw V2 and Suzuki Swift. It is going to be a matter of personal choice and practicality for you if you decide to buy the FAW V2 or the Suzuki Swift. For a detailed comparison between the two cars, please read here:Suzuki Swift vs Faw V2

It has been speculated that the 2014 FAW V2 sales will go higher than that of Suzuki Swift and Toyota Vitz, which also belong to the same category. However, the new Suzuki Wagon R- that has replaced Alto- will turn out to be a major competitor.