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Hatchbacks cars in Pakistan

Toyota Hatchback

Looking for something which is vibrant, fun and young looking? Then hatchbacks are the cars for you. These vehicles fall are similar to regular four-door saloons with the differentiating feature being an additional rear door which swings upwards to provide access to the luggage area. The back passenger row can be folded down to increase cargo space. In the automobile world, a car can be a hatchback when it comes in sizes varying from super-mini to compact family cars.

Models in Pakistan

This is a popular car body type in the country. The car market is full of hatchbacks which are enthusiastically received by people. Suzuki , Daihatsu and Nissan are leading the market in this particular type of car with Toyota showing its presence only with Toyota Vitz. Pak Suzuki Motors is one of the biggest names in this segment boasting of a number of highly successful hatchback models starting from the Suzuki FX in 1984 to the Khyber, Mehran, Alto The Daihatsu Cuore is also very popular. The small size of the car makes it very easy to drive, weave in and out of traffic and park. Moreover, the steering and turning angle provide easy maneuvering capability.Honda Hatchback The engine is fuel efficient which makes this a great car to own. With time, Nissan Motor Company is also just starting to mark in its presence on Pakistan’s roads with Otti and Mocco.

Why decide on a hatchback

  • A variety of models to choose from.
  • Luggage area can be extended by folding back seat.
  • Fuel efficient and low operational costs.
  • Choice of manual or automatic transmission.
  • Great value for money especially for people on a restricted budget.