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Family driven Honda Civic Exi in perfect condition with genuine mileage and 0 work needed is up for sale. 1- Engine and gear in good condition. 2- Suspension recently overhauled. 3- Elect...

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Honda Civic for sale in Pakistan | Honda Cars for Sale in Pakistan

Honda Cars for Sale in Pakistan

Honda Motors Co. is a publicly traded Japanese multinational vehicle, power equipment and motorcycle manufacturer. Honda, along with Toyota is one of the biggest automakers not only in Japan but in the world. Honda is the biggest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world and the automobile company which manufactures the highest number of engines in the world. Honda Motors Co. was founded in 1946 in Hamamatsu, Japan. Hamamatsu is home to many technology companies, including Hamamatsu Photonics, famous for its cameras, microscopes and telescopes. Honda is the only non-American company to fabricate cars in the United States and then export it from there to other countries. Apart from Nissan and Toyota, Honda is the only Japanese company in the top ten automobile manufacturers.  

Performance and Technology of Honda

Along with cars, Honda even manufacture space technology equipment in collaboration with General Electric co. Apart from cars and motorcycles Honda produces robots, power equipment and solar cells as well and this technological prowess and diversity is reflected in the Honda cars as well. Honda was one of the pioneer automakers in the world to introduce fuel cell, hybrid, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and plug-in vehicles.

5 Reasons to Buy a Honda Car in Pakistan

  1. Honda is the most technologically advanced company in Japan and probably in the world as well.
  2. The Honda vehicles are as well known for their quality as they are for their technological sophistication.
  3. Honda cars are famous for their fuel efficiency, hence they are most preferred vehicles in Pakistan
  4. They are known for their durability, you will not even have to think about changing your car after a few years if you buy Honda.
  5. The maintenance cost of the Honda cars is cheap and the spare parts are easily available in all cities of Pakistan.

10 Popular Honda Cars in Pakistan

1. Honda Civic

The Civic is a compact car manufactured by Honda. It is the most well-known model sold by Honda in Pakistan. The front engine front wheel drive sedan rolled out of Honda assembly line in 1973 and is still going strong. Read our Honda Civic review to find information about Honda Civic interior, Civic specifications and Civic price.

Honda Civic Price in Pakistan

The used Civic cars can be bought at Carmudi anywhere between PKR 950,000 and PKR 1,725,000, while the new Honda Civic 2015 Price in Pakistan starts from PKR 2,021,000 and goes as high as PKR 2,374,000 (excluding optional features, withholding tax and freight charges).

2. Honda Accord

The Honda Accord car is a bigger sedan than Civic and certainly much more luxurious than its sister models City and Civic. The production started in 1976 and Honda Accord became an instant hit upon its release not only in Japan but all around the world as well. The Accord was the first non US vehicle to be manufactured in the United States and then exported from there in 1982. Check our Honda Accord review to find information about Honda Accord interior, Accord specifications and Accord price in Pakistan.

Honda Accord Price in Pakistan

The Honda Accord 2010 average price is around PKR 7,500,000. The Honda Accord 2015 price in Pakistan is around PKR 10,650,000, exclusive of withholding tax and freight charges.

3. Honda City

Like the Honda Civic, the new Honda City is an urban vehicle. It belongs to the subcompact category vehicles manufactured by Honda. It is the most fuel efficient car ever manufactured by Honda. Honda started producing City in 1981 and is still going strong. Honda has a peculiarity which extends to Honda City car as well. Honda vehicles are only available as petrol versions. Read our Honda City review for further information.

Honda City Price in Pakistan

The Honda City 2015 price in Pakistan starts from PKR 1,508,000 and goes to PKR 1,800,000. The Honda City 2014 Price in Pakistan is around PKR 15 Lacs.

4. Honda Acty

The Honda Acty is a pickup van suitable for a large family, and for pick and drop services. In Pakistan, it is being used for both domestic and commercial purposes. Check our Honda Acty review to know more about this car.

Honda Acty Price in Pakistan

The new Honda Acty can be bought for PKR 1,300,000, while used Acty starts from PKR 700,000. The Honda Acty 2011 is priced at PKR 670,000.

5. Honda Airwave

The Honda Airwave is a 5 door station wagon famous in Pakistan for its elegant design and comfortable interior. It renders a fuel efficient drive and is available in a number of colors making it preferable among both men and women. For more information check our Honda Airwave review.

Honda Airwave Price in Pakistan

The price of Honda Airwave ranges from PKR 1,150,000 to PKR 1,650,000. The price of Honda Airwave 2007 is around PKR 1,350,000.

6. Honda Crossroad

The Crossroad is a unique SUV by Honda featuring a remarkable exterior design. Compared to other SUVs, the Honda cross road is a much reasonable choice. The Honda Crossroad 2015 (2015 Honda Vezel – its successor) is famous for its amazing performance and phenomenal handling on all sorts of terrains. Check our Honda Crossroad review for more information.

Honda Crossroad Price in Pakistan

The Honda Crossroad 2015 Price in Pakistan is PKR 33.5 Lacs. The Honda Crossroad 2010 can be bought for around PKR 3,080,000.

7. Honda Vamos

The Honda Vamos is a 5 door microvan available in both rear wheel and four wheel drive configurations. From the inside, it is spacious while the seats can be split folded to provide more space for cargo. Due to its roomy cabin, the Vamos is a perfect car for big families. The exterior and interior design of the car is very simple, but the drive is fuel efficient. Check our Honda Vamos review for further info.

Honda Vamos Price in Pakistan

The price of Honda Vamos 2015 is around PKR 1,230,000 in Japan. Used Honda Vamos can be bought for PKR 550,000 and PKR 950,000. The Honda Vamos 2010 is priced between PKR 875,000 and PKR 900,000.

Honda Vamos for sale in Pakistan

8. Honda Fit

The Fit is a sub-compact car manufactured by Honda. It is loaded with top notch safety features and a powerful engine that also takes care of the fuel economy. The exterior design of the Honda Fit is very sporty, which is one of the reasons for its success in Pakistan. Read our Honda Fit review to know more about Fit specifications, Fit hybrid and Fit interior.

Honda Fit Price In Pakistan

The Honda Fit 2015 price starts from PKR 11.4 Lacs (1,299,800 yen) in Japan, while Honda Fit Hybrid with 1.5L engine starts from 15.5 Lacs (1,796,000 yen). The average price of Honda Fit 2011 is around PKR 1,400,000.

9. Honda Life

The Honda Life is a hatchback carrying a 660cc engine that delivers great performance. The compact design enables it to park easily even in the tightest parking spots. The exterior design is very attractive and it is accessible in 12 different colors. Check our Honda Life review for more information on Honda Life specifications and Honda Life price.

Honda Life price in Pakistan

The Honda Life 2014 price is around PKR 12 Lacs. The Honda Life 2008 can be bought for around PKR 750,000 to PKR 800,000.

10. Honda Insight

The Insight is a hybrid electric vehicle by Honda. It is a sub-compact hatchback equipped with latest technologies such as stability control and automatic climate control. The exterior design of the Honda Insight Hybrid is also very different and unique making it stand apart from its competitors. The Honda Insight fuel consumption of around 17 km/L to 19 km/L is also very commendable. To know more, read out Honda Insight review.

Honda Insight Price in Pakistan

You can find a used Honda Insight 2010 in Pakistan for PKR 1,300,000.

Availability of Honda Cars in Pakistan

Honda cars are readily available in all Pakistani cities and have been assembled in Pakistan for a long time now. The parts, labor and after sales services are readily available. Used as well as new models can be found conveniently at the dealers or from private sellers.

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Interesting Facts about Honda cars

Honda was founded in 1941 by Soichiro Honda who never had formal technical or engineering education but started working as a piston ring supplier to Toyota Motors Co. After the Second World War Honda was liquidated and was bought by Toyota. In 1946, it was founded as a motorcycle manufacturing company but that did not work either and the company failed. It was re-founded a third time as Honda Motors Co. started manufacturing cars and this time it worked and gradually they became automobile giants. An impressive collection of very reasonably priced Honda cars can be found here.