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Honda Acty price | Honda Acty for Sale in Pakistan

Honda Acty for Sale in Pakistan

The Acty is a Keijidosha mini truck manufactured by Honda Motor Co. for  the Japanese and International automobile markets. A Keijidosha vehicle conforms with the environmental and carbon emission norms defined by the Japanese government and is usually a very low emission and fuel efficient vehicle. The Honda Acty is in fact the Honda version of the Suzuki Carry mini truck.  The assembly began in 1977 and continues till the present day. A comprehensive collection of Honda Acty for sale in Pakistan can be found at Carmudi. Here are:

10 Reasons to Buy Honda Acty in Pakistan

1. What are Honda Acty Specifications?

The first generation Honda Acty rolled out of the Honda Motor Co. assembly lines in 1977 and it is still being manufactured. This is only a testament to the excellent performance of Honda Acty. The Honda Acty engine comes in two sizes, 547cc and 656cc. Both these versions are only available in petrol configuration, however in Pakistan, the Honda Acty 660cc is more commonly found. Two stroke models were available on the market when Honda started fabrication of Acty in late 70s, but it is no longer being manufactured in that configuration.  It is a mid-engine vehicle with a rear end drive. The Honda Acty 4wd models have been manufactured by Honda Motor Co. but are not available in Pakistan.

2. What is Honda Acty Fuel Economy?

The Honda Acty gas mileage is around 18 km/L to 20 km/L, which is extremely beneficial living in a country like Pakistan where the petrol prices fluctuate often.

3. Here is our Honda Acty Review of Exterior Styling

The Honda Acty is either available as a five door van or a two door pickup. It is designed to be economical, agile work vehicle, and generally lacks luxury options. The Acty comes in two different designs. Both these designs are cabovers, but one of them is closed cabin while the other one is open rear. The open rear design can be used for carrying loads or passengers depending on the requirement. The closed cabin design has sliding passenger doors to facilitate entry of bigger cargo in the cabin.

4. What Color Choice are Offered in Honda Acty Automatic?

The new Honda Acty van is available in two different colors namely Tafetta White and Alabaster Silver Metallic. Since the Acty is used more for transportation purposes, the fancy colors are not what customers crave for.

5. Find out Honda Acty Interior Design Features

As mentioned earlier, the Acty lacks luxury features, however, it is equipped with air conditioning and power steering along with other customization options. The cabin is very spacious and can easily accommodate around 7 passengers, while leaving an ample space for cargo.

6. How Honda Acty Performs on the Road?

The Honda Acty extends a comfortable and smooth drive like all other Honda vehicles. Because of its spacious cabin, it is being used as an ambulance in certain private clinics of Pakistan. Its use as an ambulance is a great testament to the confidence that general public has in the capacities of Honda Acty. In rural areas as well, the Honda Acty is used as an all purpose vehicle, either for transporting goods or as a passenger vehicle.

7. Are Honda Acty Parts Easily Available in Pakistan?

Since the vehicle is not manufactured locally by Honda Atlas, the Honda Acty aftermarket parts such as Honda Acty air filter, Honda Acty battery and Honda Acty carburetor, are not available at official dealers. However, you can try your luck with the local dealers or online sellers who usually offer discounted prices for the Honda Acty accessories.

8. What is the Resale Value of Honda Acty?

Being a Japanese car, the Honda Acty resale value is not as impressive as Suzuki cabovers. However, you might not lose money on it if you have maintained your vehicle well. Check our listings below to buy used Honda Acty cars for sale.

9. What are the Best Features of Honda Acty?

What makes the Acty standout is its versatility. It can be used as a domestic as well as a commercial vehicle. Many small business owners use it as a family car as well as a vehicle to transport goods to and from the business. Although it does not have luxury options, still the automaker has installed a powerful air condition and power steering for a pleasurable driving experience.

10. What is Honda Acty Price in Pakistan?

The Honda Acty is not manufactured in Pakistan. In fact Acty, in the beginning, was supposed to serve the Japanese domestic markets only, but it became so popular in Japan that Honda started exporting it. Since it is very similar to the Suzuki Carry, it enjoys excellent reputation and after sales services, parts and labor are easily available throughout the country. The price for a new Honda Acty might be up to PKR 1,300,000, while older models start from around PKR 700,000 and upwards, depending on the condition and mileage. Below you can find average prices of Honda Acty cars according to current Carmudi listings:

  •  Honda Acty 2011 Average Price: PKR 6.7 Lacs
  •  Honda Acty Van 2009 Average Price: PKR 7.5 Lacs
  •  Honda Acty 2008 Average Price: PKR 11 Lacs
  •  Honda Acty 2007 Average Price: PKR 7.5 Lacs
  •  Honda Acty 2006 Average Price: PKR 6.5 Lacs

Our Final Words on Honda Acty

The Honda Acty has been a regular feature of Pakistani landscape for some time now. It, being a similar vehicle to the Suzuki Carry, has benefited from this omnipresence. Both the closed cabin and open rear versions of the Acty have been utilized extensively as passenger vehicles and cargo carriers. The Acty continues to be imported to Pakistan, which proves its ever present demand in the Pakistani market. We highly recommend the Honda Acty to our readers.