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Honda Airwave for Sale in Pakistan

honda airwave | Honda Airwave in Pakistan

The Honda Airwave is a subcompact car introduced by Honda Motor Corporation Ltd in 2005 exclusively for the Japanese markets. It is a 5-door station wagon version of the Honda City and Honda Jazz, and was also sold under the name Honda Partner panel van. The car's production was stopped in 2010 and it was replaced by Honda Fit Shuttle. The Honda Airwave is widely appreciated by customers worldwide due to its practical design and admirable performance.

Honda Atlas Cars Ltd. did not market Honda Airwave in Pakistan, however, many private dealers import it. You can easily find Honda Airwave for sale in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Faisalabad and all other major cities of Pakistan. But before you go to buy one, here are the:

10 Things You Should Know Before Buying Honda Airwave in Pakistan

1. What are Honda Airwave Specifications?

The Honda Airwave car was offered by Honda in two trims, ‘G’ and ‘L’. Both the trims are available as front wheel drive and four wheel drive. It is powered by a 1.5 Liter VTEC L15A engine generating 109 hp and 105 lb/ft of torque. The engine is mated to Continuously Variable Transmission in G trim while the L trim sports a CVT with seven speed mode. The seven speed mode allows shifting between seven computer-controlled gears. Expect airwave the smoothest station wagon you would have ever drove in Pakistan.

2. What is The Honda Airwave Fuel Consumption?

The fuel economy of Honda Airwave is around 18.0 km/L. If you are living in a big city like Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad or Islamabad, and have to travel a long distance to reach your work place or drop your children at school, then the impressive fuel economy rating of Airwave is a big plus point.

3. Honda Airwave Review of Exterior

The Honda Airwave shares exterior features with its siblings i.e. the Honda City and the Honda Jazz. The Honda Airwave front grille is inspired by and almost identical to the City, while the rear has similar styling to the Jazz hatchback. The electrically retractable side mirrors feature stop signal lamp.

4. Check Honda Airwave Color Options

honda airwave for sale | Honda Airwave in Pakistan

Keeping in mind the color preference of both men and women, Honda released the Airwave in 8 different colors. So, if you are a girl you’ll be more interested in buying this wagon in Chiffon Green Metallic, Blaze Orange Metallic or Milano Red. While men will prefer the Honda Airwave Black Pearl, Premium White Pearl, Satin Silver Metallic, Storm Silver Metallic and Vivid Blue Pearl

5. What are the Honda Airwave Interior Features?

The interior of the Airwave is adaptable and offers seating flexibility with five different seating modes. The front and rear seats both are ergonomically designed and provide ample headroom and legroom. Use of dampening materials has resulted in a quiet cabin, cut off from the road noise. An optional panoramic airwave sunroof is available in both trims which gives an even more spacious feel to the interior. It is carved with UV cut glass to block out harmful ultraviolet radiations. A number of storage compartments add to the convenience and practicality of the interior. The Honda airwave air filter removes allergens and keeps the internal atmosphere clean. The flexible cargo space can accommodate up to 1,136 liters. In short, luxury and comfort are written all over it.

6. Are Honda Airwave Accessories Easily Available in Pakistan?

The accessories such as Honda Airwave oil filter, air filter, headlamp and bumper can be difficult to find in small cities, however they are easily accessible in Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi. Mind it, the local dealers will charge high even for the basic Honda Airwave parts. The resale value is not very impressive since it is imported from Japan and not manufactured locally.

7. What are Honda Airwave Safety Features?

The 2010 Honda Airwave was equipped with best active and passive safety features available at the time of its production. The active safety features include Anti-Lock braking System, Electronic Brake force distribution system and Brake Assist. It is equipped with a neck shock mitigation front seat and head impact protection. The seat belts have 3-point ELR function with pre-tensioner which limits injuries in the event of an accident. The collision detection sensor inflates the airbags according to the posture and physique of the driver. The side impact bar saves from injuries in the event of side collision.

8. What Honda Airwave Features Make it Standout among the Crowd?

The Honda Airwave has a range of distinguishing features which set it apart from other vehicles in its class. Some of them include impressive fuel economy of 18.0 km/L, UV cut glass panoramic roof and CVT with seven speed mode.

9. Is Honda Airwave A Good Car to Buy for Families?

The Honda Airwave is a perfect car for big families in Pakistan. It has a seating capacity of five and an ample luggage capacity too making it an ideal car for family excursions. The powerful Honda Airwave engine ensures great performance and the fuel economy. Moreover, the Honda Airwave fuel tank capacity of 42 L makes sure your long journeys go uninterrupted without the need of visiting the gas stations frequently. So, yes, it's a good family car.

honda airwave | honda airwave for sale in karachi |Honda Airwave in Pakistan

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10. What is Honda Airwave Price in Pakistan?

Reconditioned and used Honda Airwave price varies between PKR 1,150,000 and PKR 1,650,000 depending on the model year and condition of the car.

Honda Airwave Price list

Honda Airwave 2007 Average Price: 13.5 Lacs

Honda Airwave 2006 Average Price: 13.3 Lacs

Final Words About Honda Airwave in Pakistan

The Airwave is a practical family car offering adaptability and efficiency. It is famous here due to its durability and low running costs. The flexible seating arrangements make it an ideal vehicle for everyday activities as well as family vacations. It is equipped with all standard features allowing it to successfully compete with the latest locally manufactured vehicles. The Airwave faces competition from Nissan AD, Toyota Probox and Mitsubishi Lancer van.