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Honda CR-Z for Sale in Pakistan

honda cr-z review | honda cr-z price in pakistan

The Honda CR-Z is a sport compact hybrid electric car introduced by Honda Motors Corporation in 2010. The CR Z Honda combines a hybrid powertrain with traditional sports car elements and is marketed as a “sport hybrid coupe”. It is one of the least polluting vehicles and has received an Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle rating from the California Air Resources Board. This hybrid coupe is the third gasoline-electric vehicle by Honda available with manual transmission and owns the sixth version of Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist. The name CR-Z is an abbreviation of ‘Compact Renaissance Zero’, and was awarded with the title ‘Japan Car of the Year’ in 2010 and 2011.

Honda Atlas Cars Ltd introduced Honda CR-Z in Pakistan in December 2013 and has been able to capture the attention of sports car enthusiasts across the country. You can easily find Honda CR-Z for sale through 3-S dealership network of Honda in all major cities of Pakistan. Below are:

10 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Honda CRZ Pakistan

Honda CR Z Review

1.What Are Honda CR Z Specs?

Honda CRZ 2015

The Honda CR-Z sports hybrid offers a beautiful blend of elegance and performance. It is propelled by a 1.5 Liter V-16 i-VTEC engine with Integrated Motor Assist and an option for either Honda CR-Z 6-speed manual or CVT with 7-Speed Paddle Shift transmission. With manual transmission, it generates 134 hp and 140 lb/ft of torque. The Honda CR-Z automatic transmission produces 133 hp and 127 lb/ft of torque. It owns an electric power assisted rack and pinion steering, which provides smooth handling on the road. Three driving modes - Normal, Sport and Econ - allow you to tailor its performance according to their preference. The Plus Sport System permits you to boost speed with single button push.  

Honda CRZ 2014

The CRZ 2014 retains the same engine specs and styling as the ongoing model.

Honda CRZ 2016

The Honda CR-Z 2016 has been updated by the Japanese automaker giving it new bumpers, fresh wheel patterns, some extra shades, a latest brushed metallic finish to the door handles, front paneling and center console, leather-wrapped steering wheel, a redesigned center console with an electric parking brake, push button start and a 7.0-inch touchscreen display. The powertrain has been the same as the ongoing model. The CRZ Hybrid 2016 is available for sale in Japan and the US; however, Honda Pakistan hasn’t announced its accessibility in the country yet.

2. What is Honda CRZ Fuel Consumption?

The Honda CR-Z gas mileage is estimated around 15.31 km/L in the city and 16.58 km/L on the highways, which is very impressive considering it carries such a powerful engine.

3.Check our Honda CRZ Sports Hybrid Exterior Design

The Honda CR-Z hybrid has been designed using “one motion wedge” concept and has a smooth body as if forged from a single sheet of metal. The exterior design is aerodynamically brilliant. The large front grille gives it an aggressive look. The Projector beam headlights provide great visibility at night and Daytime Running Lights ensure visibility during the day. The 16-inch alloy wheels add to the overall agile look of the car.

4. Honda CR-Z Colors

The Honda CR-Z 2015 is available in 4 striking colors. The Milano Red and Premium Northen Lights Violet Pearl are more preferred by Women while the Polished Metal Metallic and Premium White Pearl are more admired by men.

5. Check Honda CR-Z Interior Comfort

honda cr-z for sale | honda cr-z price

The interior covers the passengers in its sporty ambiance. The curvy and contoured seats are comfortable. The Automatic Climate Control keeps the cabin temperature pleasant. The steering wheel mounted control, Honda-Satellite linked Navigation System, rear view mirror with rearview camera display, SMS text message function and rear cargo console are some of the high-end amenities offered in the Honda CR Z. With rear seats folded, it offers 410 liters of cargo space.

6. What Are Safety Features Offered in this Honda Hybrid?

The Honda CRZ Pakistan is equipped with state of the art safety features to prevent accidents and minimize injuries to occupants as well as pedestrians in the event of an accident. Some of the prominent safety features CR Z hybrid are Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) Body Structure, Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Front 3-Point Seat Belts with Automatic Tensioning System, Active Head Restraints, Multiple SRS Airbags, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Hill Start Assist and Vehicle Stability Assist™ (VSA®) with Traction Control.

7. What is the availability of Honda CR-Z Accessories in Pakistan?

The Honda CR-Z aftermarket parts such as Honda CR-Z air filter, Honda CR-Z battery and Honda CR-Z oil filter are easily available at the official Honda dealers, which can be found in all major cities of Pakistan.

8. Should I Buy Honda Hybrid CRZ?

Like all Honda vehicles, the CR-Z also has an amazing resale value in Pakistan, may be due to the least competition it faces here. Moreover, the easy availability of spare parts further adds to its worth. You can find Honda CR-Z second hand for sale in Pakistan priced between PKR 1,700,000 and PKR 3,250,000

Check our listings to buy Honda CR-Z used models in Pakistan.

Honda CRZ Popular Models

Honda CRZ 2011

Honda introduced the CRZ car in 2010 and it quickly became popular among sports car enthusiasts. However, it didn’t fare as good as was expected, due to the slow acceleration. Nevertheless, its design and technology made it one of the most popular hybrids in the Honda lineup.  

Honda CRZ 2011 price in Pakistan

The Honda CR-Z 2011 price stands at PKR 17 Lacs in Pakistan.

Honda CRZ 2011 for sale in Pakistan

Honda CRZ 2012

The CRZ 2012 is one of the most popular models here simply because more cars were imported to Pakistan in 2012.

Honda CRZ 2012 price in Pakistan

The Honda CR-Z 2012 price is approximately 18 Lacs.

Honda CRZ 2012 for sale in Pakistan

Honda CRZ 2013

Seeing below par performance of the CRZ, Honda updated the hybrid sports coupe in 2013, boosting the power output. It helped the automaker to attract the potential customers.

Honda CRZ 2013 price in Pakistan

The price of Honda CR-Z 2013 is around 23 Lacs.

Honda CRZ 2013 for sale in Pakistan

9.   What Makes Honda CR-Z Stand Apart?

The CRZ Pakistan has a unique identity among both Hybrids and Sports cars. It is the only hybrid vehicle to offer six-speed manual transmission, and has an Ultra-Low-Emission Vehicle rating making it the best environment friendly vehicle. Some other distinguishing features of the CR Z sports include integrated motor assist, advanced compatibility engineering body structure, hill start assist system, SMS text message function along with the Impressive fuel economy of 15.31/16.58 km/L.

Honda CRZ vs Toyota 86

The Toyota 86 is accessible in two variants powered by Boxer technology featuring a 2.0L naturally aspirated, 4-cylinder unit producing 147kW (197 hp) and 205Nm, while the CRZ has a 1.5 Liter i-VTEC engine with Integrated Motor Assist to generate 134 hp. As evident, the Toyota 86 is a more powerful sports car born and tuned on the track.

The Toyota Dynamic Vehicle Stability Control system offers you 5 different drive modes while the CRZ car offers you 3 driving modes.

In short, the Toyota 86 is a better car housing more advanced technology than the CRZ.

Veloster vs Honda CRZ

If we compare Honda CR-Z with Hyundai Veloster, we find the latter comes in 4 variants carrying a 201-hp twin-scroll turbocharged 1.6L 4-cylinder engine paired with 6-speed manual transmission or optional 7-speed Dual Clutch, thus clearly performs better than the CRZ. Moreover, Hyundai Veloster is more aesthetically designed. The safety rating, entertainment features and technology are all better than the CRZ.

10.What is Honda CR-Z Price in Pakistan?

honda cr-z specs | honda cr-z 2015 | honda cr-z

Honda CRZ 2015 Price in Pakistan

The Honda CR-Z 2015 has a starting ex-factory price of PKR 3,419,000. The freight charges vary for different cities and an additional 80,000 are charged for metallic paint.

Honda CR Z Price in Pakistan 2014

The Honda CR-Z 2014 can cost you around PKR 25 Lacs.

Honda CRZ 2014 for sale

Honda CRZ Price List
  • Honda CR-Z 2012 Price: 22 Lacs
  • Honda CR-Z 2011 Price: 21.5 Lacs
  • Honda CR-Z 2010 Price: 22 Lacs

Our Final Words on Honda CR-Z Pakistan

The Honda CR-Z car appeals to those who do not want to compromise looks for performance. It offers composed handling and slick shifting manual transmission. The coupe is equipped with an array of standard features rare in its price range. It has an edge over other hybrid cars in Pakistan in terms of handling and drive responsiveness. Some close competitors of the CR-Z in the Pakistani market include Mazda RX-8, Volkswagen Golf TDI, Nissan Fairlady and Honda Insight.