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Honda Insight for Sale

The Honda Insight is a hybrid electric vehicle, which was introduced as a three-door, two passenger hatchback in 1999. Currently, in its second generation as a five-door, five passenger hatchback, the Insight is one of the cheapest hybrid vehicles in the foreign market and is considered one of the most reliable hybrids in Pakistan after Prius. It is a fun to drive car that is quite inexpensive to run. This is probably why Honda Insight hybrid imports to Pakistan have remained considerably high in the last couple of years. The Honda Insight 2015 is not available in the market as the production was stopped by the company in Spring 2014. Here are:

10 Things You Should Know Before Buying Honda Insight in Pakistan

Honda Insight Review

1.What are Honda Insight Specs?

Honda Insight 2014

The latest Honda Insight is powered by a 1330 cc inline-four-cylinder 8-Valve SOHC i-VTEC engine that generates 85-horsepower and 65 lb-ft of torque - all transmitted to the Insight’s front wheels. An Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) hybrid system facilitates the engine by utilizing the electric motor which produces an added 13-horsepower and 58 pound-feet of torque, when needed. A nickel-metal hydride battery keeps this electric motor running, while a regenerative braking mechanism continuously charges the battery pack. This five-door Honda hybrid hatchback is available in three trim levels; Insight, Insight LX and Insight EX.

2. What is Honda Insight Fuel Consumption?

The Honda Insight hybrid fuel consumption is probably the best thing about this vehicle. It offers more than 22.2 km/L, which means if you plan a trip from Lahore to Gujranwala, it will only require around 3.5 liters of petrol.

3.Honda Insight Hybrid Exterior Design

Though the latest design isn’t strikingly attractive, it is a decent looking car that can safely stand the test of time. It has seen only a few tweaks on the outside for the past couple of years, especially retaining its old truncated rear end for the sake of aerodynamic efficiency. With 172.3 inches of length, the Honda Insight 2014 is smaller than the Honda Civic Coupe, which also makes it easier to handle and park. The LX trim comes equipped with 15-inch steel wheels, while the EX replaces steel wheels with those of alloy.

Honda Insight Color Choices

The 2014 Honda Insight is obtainable in 6 beautiful colors which include Premium White Pearl, Premium Bronze Pearl, Premium Gold Purple Pearl, Alabaster Silver Metallic, Polished Metal Metallic and Crystal Black Pearl.

4.Here is Our Honda Insight Interior Review

As far as the cabin is concerned, the Honda Insight 2014 is impressive in some aspects but pitiable in others. For instance, the seating is pretty comfortable, the cargo space is large and the cabin is quiet. Contrary to what said earlier, the interior is made of poor quality plastic, the styling is mediocre, and legroom in the second row is annoyingly low. The front panel, however is fancy looking and features a power steering with mounted controls, the multi-information display shows all the vitals of the Insight, while the speedometer is placed above it. Besides, an audio system is also installed in the middle of the panel.

Overall, both the interior and exterior of Insight are decent, but definitely not without flaws.

5. Are Honda Insight Accessories Easily Accessible in Pakistan?

As far as the spare parts are concerned, you can get them imported from Japan, as you may not find them readily available at the auto shops. Check with the Japanese vehicle parts importer in your city to get you desired spare parts imported from abroad in less than a week.  Having said that you won't find any issues finding Honda Insight air filter, oil filter and engine oil etc.

6. What are Honda Insight Safety Features?

The Honda Insight extends a number of high end safety features including an Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body structure that ensures maximum protection of driver and passenger in case of a collision, Vehicle Stability Control with Traction Control to prevent the vehicle from under steering or over steering, Anti-lock Brake system with Electronic Brake distribution, Dual stage SRS airbags, Side Curtain Air bags and Remote entry. In short, it has all the standard safety facilities you look in a car.

7. Should You Buy A Honda Insight?

The Insight is a complete package for anyone looking to buy a hybrid hatchback in Pakistan. It delivers a matchless fuel economy, comes equipped with top notch safety and interior features plus the exterior design is not that bad. The only part where the Insight does not excel is its resale value which is not too impressive when compared to locally manufactured hatchbacks. When you go for Honda Insight vs Toyota Prius comparison, the Insight does not fare well. A comparison between the two is given below for more details. Check our listings to buy used Honda Insight in Pakistan.

Honda Insight Popular Models

Honda Insight 2010

The Honda Insight hybrid 2010 broke sales records in Japan selling 100,000 vehicles in 2010. This is when lots of cars were imported in Pakistan. The Honda Insight 2010 fuel consumption is around 5.9L/5.5 L per 100KM city/highway. The Honda Insight 2010 price is around PKR 14 Lacs.

Honda Insight 2010 for sale

Honda Insight 2011

The Honda Insight Hybrid 2011 was shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011 with improved car performance. It was the same year when Honda Japan produced 200,000 Insight cars in Japan. The Honda Insight 2011 price can be minimum PKR 15 Lacs.

Honda Insight 2011 for sale

Honda Insight 2012

Currently, the most popular Honda hybrid in Pakistan, the Honda Insight hybrid 2012 offers a fuel economical drive. Apart from that, it has got an updated exterior, interior and performance as it was facelifted in 2012. The Honda Insight 2012 fuel consumption is around 5.6L/ 100KM (combined).

Honda insight 2012 price in Pakistan

The Insight hybrid 2012 can be bought for minimum PKR 15.5 Lacs and prices can go as high as PKR 20 Lacs depending on the condition of the car. Here is Honda Insight 2012 for sale.

8.   What Honda Insight Features Make it Best in its Class?

Like all other vehicles, the Honda Insight Hybrid does have some strong positive points including a number of awards such as Kelley Blue Book's's Best Overall Brand as part of its 2014 Brand Image Awards, the Greenest Vehicles of 2014 award by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), and 2013 Top Safety Pick by IIHS. It also has a navigation system with available voice recognition and FM traffic and Eco Assist to drive more efficiently and optimize vehicle's fuel efficiency.

9.   What is Honda Insight Price in Pakistan?

As Honda Insight hybrid is not officially available here, you have to get it imported from Japan or Dubai. However, finding a used Honda Insight for sale in Pakistan is easy and it can cost you roughly between Rs.1,400,000 and Rs.2,300,000 depending on the condition and model year. Below you can find average prices of Honda Insight cars according to current Carmudi listings:

Honda Insight Hybrid Price in Pakistan (Average)

  • Honda Insight 2014 Price: PKR 18.2 Lacs
  • Honda Insight 2012 Price: PKR 18.3 Lacs
  • Honda Insight 2011 Price: PKR 17.6 Lacs
  • Honda Insight 2010 Price: PKR 17 Lacs
  • Honda Insight 2009 Price: PKR 17.5 Lacs

10.Honda Insight vs Toyota Prius

No doubt, the Insight and Prius have remained the two most popular hybrids in Pakistan. However, they are not the only hybrid cars you would see on the roads of Pakistan as both Honda and Toyota are now offering a number of hybrid models.

By the looks, both the cars are compact and sporty. The Insight car has a 1.3L engine while the Prius has a 1.8L engine, meaning the latter is more powerful than the former. Talking about the fuel economy, the Prius again beats its rival offering 40 KM/L (2016 Prius), while the Insight renders 22.2 KM/L.

Car and Driver Magazine tested 2010 Honda Insight and the 2010 Toyota Prius. The results were as follows:


Honda Insight 2010

Toyota Prius 2010

0-60 mph

10.3 seconds

10.0 seconds

Quarter mile run

17.9 seconds

17.6 seconds

70-0 Braking

181 feet

182 feet

Fuel Economy 600-mile controlled evaluation

6.2 L/100 km

5.6 L/100 km

The magazine chose the Insight over the Prius as it was more fun to drive with excellent handling, steering and braking. However, if we examine the Prius over the years, it exceeded expectations in the fuel economy rating and that’s why it sells like hot cakes in the most international markets.

Our Final Remarks on Honda Insight

On the whole, the Honda Insight gets a thumbs-up. It is a reliable hybrid car with a trustworthy engine that won’t fail in the middle of a long journey. The few flaws like the uninspiring exterior and tight legroom in the second row are worth overlooking. However, if they are hard to ignore, the Toyota Prius and Honda Fit can be reliable alternatives.