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Honda Vezel price in pakistan | Honda Vezel 2015 | Honda Vezel for sale in Lahore

Honda Vezel for Sale in Pakistan

The Vezel is a sub-compact crossover manufactured by the Japanese automaker Honda, which was introduced at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. It is not being manufactured locally in Pakistan by Honda Atlas, but you can find a number of used Honda Vezel for sale on Carmudi. The Honda Vezel has been quickly gaining popularity in Pakistan thanks to its sporty exterior which mainly attracts young lot.

Honda Vezel Hybrid

The sporty crossover’s hybrid version comes in two variants namely Honda Vezel Hybrid X and Honda Vezel Hybrid Z. Both the versions of Honda Vezel hybrid 2015 carry the same powertrain, details of which are given in the next section. Here are



4 stars


3.9 stars


4.2 stars


4 stars


3.6 stars


4.1 stars

Honda Vezel overall score by Carmudi's car expert:
4.1 stars

Top Things To Know Before Buying Honda Vezel in Pakistan

What Are Honda Vezel Specifications?

Honda Vezel 2015 Specs

The new Honda Vezel 2015 is available in 1.5L, 4-cylinder, DOHC enabled i-VTEC engine that generates about 116 horsepower and 146 Nm of torque. The powerful engine is paired with a 7-speed CVT system that ensures maximum performance while taking care of the fuel economy. It comes in both front wheel and all-wheel drive options.

Honda Vezel 2014

The Honda Vezel 2014 also has the same power configuration as the latest model. Honda also didn’t change the design elements. For Honda Vezel hybrid 2014, the powertrain information is given hereunder.

Honda Vezel Hybrid Specifications

The Honda Vezel hybrid is also available in our market that makes use of Honda Sport hybrid i-DCD system and pairs the gasoline engine with electric motor to produce a combined horsepower of 130. It is available in Two Wheel Drive (2WD) and Four Wheel Drive (4WD) layouts.

Honda Vezel Dimensions

Honda Vezel Length (mm)


Honda Vezel Width (mm)


Honda Vezel Height (mm)


Honda Vezel Weight (kg)


Honda Vezel Ground Clearance (mm)


Honda Vezel Wheelbase (mm)


What is Honda Vezel Fuel Consumption

The gasoline variant of the Honza Vezel Pakistan is known to give an average fuel economy of 20.6 km/L, while the hybrid engine delivers an exceptional fuel average of 27.0 km/L. It means you will require around 7 liters of petrol to travel from Karachi to Hyderabad.

Honda Vezel Hybrid Fuel Consumption

The hybrid engine delivers an exceptional fuel average of 27.0 km/L. It means you will require around 7 liters of petrol to travel from Karachi to Hyderabad.

Honda Vezel Design

The Honda Vezel Pakistan has earned a high repute in the region, and has out-performed Toyota Corolla and Suzuki Liana. It suffices the needs of a family with its sporty ride and an intelligent combo of power, performance, looks and safety. While the Vezel promises a striking interior with plush-leather seating and tech-tweaks, its aspiring fuel-economy figures extend the joy-ride to enable the driver make the most out of every drop of fuel in the tank.

Honda Vezel Exterior

The exterior design of the Honda Vezel Japan is very unique making it one of the most stylish crossovers available in Pakistan. Comparing its dimensions with the Honda CR-V crossover, the Vezel is much compact and employs a more muscular design. Additionally, the stunning LED head lamps and taillights add to the overall wide look of the car.

Honda Vezel Interior

The Honda Vezel extends a spacious interior with a seating capacity of 5 passengers. The cockpit renders a 3-spoke power steering with mounted controls and a sporty instrument panel that brightly displays the speedometer and fuel gauge. The front panel comprises of a capacitive touch display and a powerful air conditioner which keeps the temperature of the car very cool in the scorching heat of Pakistan.

What are Honda Vezel 2015 Color Options?

The Honda Vezel 2015 hybrid is available in 5 impressive color options including

  • Alabaster Silver Metallic
  • Crystal Black Pearl
  • Morpho Blue Pearl
  • Premium Deep Rosso Pearl
  • White Orchid Pearl


If you are in your 40s, buy Honda Vezel White, and if you are young, go for Honda Vezel Black or  Honda Vezel Blue.

What are Honda Vezel Safety Features?

The Vezel is also loaded with advanced safety features including a superior exterior body built to withstand energies from collisions. Other standard safety features include:

  • Remote keyless entry
  • ABS with EBD
  • traction control
  • driver and passenger airbags
  • power door locks
  • fog lamps
  • reverse sensors


The higher grade models are also equipped with a City-Brake Active System that reduces any chance of accidental front collision.

Honda Vezel Safety Rating

The Honda Vezel is one of the safest vehicles around. The NHCAP has given it a four star rating for both lateral and frontal crash tests.

What Are The Best Features Of Honda Vezel?

The top quality safety features, especially the city-brake active system combined with side curtain and front airbags system and cruise control make the Honda Vezel standout among its competitors. Moreover, it is commendable for such a heavy crossover to deliver an amazing fuel economy of 20.6 km/L. The opulent interior packed with the latest technologies and the stylish exterior make the Vezel a popular choice of people in Pakistan as well as around the globe.

Where Can I Find Honda Vezel Accessories in Pakistan?

Honda Vezel parts and accessories are not difficult to find in Pakistan, since the after-market parts of Japanese imported cars are easily available now. Go to the main automotive markets in Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi, and they may have all the spare parts available with them. In addition, these parts can be bought from online sellers at a comparatively lower rate.

Where Can You Buy Honda Vezel In Pakistan?

Both Honda Vezel used and brand new models can be bought at Carmudi. Being a Japanese imported model, it may not have as impressive resale value as a locally manufactured vehicle, nevertheless, its stylish design and fuel average make it a preferable choice in crossover segment. Check our listings to buy Honda Vezel used in Pakistan.

Honda Vezel 2016 Review

The Japanese automaker is also looking forward to launch the Honda Vezel 2016 Pakistan very soon wearing the same price tag as the current model, as per the reports. The Honda Vezel 2016 model will reportedly be featuring one of the sportiest designs you will ever see in a sedan. The powertrain will probably consist of the same 1.5L turbo-charged engine that would deliver around 150 horsepower. Expect the Honda Vezel new model 2016 to hit the markets next year. Honda Vezel 2016 Price in Pakistan is around PKR 25.5 Lacs

The Honda Vezel is priced higher (which can be its only drawback) than its competitors such as Nissan Juke and Nissan Murano (it stands parallel to it in the pricing department), nevertheless it is much more advanced and sophisticated, plus it delivers a better fuel economy than its rivals in the Pakistani market. It is being preferred by families who want to ride in style with comfort.

Following is a list of most popular models in Pakistan.

Honda Vezel Popular Models in Pakistan

Honda Vezel 2015 Price

The new Honda Vezel is not available locally in Pakistan, but you can import one directly or buy the used or reconditioned versions. The current market price stands at PKR 33.5 Lacs.

Vezel 2015 for sale in Pakistan

Honda Vezel Hybrid Price in Pakistan

The 2015 Vezel Hybrid Price is around 2,580,000 Yen in Japan which translates to around PKR 22.5 Lacs. After you import it to Pakistan, it might stand wearing a price tag of around PKR 36 Lacs.

Honda Vezel 2014 Price

Vezel 2014 for sale in Pakistan can be around 31 Lacs. 

Honda Vezel compared to other cars in Pakistan

  • Honda Vezel vs Toyota Corolla - Toyota Corolla is a true competitor of Honda Vezel and is surely superior to Vezel in all aspects but it has a higher price tag and a lower resale value. This is the only reason why Honda Vezel is more popular than the Honda Vezel.

  • Honda Vezel vs Mitsubishi Lancer - Objectively speaking the Mitsubishi Lancer beats Honda Vezel hands down in every comparison but two things tilt the balance im Honda Vezel’s favor. A wide network of Honda dealers ensures easy parts availability and maintains high resale value.

  • Honda Vezel vs Suzuki Liana - The Suzuki Liana is less expensive than the Honda Vezel but the Honda Vezel is more powerful. As regards the resale value the Suzuki Liana holds it value as well as the Honda Vezel.

What is Honda Vezel Price in Pakistan?

Honda Vezel 2015 Price in Pakistan

The new Honda Vezel cars are available between price margins of PKR 2,021,000 and PKR 2,374,000 (excluding optional features, withholding tax and freight charges).

Honda Vezel 2014 Price in Pakistan

The Vezel 2014 price ranges from 14 Lacs to 23 Lacs depending on the variant, city you are buying from and the condition of the vehicle. And below you can find average prices of Honda Vezel cars according to current Carmudi listings:

  • Honda Vezel 2015 Average Price: PKR 25.5 Lacs
  • Honda Vezel 2014 Average Price: PKR 22.3 Lacs
  • Honda Vezel 2013 Average Price: PKR 22.9 Lacs
  • Honda Vezel 2012 Average Price: PKR 20 Lacs
  • Honda Vezel 2011 Average Price: PKR 17.2 Lacs


Honda Vezel latest offers in Pakistan