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Hybrid cars in Pakistan

hybrid car Science and technology has altered the way we live our lives. This change can be observed from the manner we dress to how we cook and the way we travel. Our vehicles have evolved over time in their design, engineering and fuel consumption. From using steam power to internal combustion engines powered by petrol, diesel or CNG automobiles’ power source has come a long way. Continuous improvements in technology and ways to make cars more environmental friendly has led to the introduction of hybrid vehicles. These make use of two or more power sources, presently electric motors to provide the vehicle with energy.

Why purchase a hybrid?

  • New technologies ensure greater fuel economy than traditional ones.
  • Lower carbon emissions produced than conventional engines.
  • Models enjoy competitive market prices.
  • Reducing harmful impact on the environment.
  • Saving in fuel expenses.
hybrid car

Available models

With no local option available in the country, hybrid cars are imported from either Japan or the UK. The most commonly seen model is Toyota Prius. This is the world’s top selling hybrid car, with cumulative global sales of over 3million units up to June 2013. It is a stylish and high-performing vehicle to own. The automobile has impressed users with its outstanding fuel-economy, comfortable drive and boost of power when required. Other choices available in the market include Honda Insight Hybrid and Honda Civic Hybrid. These two are part of the Japanese car maker’s incursion in the hybrid car market segment. These are easy to drive and provide excellent fuel economy. In addition, Honda Atlas officially launched Honda CR-Z Sports Hybrid in Lahore in December 2013. Even though older used models are already available the market, this is first official launch of any hybrid car in the country. This combines the sporty and fun element of a sports-coupe with environment friendly engines. Hybrid and electric cars are slowly making their presence felt in the market. Some high-end models recently introduced include Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid and BMW 7-series. These combine luxury and performance with green technology. With this initiation of more models it is sure that this type of car is here to stay and will become big players in the market.