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Isuzu Motors, named after the Isuzu River, is a Japanese company headquartered in Tokyo that manufactures commercial vehicles and diesel engines. It is the oldest Japanese vehicle manufacturer. It primarily focuses on production, distribution and sale of Isuzu commercial vehicles and diesel engines. It was founded by Yoshisuke Aikawa in 1916 as a Japanese oil and gasoline manufacturer but then merged with a car manufacturer in 1934 to form Isuzu. Ever since, Isuzu has expanded and grown rapidly and now its vehicles are sold in most commercial markets across the globe.

Collaboration with General Motor

In 1972, General Motor bought a major chunk of Isuzu and together, they designed and sold the first Isuzu built vehicle in United States called Chevrolet LUV. They have had many join ventures adding more vehicles to their lineups. Isuzu production and exports skyrocketed due to this collaboration since Isuzu was able to use General Motor’s networks.

Creation without compromise

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Isuzu’s mantra has always been creation without compromise maintaining its traditions while boldly innovating and leading. It believes in providing advanced safety and excellent economic and environmental performance through continuous product development, top quality manufacturing mechanisms and world-class customer service. Customers are at the center of its business and it strives to gain their trust and confidence. In supporting its customers, it has been making diesel engines to provide efficient power and commercial vehicles to help transport things effortlessly. It is committed to constantly raising the bar and improving its products to benefit the world. Now operating in over 100 countries, its products are aiding millions of people.

Isuzu Vehicles

Isuzu has produced many different models at different times selling them in different parts of the world. Their diverse portfolio comprises of passenger vehicles, SUVs, commercial automobiles, commercial trucks of all sizes, racecars, concept cars and buses.