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Kia Spectra for sale in Pakistan

Kia Spectra in Pakistan

The Spectra is a compact four door sedan manufactured by the Kia Motor Co. of South Korea. Kia Motor Co. started manufacturing the Spectra in 2000 and discontinued the production in 2009. The Spectra replaced the Kia Sephia which was also a compact four door sedan and was succeeded by the Kia Cerato which has more or less the same type of four door sedan. Through its production life of ten years, the Spectra achieved immense popularity and was released in two generations. It certainly did become the flagship model in Pakistan and was welcomed and appreciated a lot. A comprehensive collection of Kia Spectras for sale in Pakistan can be found at Carmudi.

Reasons to buy Kia Spectra

Performance of Kia Spectra

The Spectra replaced the Sephia and its performance and specification resembled closely those of its predecessor. The majority of vehicles found on the Pakistani market have the following technical specifications:

  • The Spectra is available as a four door sedan with a trunk or as a hatchback with five doors. Both the versions are five seaters.
  • It is available in three engine volumes: 1.5L, 1.6L and 1.8L
  • Kia Spectra in Pakistan
  • The Kia Spectra is available only in the petrol version.
  • The Spectra is available in 5+1 manual speed or four speed automatic transmission.

Design of Kia Spectra

Kia Spectra has two different designs which are distinctly distinguishable. One of the designs is the sedan four door while the other design is hatchback 5 door. Most of the cars available in Pakistan are sedan models. These models come loaded with all the safety features such as airbags, unlocking break and anti-skid tyres.

Standout Features of  Kia Spectra

The standout feature of Kia Spectra is certainly its trunk which while in itself is not an extraordinary quality but is very hard to find in compact cars. Compact car designs compromise size for fuel efficiency and therefore if the fuel economy is good, generally a compact car does not have any storage space. The Kia Spectra avoids this conundrum by adding a trunk to design. Being a sedan it already has lots of legroom and the trunk adds to this feeling of spaciousness.  

Price and Availability of Kia Spectra

The Kia Spectra is widely and easily available in all the major urban centers of Pakistan.Kia Spectra in Pakistan The spare parts and labor are easily available as well. Being predominantly an urban vehicle, the biggest concentrations of Kia Spectra can be found in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Sialkot and Faisalabad. The price of a Kia Spectra might go from PKR to PKR depending on the condition and mileage.

Overall Impression

The Kia Spectra is certainly the flagship Kia vehicle found in Pakistan. Upon its introduction to the South Korean market, it was very warmly welcomed by the public and instantly sold about 100,00 vehicles in the first few months. The reasons for the Kia Spectra as an instant hit are obvious. It is a compact car with a very good fuel efficiency but it is very roomy a well with a big storage trunk in the rear. It is an excellent choice for an urban dwelling family for trips to and from the office and the school during the week but also for longer trips on the motorway during the weekends. The Spectra ensures your trip will be comfortable because it is very spacious and it also ensures that you would not have to share your personal space with luggage since it has a big storage space in the rear.  We highly recommend the Kia Spectra to our readers.