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lexus ct200h price in Pakistan | lexus ct200h

Lexus for sale in Pakistan

Lexus cars is luxury vehicle division for car manufacturing of the Japanese giant Toyota Motors Co. Its production started in 1989 and very peculiarly, for the first time in Japanese history, a new car brand was not launched in Japan. In effect the first models of the Lexus brand were introduced only to the United States market. The brand grew and is so strong today that it has become the highest selling luxury car in Japan where it was not even introduced in the beginning. Along with Sony, Mitsubishi and Honda, it features among the top ten most recognizable Japanese brands in the world. The headquarters for the Lexus company are situated in Nagoya, Japan but the manufacturing plants are distributed all over the globe with sites in Belgium, Japan, Canadá and the United States.

Performance and Technology of Lexus

The Lexus cars are based on the decades old highly reliable technology developed by Toyota Motors Co. which is the biggest car manufacturer on the planet. For example the LX 400 has its origins in the Toyota Range Rover design. Toyota’s prowess in technology ensured that Lexus was the first luxury brand to add eco-friendly hybrid vehicles to its already existing wide range of products. The gear trains and transmission used in the Lexus cars is so good that it has today become a reference in terms of quality and performance. The Lexus hybrid models such as CT are the most-efficient in the fuel consumption and the meet the most prestigious Ultra Low-Emission Vehicle certification standard. To date, Lexus is the only luxury vehicle manufacturer to achieve this remarkable feat.

Popular Models of Lexus in Pakistan

Lexus CT 200H

The CT 200H is a hybrid sports car in a luxury format manufactured by Lexus. The production started in 2011 therefore it is a fairly recent introduction to the market. It is very well known for its power and fuel consumption as well as environment friendly characteristics.   

lexus CT 200h price in Pakistan

lexus CT 200h price in Pakistan is around 35 to 76 lac Rupees

Lexus LX 470

The LX 470 is one of the most famous Lexus models available in Pakistan. It is a luxury Sports Utility Vehicle that Lexus started producing in 1996. The “L” in LX denotes “Luxury” while the “X” indicates that it is a cross between a sports and a utility vehicle.

lexus LX 470 price in Pakistan

lexus LX 470 price in Pakistan is around 34 to 60 lac Rupees depending upon the condition and model.

Lexus RX

RX is a mid size SUV by Lexus. Life of RX is expanded over 3 generations. The first generation ranges from 1997 to 2003, 2003 to 2009 marks the era of second generation and from 2009  on wards is termed as RX’s third generation.

Lexus LX 570

The interior of Lexus LX 570 is equipped with a multifunction TFT color display with a digital speedometer, as well as an updated infotainment system featuring the Lexus Enform suite of navigation and various multimedia apps.

Availability of Lexus in Pakistan

Lexus cars are readily available in big Pakistani cities such as Lahore, Karachi and the Twin Cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi.Being a luxury brand, they are also very easily available in the industrial cities in the Punjabi heartland such as Gujranwala, Sialkot and Faisalabad. lexus for sale in pakistan The parts as well as labor is available very easily in the above-mentioned cities.

Interesting Facts about Lexus cars

The most interesting fact about Lexus is that it was introduced as a model of the Toyota brand but Toyota executives and the marketing team promptly recognized that the international markets associated the Toyota brand with utility and not with luxury and went for Italian and German  automakers for luxury vehicles. They then decided to spin Lexus production off of Toyota and create a completely separate entity named Lexus Vehicles under the Toyota umbrella in order to dissociate it from the utility aspect related to Toyota vehicles. The result is evidently a luxury vehicle brand which has very quickly captured public attention and has become a public favorite.

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