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Mazda AZ Wagon for Sale in Pakistan

The Mazda AZ Wagon is a small five-door hatchback manufactured by Suzuki Motor Corporation, originally known as the Suzuki Wagon R. This mini car was sold by the Japanese automaker from 1994 to 2012, and then the nameplate was suspended. The company offered four generations of Wagon R as AZ Wagon, while the fifth generation was rebranded and named as the Mazda Flair.

The Mazda AZ Wagon 660 has never been offered in Pakistan during its entire production period. However, it has made its way to the Pakistani markets in the past few years. Finding used Mazda cars for sale in Pakistan is effortless now, as it is available at various dealerships. Here are:

10 Things To Know Before Buying Mazda AZ Wagon in Pakistan

1. What are Mazda AZ Wagon Specifications?

The Mazda AZ Wagon 2012 was offered in four trim levels namely XF, XG, XS and XT. The XF, XG and XS share the same 660cc DOHC VVT engine with 54 horsepower and 78 Nm torque, while the AZ Wagon XT encloses a 660cc DOHC Turbo engine paired with continuously variable transmission (CVT) system that produces 64 horsepower and 90 Nm torque. The XF is offered only with front-wheel drive system, while the XG, XS and XT are available with both front-wheel and four-wheel drive systems. The XF and XS variants feature four-speed automatic transmission but the XG offers a choice between either four-speed automatic and five-speed manual transmissions.

2. What is Mazda AZ Wagon Fuel Consumption?

With a fuel economy of around 21.5 km/liter, the AZ Wagon is perhaps one of the most economical and cost saving hatchbacks you could own in Pakistan.

3.   Check Mazda AZ Wagon Review of Exterior Design

The 2012 Mazda AZ Wagon features a lively and stylish exterior with a redesigned front grille, front bumpers and headlights. The roof is high and slanted to the front, while the taillights are large and highly visible.

4. What Mazda AZ Wagon Colors Are Available?

It is offered in 10 exterior colors including Breeze Blue, Clear Beige, Bloom Pink, Aqua Veil Blue Pearl Metallic and Mysterious Violet Pearl which are more popular among women, while the Bluish Black Pearl, Luna Grey Pearl Metallic, Silky Silver Metallic, Superior White and Pearl White shades are preferred by Men.

5. Here is Our Mazda AZ Wagon Interior Review

The interior is designed in black and grey color combination that highlights a grey instrument panel and silver center console. A highly luminous cluster display is inserted behind the steering wheel to provide useful information to the driver. The seats are wrapped in charcoal grey upholstery covers.

6. Are Mazda AZ Wagon Parts Easily Accessible in Pakistan

You can find Mazda AZ wagon spare parts from the major automotive markets in Pakistan. These include Japan Plaza in Karachi, Bilal Gunj market in Lahore, Chah Sultan & Ahata Mithu Khan in Rawalpindi and the Shobia bazar in Peshawar. If you don’t get the desired parts, the local dealers can import them from Japan.

7. What are Mazda AZ Wagon Safety Features?

The AZ Wagon renders some basic safety specs such as four-wheel antilock braking system (ABS) with Electronic Brake Distribution, airbags, Key-less entry system and an immobilizer system. Although these are not advanced safety features, nevertheless you will hardly find these in the local hatchbacks.

8. Should You Buy Mazda AZ Wagon in Pakistan?

The AZ Wagon is a must buy for people looking to buy an economical hatchback to drive in metropolitan cities. Its compact design will allow you to cruise around the narrow roads, escape traffic jams and also park easily in tight spots. The fuel economy is also a plus point. Check our listings to buy used Mazda AZ Wagon in your city.

9. What Makes Mazda AZ Wagon Standout in its Class?

The AZ Wagon Mazda has proved itself much superior to other vehicles in its class owing to the following features; a wider tailgate and lower floor with flat steps make the cabin cargo friendly, many concealed storage compartments that allow you to store compact luggage, an economical city car with the fuel economy of 21.5 km/liter, Naturally aspirated engines make this vehicle qualify for the Super Ultra Low Emissions Vehicles (SU-LEV) league.

10. What is Mazda AZ Wagon Price in Pakistan?

As the Mazda AZ Wagon can only be found in used condition, the price may vary based on the generation, build year, model grade and overall condition. In Pakistan, it can be bought easily within a price range of PKR 660,000 to 1,050,000. The price is expected to drop down, as the brand new and fully loaded Suzuki Wagon R is available at PKR 1,049,000. Below you can find average prices of Mazda AZ Wagon according to current Carmudi listings:

  •  Mazda AZ Wagon 2012 Price: PKR 10 Lacs
  •  Mazda AZ Wagon 2011 Price: PKR 9.7 Lacs
  •  Mazda AZ Wagon 2008 Price: PKR 7.5 Lacs
  •  Mazda AZ Wagon 2007 Price: PKR 7.3 Lacs

Our Final Remarks on Mazda AZ Wagon

Although the Mazda Wagon is one of the best mini cars in Pakistan, it has not received good recognition in the country. The reason could be less affiliation with the Mazda brand in this region. In comparison to this, other vehicles like Daihatsu Mira and Suzuki MR Wagon are much more popular. In fact, the Suzuki Wagon R is all set to take away a great chunk of the market share, as it has already been launched in Pakistan. However, this recent introduction may affect the Mazda Wagon R in a better way, enabling customers to access the spare parts easily. The censuring fact about the AZ Wagon is that it is likely to cause noise, vibration and harshness (NVC).