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Mazda SCRUM for Sale in Pakistan

The Mazda Scrum is a minivan introduced by Mazda Motor Corporation for the Japanese market in 1988. The same name was used by the Japanese automaker for a rebadged version of Suzuki Carry sold under the name Mazda Autozam Scrum. The Mazda Scrum Wagon was introduced for the first time in the year 2000. The name ‘Scrum’ has been adopted from a maneuver in the rugby game. The Scrum is available in 3 body configurations including Scrum Van, Scrum Truck and Wagon, which we will review specifically here. All the vehicles carry the same 600cc engine with different design elements.

Mazda Motor Corporation does not officially distribute Mazda SCRUM in Pakistan. However, interested buyers can easily find parallel imported Mazda Scrum for sale in all major cities of Pakistan.

10 Things to Know Before Buying Mazda Scrum Pakistan

1. What are Mazda SCRUM Specs?

The Scrum Mazda is available in PX and PZ trims both offered with either a two wheel drive or a four wheel drive option. Both trims are powered by a DOHC turbo engine generating a maximum output of 63 hp and 70 lb/ft of torque. It has a small turning radius of 4.5 m. The Mazda Scrum has a solid body construction with light chassis design. The L-type lower arm and subframe front suspension provide it the driving stability.

2. What is Mazda SCRUM fuel Consumption?

The PX trim has a fuel economy of 14.4 km/L, while the PZ trim sips fuel at a rate of 13.8 km/L, not bad for a passenger car.

3. Check our Mazda SCRUM Review of Exterior Design

The Mazda Scrum has a neat boxy exterior design with square headlamps and chrome front grille. The front fog lights improve visibility in fog, rain and snow. A high mounted stop signal warns vehicles behind when brakes are applied. The electric sliding rear door with anti-pinch door handle makes boarding the vehicle convenient. The Electric Auto Step appears automatically as you open the sliding door.

4. What Mazda SCRUM colors are Available?

The Scrum Wagon is accessible in 4 colors which include Bluish Blue Pearl, Moonlight Violet Pearl Metallic, Pearl White and Silky Silver Metallic.

5. Here’s Mazda SCRUM Interior Review

The Mazda Scrum’s interior is really spacious and comfortable. The ergonomically designed front and rear seats give ample headroom and legroom. The slide back and reclining mechanism of the rear seats allows passengers to adjust according to their comfort. The Automatic Climate Control System filters out allergens and has antibacterial processing to ensure clean cabin environment. The adjustable seating plan of the Scrum car provides adoptable seating and cargo space. The cabin of this Mazda car features a number of storage compartments.

6. What are Mazda SCRUM Safety Features?

The Mazda Scrum has a lightweight impact absorbing body with crumble zones to provide enhanced safety to the occupants. It retains a Head Impact Mitigation Structure and Pedestrian Injury Mitigation Body design to minimize injuries to both the passengers and the pedestrians in the event of a collision. The front seats are equipped with 3 point ELR seatbelts with seat belt anchor adjustor along with SRS Airbag System. The 4-wheel Anti Brakeforce Distribution System with Electronic Stability Control prevents skidding when brakes are applied on slippery roads. The Security Alarm System of the Mazda Scrum protects the vehicle from theft.

7. Is it Easy to Find Mazda SCRUM Parts in Pakistan?

The Scrum isn’t found in great numbers here, so obviously finding parts can be difficult. However, big automotive markets in metropolitan cities can procure all types of parts from abroad. Big vendors usually have the spare parts of every car you see on the road.

8. What’s Best About SCRUM?

The Mazda Scrum comes with a number of distinguishing features like Head Impact Mitigation Body Structure, compact exterior design, small turning radius of 4.5m and Electric Auto Step, which make it standout among other minivans in the market. Surely, you do not find these features in any local Wagon here.

9. Should You Buy Mazda SCRUM?

Seeing the interior and safety facilities (refer to the sections above), the SCRUM is no doubt one of the best wagons you could buy in Pakistan. The price is also reasonable for secondhand models. To buy used Mazda Scrum in your city, check the following listings:

10. What is Mazda SCRUM Price in Pakistan?

The Mazda SCRUM 2014 has a starting price of US$ 1,350, in Japan, while Mazda Scrum 2015 (Wagon, 2WD) can be bought for around US$ 18920 (exclusive of tax charges). Interested customers can easily find used and reconditioned Mazda Scrum in a price range between PKR 650,000 and PKR 1,150,000.

Our Final Words on SCRUM

The Mazda Scrum is a practical family vehicle with flexible seating and loading capacity. The interior of the minivan is roomy and convenient. Despite its rare availability, the Scrum has been able to win trust of Pakistani customers with its reliability and performance. It is rapidly gaining popularity among masses and giving its rivals like FAW XPV, Suzuki Bolan, Suzuki Every and Daihatsu Hi-jet a tough competition in the Pakistani automobile market.