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Mercedes Benz for Sale in Pakistan

Mercedes Benz cars is a multinational automobile maker which itself is a car manufacturing division of the very famous German automaker Daimler AG. Although Mercedes Benz fabricates trucks, buses and coaches as well, it is best known for its luxury cars and Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and is one of world's biggest luxury car makers along with Audi and BMW. Technically, Mercedes Benz was founded in 1901 but the first Mercedes car was in fact manufactured fifteen years prior to the mass production of Mercedes Benz in 1886 when Karl Benz produced world’s first petrol driven engine.

Performance and Technology of Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz cars are renowned and appreciated for their technological sophistication, comfort and luxury. The Formula One team car McLaren belongs to Mercedes Benz and is regularly applauded by the experts as possessing the most advanced technology even at the most elite level. Mercedes Benz produces vans, trucks and buses as well apart from cars. As far as cars are concerned, Mercedes-Benz produces both petrol and diesel engine vehicles and has lately also started manufacturing the electric vehicles using the fuel cell technology.

5 Reasons You Should Buy a Mercedes-Benz car

  1. Mercedes Benz was the first car in the world when Daimler started making cars in 1901. This means that Mercedes has an advantage over other car manufacturers being more technically advanced.
  2. Many of the facilities we see in today’s cars such as power steering, power windows, sunroofs etc., were first introduced by Mercedes Benz as luxury features in their vehicles.
  3. Mercedes cars are equipped with highly advanced safety features to ensure maximum security of both the car and the driver.
  4. Mercedes cars are most beautifully designed and famous for their elegant exterior design.
  5. The Mercedes engines offer matchless performance.

5 Popular Mercedes Models in Pakistan

1. Mercedes CLK-Class

The Mercedes Benz CLK-Class is a medium sized, two door, rear wheel drive luxury vehicle. Its design is based on C-class vehicles. It is also available in convertible versions. Check our Mercedes CLK Class review.

Mercedes CLK Class Price in Pakistan

The Mercedes CLK price ranges from PKR 2,700,000 to PKR 8,500,000, depending on the model and the condition. The 2009 Mercedes-Benz CLK200 can be obtained in Pakistan for around PKR 8,500,000.

2. Mercedes E Class

The E-class is also a medium sized luxury car but it belongs to the cars labeled as “Executive Vehicles” by Mercedes Benz, hence the name “E-class”. It comes in regular as well as cabriolet versions with a hard canopy convertible roof. Used Mercedes Benz E Class cars can be found in Pakistan ranging between PKR 2,600,000 to 8,500,000 depending on the model, condition and body style. Check our Mercedes-Benz E-class review to find out more information about this car.

Mercedes E Class Price in Pakistan

Used Mercedes Benz E Class cars can be found in Pakistan ranging between PKR 800,000 to PKR 8,500,000 depending on the model, condition and body style.

3. Mercedes S Class

Probably the most well-known and the most elegant of all the Mercedes Benz models, the S-class is a luxury sedan known for its sleek, smooth design and extraordinary performance. The S-class was first introduced in 1954 and it is still going strong. The Mercedes S-class 2010 can be bought for around PKR 6,000,000 in Pakistan. To find out more check our Mercedes-Benz S-class review.

Mercedes S Class Price in Pakistan

The price of S Class Mercedes varies between PKR 800,000 and PKR 19,000,000, depending on the condition, model year and mileage.

4. Mercedes C-Class

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class is a series of compact executive cars created to render a unique mix of performance and competence. The new Mercedes C-Class has a poised and lively exterior design while the interior describes new values of opulence and sportiness. You can buy the 2010 Mercedes-Benz C-Class in Pakistan for around PKR 4,550,000. Read our Mercedes-Benz C Class review to find out more.

Mercedes C Class Price in Pakistan

The price of used and reconditioned Mercedes C-Class ranges from PKR 750,000 and PKR 6,300,000.

5. Mercedes M Class

The Mercedes-Benz M-Class, also known as ML-Class, consists of luxury crossover sport utility vehicles launched in 1977 and is currently in its 3rd generation. The new generation Mercedes M-Class vehicles carry V6 and V8 engines that deliver phenomenal performance. The Mercedes-Benz ML-350 2004 is priced at PKR 3,500,000.

Availability of Mercedes-Benz Cars in Pakistan

Mercedes Benz cars are easily available for sale in Pakistan in all major urban centers. The Mercedes brand is associated with luxury, comfort, class, good life and overall affluence. For this reason, Mercedes-Benz has become much more than just a car in the Pakistani society, It is an indicator of status and life in the high circles. Due to this, the availability of this brand in political power hubs such as Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi is even easier. Both new and used Mercedes-Benz are available from distributors as well as private owners. The parts, labor and after sales services are also omnipresent.

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Interesting Facts about Mercedes Benz cars

The name Mercedes Benz has a very particular history attached to it. The Benz part of the name comes from Dr. Karl Benz, who invented the world’s first petrol based engine and car. The Mercedes part of the name has a more interesting background. Mercedes is a Spanish name for girls. The first ever distributor for these cars was Emil Jellinek: An Austrian businessman. He himself was a race enthusiast and participated in races, using Daimler-Benz cars, under the pseudonym of Mercedes, the name of his 10 year old daughter. The name stuck and gained popularity, finally Daimler formally changed the brand name to Mercedes Benz. An impressive collection of very reasonably priced Mercedes Benz-cars can be found here.