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Nissan Bluebird For Sale In Pakistan

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The Nissan Bluebird Sylphy is a four-door compact sedan introduced by the Japanese automaker, Nissan in 2000. Before its launch, the ‘Bluebird’ nameplate was used for a midsize sedan produced and sold between 1957 and 2001. Up till now, the company has produced three generations of this compact car, which include: 2000 – 2005: G10 (first generation), 2005 – 2012: G11 (second generation) and 2012 – Present: B17 (third generation). After the first two generations, Nissan dropped the ‘Bluebird’ nameplate and rebadged the vehicle as Nissan Sylphy for third generation. It is also marketed as Nissan Pulsar and Nissan Sentra in some regions. Interested customers can only find a used Nissan Bluebird for sale in Pakistan, as it is not officially available at Ghandhara Nissan Limited - the sole distributor of Nissan vehicles in Pakistan.

10 Things To Know Before Buying Nissan Bluebird In Pakistan

Let’s discuss in detail the top ten reasons to buy Nissan Bluebird in Pakistan:

1. Take A Look At The Nissan Bluebird Specifications

As the Nissan Blue bird is not offered in Pakistan, we will talk about the performance specifications of Japanese version. The third generation Sylphy is available in three powertrains including 1.6L, 1.6L Turbo and 1.8L. The 1.6 liter engine produces 115 horsepower and 154 Nm torque, while the 1.8 liter engine gives 130 horsepower and 174 Nm torque. Besides, the 1.6 liter turbocharged engine delivers 190 horsepower and 240 Nm torque. All these engines send power to the front wheels.

2. Check Out The Nissan Bluebird Fuel Consumption

The next-generation Sylphy has significantly reduced the fuel consumption to 6.2litres/100km for 1.6 liter engine, 6.7 liter/ 100km for 1.8 liter engine and 7.8 liter/100km for turbocharged engine.

3. How is the Nissan Bluebird Road Performance

The engines are supplemented with a variety of gearboxes including five-speed automatic, six-speed automatic, six-speed manual and CVT automatic transmissions.

4. Check Out The Nissan Bluebird Design

The redesigned exterior of third generation Sylphy is elegant, modern and refined. The wide fenders make the design aerodynamically suitable, while the trapezoid-shaped front grille and LED headlamps earn it an awesome front look. The new Bluebird Sylphy is available in six vibrant exterior colors including Radiant Red, Deep Iris Grey, Sapphire Black, Brilliant White Pearl, Brilliant Silver and Steel Blue.

5. Is Nissan Bluebird Available In Your Preferred Color In Pakistan?

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The Bluebird is available in many colors such as Black, Red, Pink, White, Blue and Metallic Grey in Pakistan.

6. Nissan Bluebird Interior Comfort

The interior of the Nissan Blue bird is spacious and comfortable with highly refined finishing. A flowing dashboard, soft-touch materials and quiet cabin add to the great traveling experience. The premium versions of the Bluebird are also available in futuristic brushed metallic finish that seems much elegant than the standard wood trim.

7. Nissan Bluebird Standout Features

The key strengths of the Nissan Sylphy, formerly known as Bluebird, are its maximum convenience and ultimate comfort. A single screen assists for both navigation and entertainment, as the situation demands.

8. Nissan Bluebird Price In Pakistan

The all-new Nissan Sylphy is not available in Pakistan, not even in the pre-owned markets. However, the interested buyers can go for the first two generations of the Bluebird. The used cars are available in different prices ranging from PKR 9 Lacs to 17 Lacs. The price is majorly determined by the model year and general condition of the vehicle.

  • Nissan Bluebird 2006 Average Price: PKR 10.5 Lacs
  • Nissan Bluebird 2007 Average Price: PKR 14 Lacs
  • Nissan Bluebird 2010 Average Price: PKR 15 Lacs
  • Nissan Bluebird 2011 Average Price: PKR 16 Lacs

9. Analyze The Nissan Bluebird Resale Value

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Click here to find out used Bluebird cars in different cities of Pakistan:

10. Confirm The Availability Of Bluebird Parts And Accessories

Nissan Bluebird auto parts and aftersales services are available throughout Pakistan through authorized dealers as well as general mechanics.

Final Words About Nissan Bluebird Pakistan

The market value of the Nissan Bluebird is very limited in Pakistan, because of its competition with Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic. Both these cars have been selling like a hotcake across Pakistan for the past many years. However, the increasing import of reconditioned models is highly supportive to Nissan Bluebird sale in Pakistan. The high fuel-efficiency, superb handling and suave interior make this compact sedan a perfect choice for the young drivers, who are looking for a replacement of Corolla and Civic in a limited budget line. As Nissan is considered a reputable automobile seller around here, the Bluebird should not have any issues in making its way to the peoples’ hearts.