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Nissan KIX for Sale in Pakistan

The Nissan KIX (The Fuel Efficient Mini SUV, also termed as Japani Car in Pakistan) is a badge engineered version of the Mitsubishi Pajero Mini, a mini SUV produced by the Japanese automaker Mitsubishi. In 2008, Nissan Motor Company and Mitsubishi Motors formed an alliance to co-produce small city cars. As per this agreement, Mitsubishi started producing OEM version of the Pajero Mini, and named it Nissan KIX. Nissan sold several Mitsubishi vehicles with its nameplates under this deal. Fox example, the Mitsubishi eK is still marketed by Nissan as Nissan Dayz or Nissan Otti. The KIX was produced for a very short period, as Mitsubishi discontinued the production of Mini Pajero in 2012. That is why you can only go for used Nissan KIX for sale in Pakistan. Here are:

10 Things You Should Know Before Buying Nissan KIX in Pakistan

Nissan Kix Review

1.   What are Nissan KIX Specifications?

Although Mitsubishi Mini Pajero is manufactured with three different powertrains, the Nissan KIX has got only one. It uses a 660cc four-cylinder turbocharged engine producing 64 horsepower and 97 Nm torque. This is Mitsubishi's 4A30 regular gasoline engine with maximum power rated at 6,000 rpm. The drivetrain is based on four-wheel drive system, which makes it a suitable car for off-roading. Moreover, the Nissan KIX mini SUV employs strut type suspension for front axle and 5 link coil spring suspension on the rear.

Are You Looking for Nissan Kix 2015?

As said earlier, the KIX was dropped in 2012, so you cannot find 2015 Kix in the market. The best option in the Pakistani market is Suzuki Jimny which would pretty much give you the same usability as the Nissan Kix Pakistan. We would give the same advice to people looking for Nissan Kix 2014.

2.   What is Nissan KIX Fuel Consumption?

Having a light weight engine, the Nissan Kix fuel economy is excellent, with an average of 6.4 liters/100km. Being a fuel efficient car, the KIX is a perfect 4 wheeler to drive in the interior parts of Sindh.

3.   Here is Our Nissan KIX Review of Exterior Design

Being classified as a Kei Car, the Nissan KIX mini SUV comes in a small size with very compact dimensions. The overall design is same as that of Mitsubishi Pajero Mini, with just a few changes, which include Nissan-signature front lights, rugged looking front grille and obviously the Nissan logo on front and back. The outer look is further complemented by massive body-colored bumpers. The standard exterior features of the KIX Nissan consist of front fog lamps, ultraviolet glass protection, privacy glass, winter complectation and roof rail. It is accessible in six attractive exterior body paints including bright red, pure white, jet black and medium gray metallic.

4.   What are Nissan KIX Color Options?

The Nissan KIX Jeep is accessible in six attractive exterior body paints including bright red, pure white, jet black and medium gray metallic. All the shades are manly and are preferred by men.

5.   Check Nissan KIX Interior Review

The interior of the Nissan KIX projects a refined and sporty image with standard black monotone color scheme. The seats are covered in a sporty-looking black fabric adorned with blue points. Moreover, the driver cabin is comfortable and spacious retaining a number of handy storage areas. Having higher ground clearance, this mini SUV gives excellent visibility from front to back. The standard interior features comprise of front seat heater, seat lifter and second-row separate folding seats

6.   What are Nissan KIX Safety Features?

The safety features of Nissan KIX comprise of driver and front passenger airbags, antilock braking system with brake assist and security alarm.  

7.   Are Nissan KIX Parts Easily Accessible in Pakistan?

You should be able to find the spare parts for Nissan KIX from the known automotive markets in Pakistan which include, Japan Plaza (Karachi), Bilal Gunj and Montgomery Road (Lahore), Shoba Bazar (Peshawar) and Chah Sultan & Ahata Mithu Khan (Rawalpindi). If not available, you have to go for a little bit modification in the vehicle.

8.   Should You Buy Nissan KIX in Pakistan?

The Nissan KIX is a stylish compact SUV which is both affordable and fuel efficient. It is a must buy for those SUV lovers who cannot afford the expensive 4-wheel drive vehicles in Pakistan. Check our listings to buy used Nissan KIX in your city.

9.   What Nissan KIX Features Make it Standout in its Class?

The Nissan KIX possesses numerous convenience features that range across power windows, Rack & Pinion type power steering and keyless entry system. To ensure driver and passenger's comfort, it also features manual air conditioning and AM/FM Stereo with two speakers.

Nissan Kix Pakistan Popular Models

Nissan Kix 2010

The 2010 Nissan Kix is a popular mini SUV which is perfect for highway driving as well as for offroading. The price of 2010 KIX ranges from PKR 9.5 Lacs to PKR 11 Lacs.

Nissan Kix 2010 for sale in Pakistan

Nissan Kix 2011

The 2011 Nissan Kix is a reliable utility vehicle featuring all the basic safety features. The price of 2011 KIX is around PKR 10.5 Lacs.

Nissan Kix 2011 for sale in Pakistan

10.  What is Nissan KIX Price in Pakistan?

As the production was abandoned in 2012, the Nissan KIX is only available in the used condition. The price of this SUV in Pakistan ranges from PKR 850,000 to PKR 1,100,000. This is low as compared to the Mitsubishi Mini Pajero (we are talking about 2008 - 2012 model years).

Nissan KIX Price List:
  •         Nissan KIX 2011 Price: 11 Lacs
  •         Nissan KIX 2010 Price: 10 Lacs
  •         Nissan KIX 2009 Price: 9.9 Lacs

Nissan Kix vs Suzuki Jimny

Please note we will be comparing Suzuki Jimny Japan with the KIX here as the Suzuki Jimny Pakistan comes with a 1.3L engine. Both the KIX and the Jimny have a 660cc turbocharged engines that can be mated to either manual or automatic transmission.

The Jimny offers 14.8 KM/L fuel economy which is fairly close to what the KIX delivers. Both the mini SUVs can easily go offroad thanks to 4wd configuration.

As the KIX is not in production anymore, the Suzuki Jimny has an edge over it. If you want to buy a new Mini SUV, we recommend the Suzuki Jimny, but if you like a used offroader, the KIX is the perfect choice.

Our Final Remarks on Nissan KIX

The main competitors of Nissan KIX mini SUV are Suzuki Jimny and Daihatsu Terios, and they both have an edge over it due to their enduring production. However, the KIX is still regarded as an affordable mini SUV in Pakistan.