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Off road SUV's in Pakistan


Car makers realize that everyone has different needs and expectations from their vehicles. Some people are more adventurous and require automobiles with high power and good road grip. Sport utility vehicles are specifically designed for such people. These are versatile vehicles which allow you to travel in any terrain. Whether it is the well-constructed city road, dirt track, sloping mountainous road or dessert paths, the ample power of the engine and tyre grip is sure to make the drive easy and comfortable.

Off road SUVs come in may sizes from mini compact models to extended full-length ones. Then there are also premium priced high-end models which are statements of wealth, class and power. There are variations within the SUV ranges which cater to the different requirements of the people. In Pakistan, there is a variety of models to choose from a number of car brands.

Brands in Pakistan

2010 Hummer
  • Suzuki is a popular auto-manufacturing brand in Pakistan. From their motorcycles and passenger hatchbacks to commercial vehicles, all models enjoy warm reception by Pakistanis. Recently they have introduced the Suzuki Jimmy, their only SUV in the country. This is a small compact SUV enjoying a neat and simple design. In addition, this light-weight vehicle offers honest value, good braking and can easily be used around the city.
  • Toyota is an old player in the SUV market in Pakistan. Its model ranges like Land Cruiser, RAV4 and Prado have been on the streets for years. These vehicles are a joy to own as they are dependable, provide consistent off-road and on-road performance and combine practicality, functionality and comfort in their design.
  • Mitsubishi SUV range includes the Pajero and Outlander. These automobiles are reliable, comfortable and great to drive. Whether the trip is long or short, one enjoys the drive. Powerful Japanese engines give enough power to make towing other objects a piece of cake.
  • Kia – Backed by Korean technology, the Kia Sportage is a great compact SUV having a bold looking exterior. Equipped with satellite navigation and sunroof, it is a fun vehicle to drive. Responsive engine, precise handling and spacious interior make for instant success with the users.

In recent times, SUVs like Audi’s Q5 and Porsche Cayenne have also started making their way to the city streets. These are imported and high-end luxury SUVs which can be afforded by only the elite.