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Pickup trucks in Pakistan

Nissan Pickup

Commonly referred to as pickup vans in Pakistan, this is a range of vehicles designed to help with transporting goods and cargo from one place to another. The unique shape of the automobile allows for the sitting of two or three people in the front passenger cabin and cargo area towards the rear of the vehicle. This type of car type is known as UTE in New Zealand and Australia and pickup truck in rest of the world.

Different uses in Pakistan

Commercial uses of this type of vehicle include the ownership by transport companies to provide transfer commodities from one place to another. Sometimes small quantities of farm produced vegetables are also brought to big cities from their surrounding villages. In addition, some firms prefer their own pickups for internal transport of goods within their respective supply chains.

Models in Pakistan

Suzuki Ravi Pickup
  • Toyota Hilux – is a common sight on Pakistan’s roads. This automobile has been around for around 48 years and has earned a reputation for being dependable. If you buy a Toyota Hilux, you have bought an unbreakable workhorse which will serve your business for years to come.
  • Sogo Pickup – is a popular Chinese made vehicle in Pakistan. It is ideal for use by small businesses having restricted budgets. It is durable, reliable and comes with an affordable price tag. With loading capacity of 1000kg and basic safety features, it is the first choice vehicle for all business purposes.
  • Hyundai Shehroze Pickup – is another successful vehicle in Pakistan’s market. It comes in two options, one having an open tray for cargo carrying and the other having a covered box. With modified looks, new features and competitive prices, Shehroze provides stiff competition to its rivals.
  • Suzuki Ravi – is famously known as Suzuki Pickup in the country. It is small in size, extremely reliable and fuel efficient. The vehicle is equipped with new EFI efficient engine and an uploading capacity of 600kg. The automobile is in great demand and can be seen on roads through-out the country.