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Porsche in Pakistan

Everyone wonders what it feels like to drive the perfect car. A Porsche is a stylish vehicle designed to give performance, luxury and durability. It is a reputed luxury car-brand associated with comfort, graceful exterior designing and elegant interiors through the generations. You buy a Porsche and you feel good about your investment in an automobile.

Origins and arrival in Pakistan

The brands dates back to 1931, when it was founded by an automotive engineer, Ferdinand Porsche in Stuttgart, Germany. Mostly accredited with the production of high-powered sports cars, the company has a super sport sedan, the Panamera and the SUV Cayenne. Its best selling range to date is Porsche 911.

Porsche 911

Porsche entered Pakistan in 2005 under agreement with a local company named Autotechnik Pvt. Ltd. The company has two facilities; one in Karachi and one in Lahore. They are exclusive importers of Porsche in the country. At present, they operate two fully functional sales and service facilities bringing the quality, class and entire range of Porsche services to the Pakistani user.

The Porsche Family

  • Boxster - An elegantly designed open-top, two-seater sports car. With top speeds up to 258 km/h, this roadster is bought by people with a passion for fast cars as the traffic-clogged urban roads of Lahore do not allow the Boxster to show its full potential.
  • Cayman - An automobile which provides a unique sports car driving experience. Inspired by the Boxster, this coupe has better handling for less money than other Porsche models.
Porsche cars
  • 911 - The flag bearers of the family. Giving great value for money, the models in this series provide top-notch performance and handling. Customers have a variety of models to choose from according to their needs and budget. 911 combines the everyday car with the high speed exotic sports car.
  • Cayenne - A mid-size sports utility vehicle which provides luxury, comfort, utility and is fun to drive all packaged together as one. Users are impressed with its sporty handling, acceleration and multi-purpose usage like commuting, off-roading and transporting family. It is excellent for long-distance travel.
  • Panamera - Although currently not available in Pakistan, this range is Porsche‚Äôs way of entering the super sport sedan niche. Embodying all Porsche values, this vehicle is an all wheel drive for the family. A four door hatchback with ample space in the back for family gear, this automobile is a joy to own.

Whether you decide to buy a Boxster, a Cayman, a 911, a Panamera or Cayenne, you have certainly signed up for an incomparable driving experience.