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Saloon cars in Pakistan

volkswagen saloon

Everyone desires an automobile that provides convenience, functionality and comfort. A saloon (or sedan in American English) is a passenger car premeditated to have separate compartments for engine, passenger and luggage. This is one of the most popular type of car in the country. There are numerous different models produced by different car makers seen on the roads of Pakistan. The vehicles are either locally assembled or directly imported from various parts of the world.

Saloon automotives in Pakistan

All car companies know the importance of having sedan models in the country. The popularity these vehicles enjoy are unmatched by any other type of car. Major players like Suzuki, Honda, Toyota and Mercedez sustain their hold on the local market by introducing high quality, richly furnished and elegantly designed sedans loaded with a number of features. Toyota Corolla one of the best selling cars in this category followed by Honda City and Honda Civic.

Why buy a saloon?

Saloon car

A typical saloon has two rows of seats in the passenger cabin and can seat 4 or more adults easily depending on the seat size. Most sedans are four-door, two-door models are extremely rare and hardly seen in Pakistan. Traditional notchbacks and fastback saloons never made their presence truly felt in the country. There are many reasons to buy a saloon; they are easy to get into and out off, an important trait once you start using a vehicle on a daily basis.

In addition, there is a lot of variety to choose from. Car makers make vehicles in different sizes ranging from compact to mid-size and large (or full size). Then, there are economy models and luxury models available, this means that buyers can define their budget and be sure to find a car within their range. These vehicles are also cost effective when it comes to maintenance. Saloons are great vehicles to own and drive around the city given the country’s climate and road conditions.