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Subaru for sale in Pakistan

Subaru in Pakistan

Subaru cars are manufactured by the Fuji Heavy Industries, Japan. It is in fact the automobile division of the Fuji Heavy Industries that manufactures Subaru brand vehicles. The parent company of Fuji Heavy Industries was founded in 1915 but at that time it had not extended its industrial expertise to passenger motors fabrication business. It started manufacturing cars only in 1953 and then it was in 1954 that Subaru vehicles started being commercialized. Subaru is today a major player in the automobile industry with a net income of 2.1 Billion USD for the year 2014.

Performance and Technology of Subaru

Subaru is one of the few automakers whose parent company excels in heavy machinery fabrication. As a result Subaru has gained a reputation for delivering powerful, all terrain vehicles who can withstand the test of time and the hardships that come with a rugged territory. Indeed the Subaru automatic transmission is so exquisitely made that other automobile manufacturers such as Nissan use it in their Pathfinder model. The expertise of Fuji Heavy Industries in domains other than automobile manufacturing also means that Subaru incorporates technologies to its model that have crossed over from aerospace or aeronautical manufacturing practices. Indeed Subaru is one of the most technologically advanced automobile manufacturers in the world presently.

Popular Models

Subaru in Pakistan

Subaru has produced a lot of models which became instant customer favorites both in Japan and in the overseas export market. The choice of exporting a model to a particular country depends on many factors. For example, the models popular in big countries such as the United States, Canadá and Australia are invariably the ones which would allow the inhabitants of these countries to explore the wild countryside and rough terrain. The most popular models include the Forester, the Sambar, the Pleo, the R2 and the Stella.

  • Stella: Subaru started manufacturing Stella in 2006 and discontinued the production in 2011. The Stella is a five door subcompact with a 660 cc engine which operates on petrol. Due to its fuel economy and compact design it is immensely popular as an urban vehicle.
  • Pleo: Subaru Pleo is a Keijidosha car which conforms to the fuel economy, environmental and carbon emission standards defined by the Japanese government. Its manufacturing started in 1998 and lasted till 2010 when it was discontinued.
  • R2: Subaru released the R2 in 2003 and took it off the assembly line in 2010. The R2 is subcompact hatchback which comes in both five door and three door models. The five door model however are more popular. The R2 is well known for its great mileage and elegant design.

Availability of Subaru in Pakistan

Subaru in Pakistan

Subaru has produced a wide range of vehicles over the years, ranging from fuel guzzling four wheel drives to subcompact fuel efficient cars. Naturally, in Pakistán, the models that have gained popularity are the ones which do not consume a lot of petrol, which are compact and which are not heavy on the pocket. Therefore the models most abundantly and readily available in Pakistan are the Stella, the Pleo and the R2. The spare parts, technical know how needed for repairs and the after sale services are easily and readily available in all the major urban centers of Pakistan as well.

Interesting Facts about Subaru cars

The name Subaru has a very interesting history associated to it. The open star cluster, Pleiades is known as Subaru in Japanese. This cluster contains seven stars. According to Japanese mythology, one of these stars is invisible. Therefore the Subaru logo, which refers to this seven star cluster, contains only six stars, with the seventh star assumed to be there but invisible. You can find very reasonably priced Subaru cars here.