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Subaru Sambar For Sale In Pakistan

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The Sambar is a Keijidosha vehicle manufactured by the Subaru Motor Co. Keijidosha vehicles belong to a special category existing only in Japan. These vehicles strictly follow the environmental and carbon emission norms defined by the Japanese government and are very fuel efficient and compact. Technically speaking, the Subaru Sambar is a subcompact truck. The Sambar is the smallest truck existing on the Japanese market. Very interestingly, Subaru has always manufactured the Sambar in collaboration with another automaker or heavy machinery manufacturer. The Sambar was first manufactured in collaboration with Fuji Heavy Industries when the production started in 1961 however since 2012 Subaru collaborate with Daihatsu to fabricate these vehicles. A comprehensive collection of Subaru Sambar for sale in Pakistan can be found at Carmudi.

10 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Subaru Sambar

Let’s discuss in detail the top ten reasons to buy Subaru Sambar in Pakistan:

1. Take A Look At The Subaru Sambar Specifications

Subaru Motors Co. is manufacturing the Sambar since 1961. The Sambar has cemented its place in the market by its consistent presence and outstanding performance for more than fifty years. The models present in Pakistan are relatively new and are most of the time only a few years old. The main characteristics of Subaru Sambar are as follows:

  • It is a Keijidosha truck and has a rear wheel drive with a rear engine configuration which is a hallmark of Subaru Sambar trucks.
  • It is only available in petrol versions because diesel engines are too heavy and too polluting to be compatible with the Keijidosha standards defined by the Japanese government.
  • It is available in both automatic and manual transmissions. The automatic transmission has three speeds while the manual transmission can be available in 4 or 5 speeds.
  • Although it is found in different engine sizes, the most commonly found engine volume is 660 cc in a four stroke configuration.

2. Check Out The Subaru Sambar Fuel Consumption

The Sambar is a Kei truck and has a very low fuel consumption as compared to other trucks. It can do 6 km/litre in the city and 9 km/litre on the highway.

3. How is the Subaru Sambar Road Performance

The Sambar performs extremely well on the road. Subaru has been manufacturing it since 1961 and it is due to its excellent performance that it is still in production some 60 years later.

4. Check Out The Subaru Sambar Design

Since the Sambar is a very small pickup or truck, its design has some particularities which are not found in other cargo vehicles generally. The design is what could be called a “one-box” design because it resembles a big cuboid. The passenger side doors are in fact sliders because Subaru wanted to provide easy access to passengers. Meanwhile at the same time the rear hatch opens vertically in order to provide easy unloading and loading of cargo. The driver and the front passengers sit directly over the engine and the front axle. The Sambar does not have a bonnet or a trunk.

5. Is Subaru Sambar Available In Your Preferred Color In Pakistan?

The Sambar is available in many colors such as Black, White and Blue in Pakistan.

6. Subaru Sambar Interior Comfort

The Sambar is very comfortable however it must be noted that it is a truck which is primarily used to haul cargo over shortish distances.

7. Subaru Sambar Standout Features

The standout feature of the Sambar is certainly the sliding doors for the passengers because not only they provide easy access to the passengers, if the seats are removed, they provide very easy access to cargo as well.

8. Subaru Sambar Price In Pakistan

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The Subaru Sambar is available in all the major urban centers of Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi and Faisalabad. The availability of spare parts, labor and after sales services is never a problem. The price of Subaru Sambar vehicles found on Pakistani auto market ranges from PKR 6.5 Lacs to PKR 10 Lacs depending on the model, mileage and the condition.

Subaru Sambar 2007 Average Price: PKR 6 Lacs

Subaru Sambar 2008 Average Price: PKR 6.5 Lacs

Subaru Sambar 2010 Average Price: PKR 8 Lacs

Subaru Sambar 2011 Average Price: PKR 12 Lacs

9. Analyze The Subaru Sambar Resale Value

Click here to find out used Sambar cars in different cities of Pakistan:

10. Confirm The Availability Of Sambar Parts And Accessories

Subaru Sambar auto parts and aftersales services are available throughout Pakistan through authorized dealers as well as general mechanics.

Final Words About Subaru Sambar Pakistan

The Subaru Sambar is the only existing Keijidosha truck. Like other Keijidosha vehicles, this truck distinguishes itself from other trucks by its low fuel consumptions and very roomy design. It can very easily be used as a small transport vehicle, a light cargo carrier or even a domestic vehicle for a family. For people living in cities and having big families and strong ties to the rural Pakistan, this might turn out to be an ideal vehicle. We highly recommend the Subaru Sambar to our readers.