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Subaru Stella For Sale In Pakistan

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The Stella is a Keijidosha car manufactured by the Subaru Motor Co. Keijidosha vehicles belong to a special category existing only in Japan. These vehicles strictly follow the environmental and carbon emission norms defined by the Japanese government and are very fuel efficient and compact. Technically speaking, the Subaru Stella is a subcompact car. The Stella replaces the R1 and R2 models produced by Subaru which were very popular in Japan but failed to gain approval in Europe, USA and Australia. A comprehensive collection of Subaru Stella for sale in Pakistan can be found at Carmudi.

10 Things To Know Before Buying Subaru Stella In Pakistan

Let’s discuss in detail the top ten reasons to buy Subaru Stella in Pakistan:

1. Take A Look At The Subaru Stella Specifications

Subaru Motors Co. just started manufacturing the Stella in 2006 but it does not mean that it is a totally new vehicle. It builds heavily on its predecessors especially the R1 and R2. The Stella models found in Pakistan have the following properties:

  • It is a 5 door, 5 seat compact keijidosha car with a rear hatch.
  • It is available in the front wheel front engine layout however a four wheel drive model is also available.
  • It has a 658 cc engine which is only available in petrol configuration since the diesel engines are too heavy and too inefficient to be compatible with Keijidosha norms.
  • It has 4 cylinders.
  • It comes with a manual 4 or 5 speed transmission and is also available in automatic transmission versions.

2. Check Out The Subaru Stella Fuel Consumption

The Stella is a Kei car and has a very low fuel consumption. It can do 8 km/litre in the city and 11 km/litre on the highway.

3. How is the Subaru Stella Road Performance

In order to improve upon the R1 and R2 and especially in order to gain public approval in export markets Subaru launched the Stella in the Tokyo motor show in 2006. Stella means a “star” in the Italian language which is a reference to the Subaru logo made of stars.

4. Check Out The Subaru Stella Design

The design of Subaru Stella, like all the Kei vehicles emphasizes compactness. The Stella is different from other Kei vehicles because it has a slightly higher roof than other subcompact cars. This gives the effect of spaciousness and increases the cargo storage space behind the rear bench just underneath the hatch. It has excellent fuel efficiency which is a hallmark of all the Kei vehicles.

5. Is Subaru Stella Available In Your Preferred Color In Pakistan?

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The Stella is available in many colors such as Black, Red, Dark Grey, White, Blue and Metallic Grey in Pakistan.

6. Subaru Stella Interior Comfort

The Stella is very comfortable and spacey and it does not have the look and feel of a compact which makes it very popular among large families because you can pack it up with kids as well as stuff very easily.

7. Subaru Stella Standout Features

The standout feature of Stella is certainly its spaciousness because all Kei vehicles are fuel efficient but due to their compactness there is not much margin for allowing for storage space. The Stella achieves this by having a higher roof which allows the Kei vehicle to be very roomy and comfy.

8. Subaru Stella Price In Pakistan

The Subaru Stella is available in all the Pakistani big cities like Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Sialkot and Faisalabad. Despite the Stella being an imported vehicle, the availability of spare parts, labor and after sales services is never a problem. The price of Subaru Stella vehicles found on Pakistani auto market ranges from PKR 6.5 Lacs to PKR 9 Lacs depending on the model, mileage and the condition. Below you can find average prices of Subaru Stella cars according to current Carmudi listings:

Subaru Stella 2012 Average Price: PKR 11 Lacs

Subaru Stella 2011 Average Price: PKR 10 Lacs

Subaru Stella 2010 Average Price: PKR 8.5 Lacs

Subaru Stella 2008 Average Price: PKR 8 Lacs

Subaru Stella 2007 Average Price: PKR 7.5 Lacs

9. Analyze The Subaru Stella Resale Value

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Click here to find out used Stella cars in different cities of Pakistan:

10. Confirm The Availability Of Stella Parts And Accessories

Subaru Stella auto parts and aftersales services are available throughout Pakistan through authorized dealers as well as general mechanics.

Final Words About Subaru Stella Pakistan

The Subaru Stella is the only existing Keijidosha car to have a height of more than 1.6 m. This factor allowed the designers to have a car with high storage space and a Kei fuel efficiency. Due to these reasons the Stella is an excellent choice for small urban families in order to go to work or school or in order to go for an outing at the weekend in an urban setting such as to a park, lake or shopping spree. It is also an excellent choice for young professionals looking to buy their first new car without breaking their budget limits. We highly recommend the Subaru Stella to our readers.