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Suzuki Cars for Sale in Pakistan

Suzuki Motor Corporation is a Japanese Automaker, founded in 1937, headquartered in Minami-ku, Hamamatsu, Japan. It specializes in manufacturing motorcycles, four-wheel drive vehicles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), wheelchairs, outboard marine engines and a variety of other small internal combustion engines. It is among top 10 automakers in the world in terms of production, manufacturing 2.4 million vehicles annually. It is also Japan’s second largest manufacturer of small cars and trucks. It owns a global network with 35 main production facilities in 23 countries and 133 distributors in 192 countries.

Suzuki for sale in Pakistan

Suzuki in Pakistan

Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited (PSMCL) is a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation in Pakistan. It was founded in 1983 as a joint venture between Suzuki Motor Corp. and the Pakistani Government. PSMCL is responsible for the manufacturing and distribution of Suzuki vehicles in Pakistan. It is the largest car assembler in the country based on number of cars assembled every year. Suzuki is one of the most popular brands in the Pakistani markets and consumers are always looking for Suzuki cars for sale in Pakistan.

Suzuki Performance & Technology

Suzuki, being one of the world’s most successful car brands, enjoys a reputation as a market leader in motorcycle, compact car, 4WD and marine technology. It promises outstanding quality and the best value for money to its worldwide customers.

There has been a global shift towards small fuel efficient cars in the recent years, owing to the hike in oil prices. Suzuki masters the art of making compact fuel efficient cars and has therefore been doing thriving business of late. It offers smart, fuel efficient and environment friendly vehicles in a nominal price to its customers

5 Reasons to Buy a Suzuki Car

  1. Suzuki cars are best known for their durability. Owning a Suzuki means you will not have to worry about changing your car after every few years because of their long engine life.
  2. The Suzuki vehicles are very easy to maintain. Finding their accessories and other body parts is not difficult in Pakistan. Moreover, they are comparatively cheaper than other cars in Pakistan.
  3. Suzuki manufactured cars provide a very smooth and sleek drive on smooth as well as rough terrains.
  4. Suzuki cars are the cheapest here, which is also a major reason of its popularity.
  5. Suzuki cars are not only best sellers here but also maintain the best resale value. The Suzuki Mehran and Suzuki Cultus sell like hot cakes.

Top 10 Best Selling Suzuki Models in Pakistan

Below are the most popular Suzuki Pakistan models in the country:

Suzuki Mehran

The Mehran is a compact 5-door hatchback best suited for small families looking for an affordable vehicle for everyday use. It provides impressive mileage while keeping the environment clean, with its new eco technology. It is among the most popular cars in Pakistan and can be seen in abundance here. The new Suzuki Mehran is priced at PKR 625,000, while the VXR Euro II version comes with a price tag of PKR 678,000. For more info, here is our Suzuki Mehran review.

Suzuki Mehran Price in Pakistan 2015

The new Suzuki Mehran is priced at PKR 625,000, while the VXR Euro II version comes with a price tag of PKR 678,000. The company fitted Mehran CNG VX can be bought for PKR 695,000, while Mehran VXR CNG starts from PKR 748,000. The extended warranty costs PKR 4,100/-

Suzuki Swift

The Suzuki Swift is a sub-compact hatchback with a sporty and dynamic sense of style. It offers performance and safety without compromising aesthetics. The comfortable interior of the car is packed with latest technology and multiple safety features.

Suzuki Swift 2015 Price in Pakistan

The 2014 Suzuki Swift DX can be bought for PKR 1,221,000, while the Suzuki Swift DLX is priced at PKR 1,282,000. The high-performance Suzuki Swift Automatic is the most expensive of all priced at PKR 1,418,000. For more details on the car, check our Suzuki Swift review.

Suzuki Alto

The Suzuki Alto is a minicar launched by Suzuki Motors Corporation in 1979. Pak Suzuki stopped producing Alto in 2012, however, Japanese Alto is still under production. The Suzuki Alto 2015 retains a 660cc inline 3 cylinder or a turbocharged engine which can be paired with either a 5-speed manual transmission, or a CVT automatic transmission to give a phenomenal fuel economy of 37.0 Km/L. For more details, here is our Suzuki Alto review.

Suzuki Alto 2015 Price in Pakistan

The price of the new Suzuki Alto 2015 is around PKR 1,400,000.

Suzuki Cultus

The Cultus is a mini car introduced by Suzuki back in 1983. It has a comfortable, compact and well-built interior packed with latest technology features. It is famous among Pakistani families looking for a spacious, reliable and  beautiful looking mini car. The new Suzuki Cultus is available for PKR 1,034,000/. For extensive details, here is a detailed Suzuki Cultus review.

Cultus 2015 Price in Pakistan

The new Suzuki Cultus is available for PKR 1,034,000/, while the new Cultus CNG is PKR 1,190,000.

Suzuki Liana

Suzuki Liana

The Suzuki Liana is a compact sedan built by Suzuki Motors, and is famous among Pakistani consumers owing to its stylish exterior and classy interior. It is equipped with state of the art technologies and offers a smooth driving experience. Though it didn’t receive the same success as other Suzuki models, still it is a common sight here. For details, check out our Suzuki Liana review.

Suzuki Liana Price in Pakistan

Used Suzuki Liana can be bought for anything between PKR 600,000 and PKR 800,000 depending on the model year and condition.

Suzuki Wagon R

The Wagon R is a compact car that replaced Suzuki Alto in the Pakistani market. However, the one you mostly see on the roads here is Japanese Wagon R hosting a 658cc engine under the hood. It's a highly fuel efficient car offering smooth drive in both urban and suburban areas. For more details, check this Suzuki Wagon R review.

Suzuki Wagon R Price in Pakistan 2015

Suzuki Wagon R VX: PKR 849,000

Suzuki Wagon R VXR: PKR 959,000

Suzuki Wagon R VXL: PKR 999,000

Suzuki Wagon R Japanese Price in Pakistan

The Suzuki Wagon R 2015 Japanese starting price is around PKR 9.5 Lacs in Japan. As you import it in Pakistan, it will include import charges and custom tax.

Suzuki APV

The APV is an All Purpose Vehicle made by the Japanese automaker Suzuki. Introduced back in 2004, it's still being manufactured with 1.3L and 1.5L engine options for international markets. In Pakistan, it's available in 3 colors with a number of safety and security features to make your journey safe and comfortable. The average price of Suzuki APV 2015 is PKR 24 Lacs. More details can be found by reading our Suzuki APV review.

Suzuki APV price in Pakistan

The average price of Suzuki APV 2015 is PKR 24 Lacs.

Suzuki Bolan

The Bolan was introduced in the Pakistani market in 1979 and is still going strong in terms of sales. It's accessible in 5 door van and 2 door pick up configurations featuring 796cc petrol engine. The van is used mostly by families and rental companies for pick up and drop. The new Suzuki Bolan 2015 can be bought for PKR 730,000. To know more, check our Suzuki Bolan review.

Suzuki Bolan 2015 price in Pakistan

The new Suzuki Bolan 2015 can be bought for PKR 695,000.

Suzuki Baleno

The Baleno is a compact sedan which was introduced in multiple engine options. It's not a very fuel efficient car but does offer you a lot of interior space and a big trunk to carry luggage. Having said that, CNG fitted Baleno cars are also available in the market. The Suzuki Baleno 2007 can be bought for around PKR 700,000. For more details, read our Suzuki Baleno review.

Suzuki Baleno Price in Pakistan

The Suzuki Baleno price can be anything between PKR 200,000 and PKR 800,000 depending on the model year and the condition.

Suzuki Every

The Every is a minivan manufactured by Suzuki Japan. Featuring a 660cc fuel efficient engine, the van is available in both manual and automatic transmission systems. In Pakistan, it's mostly used by families thanks for its spacious interior and the seating capacity. The average price of Suzuki Every 2014 is approximately 940,000. To know more, check our Suzuki Every review.

Suzuki Every Price in Pakistan

The average price of Suzuki Every 2015 is approximately PKR 900,000 in Japan. Add the custom duty plus the import charges and it may cost you above PKR 13 Lacs.

Other famous vehicles from Suzuki Pakistan include the Jimny, MR Wagon and Margalla.

Other famous vehicles from Suzuki Pakistan include the Jimny, MR Wagon and Margalla.

Availability of Suzuki in Pakistan

Suzuki Liana price

Suzuki owns a comprehensive Dealer Network in all major cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Faisalabad and Gujranwala. Customers can contact them or visit private dealers across the country to find Suzuki cars for sale in Pakistan. You can check out all available Suzuki for sale in your city on Carmudi Website.