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Suzuki Baleno for Sale in Pakistan

The Baleno is a compact sedan manufactured by Suzuki Motor Co. It superseded Suzuki Swift sedan ,which was discontinued upon its introduction to the market. The Swift sedan is more familiar to you with names like Suzuki Khyber and Suzuki Margalla. The Khyber was a hatchback version which was later replaced by Suzuki Cultus, while the Suzuki Margalla progressively transformed to Suzuki Baleno. The production of Baleno was stopped a long ago as Suzuki Liana took its place. A comprehensive collection of Suzuki Baleno for sale can be found at Carmudi. However, before you make up your mind, check out the:

10 Things To Know Before Buying Suzuki Baleno In Pakistan

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1. What Are Suzuki Baleno Specs?

The Suzuki Baleno followed the traditions set by Suzuki Cultus, Suzuki Swift and Suzuki Margalla models and improved the experience offered by its predecessors. The Suzuki Baleno was available in 1.3L, 1.5L, 1.6L, 1.8L and 1.9L models internationally, while mostly 1300cc Baleno is available in Pakistan. Although the Suzuki Baleno automatic versions are available on the international markets, the variants found on the Pakistani markets are exclusively manual transmission 5+1 speed models with front engine and front wheel drive pattern.

2. What is Suzuki Baleno Fuel Consumption?

The Suzuki Baleno petrol average is about of 7.5 to 8.0 L/100 km. The 2003 onward models come equipped with Electronic Fuel Ignition (EFI) technology, maximizing the fuel economy.

3. Check out Suzuki Baleno Review of Design

The Suzuki Baleno Pakistan is in fact one of the most beautifully designed sedans ever came out of Suzuki Motors' assembly line. Retaining five seats and four doors, it comes with an elegant interior fitted with all the amenities a vehicle of this class should have. It deviates from usual Suzuki design guidelines and offers sharp slick features and cuts, opposed to other Suzuki compact vehicles. It is so distinguishable from usual Suzuki structures that it is often compared to Honda and Toyota sedans rather than other Suzuki vehicles.

4. What are Suzuki Baleno Color Choices?

The Baleno was introduced here in a few color choices including Black, Blue, Red, Silver, White and Golden. The Suzuki Baleno Black is most popular among youngsters in Pakistan, while White and Golden shades are preferred by most others.

5. What Do you Find in Suzuki Baleno Interior?

The Suzuki Baleno features a simple interior with no advanced gadgetry. It comes with company fitted AC with ample space to accommodate 5 passengers including driver. There are no airbags or any other advanced safety and security features which you find in most Japanese cars. One department where Suzuki lacks the most is the safety and security of passengers.

6. Availability of Suzuki Baleno Spare Parts in Pakistan

The Baleno air filter, Baleno headlights and Baleno Radiator are all easily accessible in the Pakistani after sales market at cheap rates. Moreover, you can also find a number of people selling Suzuki Baleno car parts online.

7. How Suzuki Baleno Performs on The Road?

Like every Suzuki car, the Baleno also delivers an exceptional performance both in city and on highways while maintaining the fuel efficiency. The 5 speed manual transmission system ensures smooth gear shifting plus the suspension system enables a swift drive on rough terrains. It is especially preferred in big cities like Karachi and Lahore as it is capable to cover long distances in the shortest time possible.

8. What is the Resale Value of Suzuki Baleno?

The fact that Baleno was locally assembled in Pakistan by Pak Suzuki Motors has given it an enormous boost in the resale value. Even the old, Suzuki Baleno 1999 models sell very good.

Check our listings to find Baleno in different cities of Pakistan:

9. What Suzuki Baleno Features Make it Standout from its Competitors?

The Suzuki Baleno 2003 onward models came equipped with company-fitted CNG kits, plus the EFI technology makes it a perfect car if you are a working class Pakistani and require a lot of travelling. Comparing it to the Honda City and Toyota Corolla, it's cheaper, spacious with separate luggage compartment and is easier to maintain. It's perfect for you if you desire a sedan and are on budget.

10. What is Suzuki Baleno Price in Pakistan

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The Suzuki Baleno vehicles found here range from PKR 200,000 to PKR 8,000,00 depending on their year of fabrication, Baleno mileage and condition. Below you can find average prices of Baleno cars according to current Carmudi listings:

  • Suzuki Baleno 2007 Average Price: PKR 7.2 Lacs
  • Suzuki Baleno 2006 Average Price: PKR 5 Lacs
  • Suzuki Baleno 2005 Average Price: PKR 6.2 Lacs
  • Suzuki Baleno 2004 Average Price: PKR 5.9 Lacs

Suzuki Baleno 2003 Average Price: PKR 5.9 Lacs

Final Words about Suzuki Baleno

The Suzuki Baleno is the ultimate compact car , which is not only bigger than other Suzuki models, but also has a more powerful engine. Its fuel efficiency and spaciousness make it stand apart from its competitors like Nissan Sunny. The Baleno is as good for your daily work to home and home to work commutes, as it is good for a weekend excursion in the hills or in the countryside. We highly recommend the Suzuki Baleno to you.