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Suzuki Bolan for Sale in Pakistan

The Bolan is a Keijidosha mini truck by Suzuki Motor Co. for the Pakistani automobile market. A Keijidosha vehicle conforms to the environmental and carbon emission norms defined by the Japanese government and is usually a very low emission and fuel efficient vehicle. The Suzuki Bolan is, in fact, Pakistani version of the Suzuki Carry van. The assembly in Pakistan began in 1979 and continues till the present day. A comprehensive collection of Suzuki Bolan for sale in Pakistan can be found at Carmudi.



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Suzuki Bolan overall score by Carmudi's car expert:
3.9 stars

Top Things To Know Before Buying Suzuki Bolan in Pakistan

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What are Suzuki Bolan Specifications?

Suzuki Bolan 2015

The first generation Bolan Suzuki rolled out of the Suzuki Motor Co. assembly lines in 1961 and it is still being manufactured to this day. This is only a testament to the excellent performance of Suzuki Bolan. Available as a five-door van, the Suzuki Bolan 2015 carries a three cylinder 796cc petrol engine paired with a manual transmission that generates 37 horsepower and 62 nm of torque. There are two strokes models available on the market which have either a 539 cc or 543 cc engine but Suzuki Bolan van is no longer being manufactured in that configuration. The Bolan is only available in manual configuration, Suzuki Pakistan does not manufacture Bolan automatic.

Suzuki Bolan 2014

The Bolan 2014 not only has the same powertrain as the 2015 model, the design elements are also not different.

Suzuki Bolan Modified

Suzuki Pakistan couldn’t change the exterior styling greatly throughout its production cycle, so fans let their creativity wild to modify their vehicles to make it more appealing, convenient and entertaining.

Suzuki Bolan Dimensions

Suzuki Bolan Length (mm)


Suzuki Bolan Width (mm)


Suzuki Bolan Height (mm)


Suzuki Bolan Weight (kg)


Suzuki Bolan Ground Clearance (mm)


Suzuki Bolan Wheelbase (mm)


What is Suzuki Bolan Fuel Consumption?

The Suzuki Bolan 2014 owners have reported a fuel average of around 10 km/L to 13 km/L, which is impressive. It explains the fact why a lot of people use this vehicle as a pick and drop van in different cities.

Suzuki Bolan Design

The Suzuki Bolan is a cabover minivan. A cabover is a design in which the driver’s cabin is placed directly above the front axle and above the engine. The Bolan is manufactured in Pakistan as well which proves its ever-present demand in the Pakistani market.

Suzuki Bolan Exterior

The exterior is comprised of a black colored front bumper and a grille with the Suzuki Logo. The front driver and passenger doors open normally while the rear compartment doors slide open. This allows the passengers to easily enter and exit the vehicle. We highly recommend the Suzuki Bolan to people with large family due to the incredible interior space.

Suzuki Bolan Interior

The Suzuki Bolan boasts a very spacious cabin space and can easily accommodate around 6 passengers. The front panel is very sober and does not render any high-end technological equipment which may be difficult to understand. This is also another reason why people prefer Bolan in the interior parts of the country. The cockpit encompasses a 4 spoke steering wheel and a simple instrument panel showing speed, temperature and the fuel information. The seats are comfortable too and ensure a relaxing journey on rough roads of Karachi as well as the hilly areas in northern Pakistan. Please do not compare its seating comfort with the Cultus car or the Wagon R, the Bolan van does not extend that coziness.

What Are Suzuki Bolan Colour Options?

The Suzuki Bolan VXR is available in 3 beautiful colors including

  • Pearl Red,
  • Solid White and
  • Silky Silver.

Mostly people go for the White or Silver Bolan, but Red is an attractive choice too making it eye-catching. The Suzuki Bolan black and Suzuki Bolan green cab come through a government scheme, so you have to apply through proper channel to get one.

Suzuki Bolan Green Cab

The Suzuki Bolan black and Bolan green come through Punjab car scheme, so you have to apply through proper channel to get one. In the green cab scheme Punjab, the government offered Ravi and Bolan under “Apna Rozgar Scheme” for which they allocated Rs 25 billion in its 2014-2015 budget.

Buy Suzuki Bolan Green

What Are Suzuki Bolan Safety Features?

The Suzuki Carry has been a feature of Pakistani landscape for more than thirty years now. The Bolan, being a continuation of the Suzuki Carry has benefited from this omnipresence. Both the closed cabin (Bolan) and open rear (Ravi) versions are being utilized extensively as passenger vehicles and as cargo carriers. It comes with air bags and power brakes.

Suzuki Bolan Safety Rating

It has a three-star NHTSA safety rating for frontal collision. The rating drops to two stars and a half for lateral collisions.

What Are The Best Features Of Suzuki Bolan?

Suzuki Bolan ambulance is widely seen in Karachi owned by private healthcare centers such as Eidhi and Chippa. This is a great testament to the confidence that the general public has in the capacities of Suzuki Bolan. In rural areas as well, the Suzuki Bolan euro 2 is used as an all-purpose vehicle, either for transporting goods or as a passenger vehicle.

The most brilliant trait of Suzuki Bolan carry dabba (people simply call it carry dabba in Pakistan) is its versatility. It can be used as a domestic as well as a commercial vehicle. Many small business owners use it as a family car as well as a vehicle to transport goods to and from the business.

Where Can I Find Suzuki Bolan Accessories in Pakistan?

The network of Suzuki authorized dealers is spread across every major city in Pakistan and they have the Suzuki Bolan body parts available with them. Additionally, you can also check the local automotive markets in the metropolitan cities where the spare parts are easily available. But to ensure you buy original parts, we suggest you buy Suzuki Bolan parts from official Suzuki dealers.

Where Can You Buy Suzuki Bolan In Pakistan?

Pak Suzuki offers free service and maintenance plus a 2 years warranty with a brand new Bolan. The spare parts are also easily available in the market which boosts the Bolan resale value. Its impressive interior space and the smooth drive make it preferable among the masses in Pakistan. Hence, if you wish to sell your Suzuki Bolan second hand, you will not make a loss. Check our listings to buy Suzuki Bolan used in your city.

Suzuki Bolan 2016 Review

The Suzuki Bolan 2016 belongs to the 11th generation of the Suzuki Carry pickup vehicles. It was introduced in Japan in February 2015. Suzuki Motor Co. has sold the design to Ford and Daewoo motor companies and both these companies are now producing rebadged version of the Suzuki Carry which is known as Suzuki Bolan in Pakistan. In order to maximize the passenger and the driver safety, the Bolan has a prolonged canopy as compared to a smaller canopy in previous versions. This is done to give the driver and passengers more protection in case of a frontal collision.

Suzuki Bolan Popular Models in Pakistan

Suzuki Bolan 2015

Suzuki Bolan price in Pakistan 2015

The Suzuki Bolan is manufactured in Karachi at Suzuki Motors Co. assembling facility. It has been an integral part of Pakistani automobile landscape for more than three decades now. For these reasons it enjoys an excellent reputation and after sales services. Parts and labor are easily available throughout the country. The Suzuki Bolan price 2015 is PKR 695,000/- with an extended warranty starting from PKR 4,100/-. The older models start from around PKR 200,000 and upwards depending on the condition and mileage.

Suzuki Bolan 2015 for sale in Pakistan

Suzuki Bolan 2014

Suzuki Bolan price in Pakistan 2014

The Suzuki Bolan 2014 in good condition can be acquired for around 6.5 Lacs. It is not at all different from the Suzuki Bolan 2015, it’s only a year older off the line.

Buy Bolan Carry Dabba 2014

Suzuki Bolan 2013

While the Suzuki Bolan 2015 and 2014 belong to the latest generation of the Suzuki Carry models, the Suzuki Bolan 2013 belongs to the previous generation. It is as good as the latest models except for some design modifications.

Suzuki Bolan 2013 for sale in Pakistan

Suzuki Bolan compared to other city cars in Pakistan

  • Suzuki Bolan vs Daihatsu Hijet - The Daihatsu Hijet is not very different in design from the Suzuki Bolan. Although it is manufactured by Toyota, it is not more expensive than the Bolan and in that sense it is a true competitor. The Hijet, however, has a higher fuel consumption than the Suzuki Bolan.
  • Suzuki Bolan vs Honda Acty - The Honda Acty is more powerful and more elegantly designed than the Suzuki Bolan but, on the other hand, it is more expensive as well. The Acty has a better fuel consumption than the Suzuki Bolan but the Bolan has more luggage space.

  • Suzuki Bolan vs Toyota Hiace- When compared to Toyota Hiace, it does not feature high-end safety and interior features, but it is more economical. Also, the Hiace is much more expensive than the Suzuki Bolan.

What Is The Suzuki Bolan Price In Pakistan?

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Suzuki Bolan on installments

The Bolan can also be acquired on monthly installments by opting for Carmudi financing. This is an excellent option for those who are tight on budget but need the Carry Daba to start their business or for family use.

Used Suzuki Bolan Average Price List:

  • Suzuki Bolan 2014 Price: PKR 6.7 Lacs
  • Suzuki Bolan 2013 Price: PKR 6.3 Lacs
  • Suzuki Bolan 2012 Price: PKR 6.2 Lacs
  • Suzuki Bolan 2011 Price: PKR 6 Lacs

Suzuki Bolan latest offers in Pakistan