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Suzuki Carry for Sale in Pakistan

The Suzuki Carry is a Kei Jodisha truck originally launched in 1961 by Suzuki Japan. It was designed in both pickup and microvan styles. In a time span of 44 years, the Carry has received some significant exterior and powertrain changes. It was launched in different markets under different names.

The Suzuki Carry nameplate was primarily used for Japanese markets, but in Pakistan, the Carry was introduced by Pak Suzuki Motors as Suzuki Bolan (minivan) and Suzuki Ravi (pickup). In Japan, the Carry van has been replaced with Suzuki Every, but truck versions are still being manufactured. Please note we will be primarily reviewing the Bolan van and Ravi here, as Carry pickup is not being imported now while the Suzuki Every review can be read here. Here are:

10 Things To Know Before Buying Suzuki Carry in Pakistan

1. What are Suzuki Carry Van Specifications?

This Suzuki van carries a 796cc engine mated to manual transmission system which produces 37 hp and 62 Nm of torque. The Suzuki Carry pickup, known as Ravi in Pakistan, also carries the same powertrain as the Bolan.

2. What is Suzuki Carry Fuel Consumption?

The fuel economy is rated at around 13 km/L, which is quite impressive and one of the main reasons why both the minivan and pickup variants are famous for commercial use.

3. Check Suzuki Carry Review of Exterior Design

The Suzuki Carry minivan (Bolan), also called as Suzuki Carry daba by the locals, is a 5 door van with a cabover design. The sliding door on each side enables easy entry into the vehicle. The Suzuki Ravi pickup has the same front section as the Bolan but at the back, the open rear deck can hold up to 600 kg weight.

4. What are Suzuki Carry Color Options?

Both the Suzuki Bolan and the Suzuki Ravi are offered in 3 colors including Pearl Red, Solid White and Silky Silver.

5. Here is our Suzuki Carry Interior Review

On the inside, the Carry Daba is very simple and does not feature any technological equipment. The minivan has a spacious cabin space of 3,255 mm that can easily house around 6 passengers, while the pickup Ravi is a two seater with a rear deck.

6. Are Suzuki Carry Accessories Easily Accessible in Pakistan?

The new Suzuki Carry accessories are available all over Pakistan. Just head over to the official Suzuki dealers located in every major city and they will provide you Suzuki genuine parts for Bolan and Ravi.

7. Where is Suzuki Carry Mostly Used in Pakistan?

The Suzuki Carry Bolan is usually preferred by people having large families in Pakistan. It is also a prime choice of transporters for pick and drop and rent-a-car service. On the other hand, the Suzuki pickup is also widely used by small businesses for the delivery of their goods. In short, it's equally used in urban and rural areas of Pakistan.

8. How is Suzuki Carry Resale Value in Pakistan?

Since the Bolan and Ravi are locally manufactured, they enjoy an amazing resale value in Pakistan. Making a loss on selling them after a few years is out of question. You are sure to receive a good price from various transporters and business owners for your Bolan or Ravi. Check our listings to buy used Suzuki Carry in Pakistan.

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9. What Makes Suzuki Carry Unique?

The Suzuki Carry is a multi-purpose vehicle; transporters use it for their day-to-day business, while families prefer it due to its spacious interior. The companies also choose Ravi for the goods delivery from one place to another. This versatility makes the Carry standout.

10. What is Suzuki Carry Price in Pakistan?

The new Suzuki Carry Bolan 2015 can be bought from Pak Suzuki Motors by paying PKR 695,000/- while the Ravi Pickup is priced at PKR 637,000/-. You can also import the 2015 Suzuki Carry truck from Japan for around US$ 12,320 (2WD including shipping charges without tax duty). Moreover, you can buy used models ranging between PKR 250,000 and PKR 600,000.

Our Final Words on Suzuki Carry

The Suzuki Carry became popular around the globe and in Pakistan due to its flexibility and reliability. Its competitors include Honda Acty and Mitsubishi Minicab, but both of them have a relatively lower resale value in Pakistan. Carmudi recommends Suzuki Carry to you for both domestic and commercial use.