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Suzuki Cervo For Sale in Pakistan

The Suzuki Cervo car was introduced in 1976 replacing its predecessor, the Suzuki Fronte Coupe. The Cervo is a 5-door Kei car, though previously 2 door variants were introduced too. Its production has been stopped a few times, first between 1998 and 2006 and then in March 2010. Over the span of 34 years, the Suzuki Cervo Japan has gone through a number of cosmetic and powertrain changes and the last model available right now belongs to the fifth generation.

The Suzuki Cervo was not marketed by Pak Suzuki Motors, but because of its sporty design and impressive interior features, a number of Pakistanis got interested in it and imported the fifth generation Cervo from Japan. You can easily find Suzuki Cervo car in Pakistan at Carmudi. Here are:

10 Things To Know Before Buying Suzuki Cervo in Pakistan

1. What are Suzuki Cervo Engine Specifications?

The fifth generation Cervo was offered in 3 trims namely, Suzuki Cervo G (base model), Suzuki Cervo T and Suzuki Cervo TX. The base model is equipped with a 660cc naturally aspirated petrol engine which generates 54 hp, while the turbo powertrain in the T and TX variants produces 60 hp. The Suzuki Cervo turbo was introduced in 2007 featuring seven-step CVT transmission. Both 2WD and 4WD versions are available in the market.

2. What is Suzuki Cervo Fuel Consumption?

The Cervo Suzuki owners have reported fuel economy of around 11 km/L to 13 km/L which is not bad. For daily traveling to work or college, the Suzuki Cervo average fuel consumption can be handy.

3. Check our Suzuki Cervo Review of Exterior Design

The Cervo car boasts a very sporty exterior design with eye-shaped front headlights combined with a black colored grille and smooth curved edges along the sides. The stylish tail lamps and fog lights further add to the amazing exterior styling of this hatchback.

4. What Suzuki Cervo Colors Are Available in the Market?

The Suzuki Cervo automatic is available in 6 striking color options which include Azul Grey Pearl Metallic, Bluish Black Pearl, Jewel Purple Metallic, Pearl White, Silky Silver Metallic and Strawberry Pearl Metallic. Choose the one that best suits your style statement.

5. Here is Suzuki Cervo Interior Review

The interior is also beautifully designed and is very roomy. The cockpit features an adjustable power steering and a simple instrument panel showing Cervo’s vitals such as fuel and oil indication. The front panel comprises of an audio system and a powerful air conditioner. It can easily accommodate 5 passengers while leaving space for the luggage too.

6. What are Suzuki Cervo Safety Features?

Besides an attractive personality, the Cervo is also equipped with basic safety features which include anti-lock braking system, dual airbags, central locking, keyless entry, seat belts for both front and back seats and power windows.

7. Are Suzuki Cervo Accessories Easily Accessible in Pakistan?

The Suzuki Cervo parts in Pakistan may not be readily available but you can ask the local dealers sitting in famous auto import markets in Karachi (Japan Plaza), Lahore (Bilal Gunj), Gujranwala (Lorry Adda and Khiali ), Rawalpindi (Chah Sultan & Ahata Mithu Khan) and Peshawar (Shoba Bazar) to get them imported for you directly from Japan (if not available with them).

8. Should You Buy Suzuki Cervo in Pakistan?

The owners of Cervo 660cc have reported that this hatchback delivers a brilliant performance. Looks wise, it is more attractive than most of the hatchbacks you will find in Pakistan. The spacious interior can accommodate your whole family plus the impressive fuel economy is also another reason why it is preferred by many. In short, it won't disappoint you if you are a fan city cars. Check our listings to buy Suzuki Cervo used in your city.

9. What Suzuki Cervo Features Make it Preferable Among People in Pakistan?

You won’t find high end technological/ safety equipment in the Cervo, nevertheless its appealing design and fuel economy make it highly preferable by people abroad and in Pakistan. Everything is pretty basic but definitely better than the local hatchbacks.

10. What is Suzuki Cervo Price in Pakistan

Since the Cervo was discontinued in 2010, you won’t find the new model in the market. However, used and reconditioned models are available ranging between PKR 750,000 and PKR 1,050,000

Suzuki Cervo Average Price List:
  • Suzuki Cervo 2010 Price: 10.5 Lacs
  • Suzuki Cervo 2009 Price: 8.4 Lacs
  • Suzuki Cervo 2007 Price: 7.5 Lacs

Our Final Remarks on Suzuki Cervo

The Suzuki Cervo, being a compact hatchback can be easily driven in heavy traffic of metropolitan cities such as Karachi and Lahore. Moreover, it is also easy to park it even on the narrow roads of Hyderabad and other small cities. It is relatively expensive than Suzuki Mehran, however the sporty design and the elegant interior give it an edge over its competitors. We highly recommend the Suzuki Cervo those who are looking to buy a stylish hatchback for daily use.