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Suzuki Cultus for Sale in Pakistan

The Suzuki Cultus is a supermini car introduced by Suzuki Motors Corporation back in 1983. It was first presented to the Japanese Domestic Market at the 25th Tokyo Motor Show and was sold in seven countries across three generations. The Cultus has been produced in 2-door convertible, 3-door hatchback, 4-door sedan and 5-door hatchback body styles.

Although the production of the car has now been discontinued in other parts of the world, the second generation Cultus is still being produced in Pakistan. Initially named as Suzuki Margalla, you can now find Suzuki Cultus for sale in Pakistan in 5-door hatchback body style. It has been able to maintain a good ranking in the highly competitive Pakistani automobile market and is still in high demand. Now, you may ask why should you buy Cultus when you have cheaper options available.



3.6 stars


4 stars


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3.9 stars


3.8 stars

Suzuki Cultus overall score by Carmudi's car expert:
3.9 stars

Top Things To Know Before Buying Suzuki Cultus

Let’s discuss in detail the top 10 reasons to buy Suzuki Cultus in Pakistan:

What Are Suzuki Cultus Specifications?

The Suzuki Cultus car is powered by an advanced 4 cylinder 16 valve EFi engine producing 60 hp and a maximum torque of 58 lb-ft, assisted by a 5-speed all synchromesh transmission. It features rack and pinion steering and MacPherson Strut suspensions. The Suzuki Cultus specs offers a powerful performance with a noise free drive and improved fuel efficiency. Being compliant to Euro II Emission standards, it is no doubt environment friendly. Mind it, Pak Suzuki does not manufacture Cultus automatic or Cultus sports car.

However CNG fitted Cultus is available now.

Cultus Euro II 2014

The 2014 Cultus has the same engine specs as the current model. Suzuki didn’t even change anything in the design section.

Suzuki Cultus 2016

Pak Suzuki didn’t share any plans of the Cultus 2016 Pakistan yet. However, the inside sources reveal that Suzuki might abandon the production of Cultus and replace it with a new hatchback, Suzuki Celerio, which was first introduced at the 2013 Thailand International Motor Expo and made its debut in India the next year.

Suzuki Cultus Dimensions

Suzuki Cultus Length (mm)


Suzuki Cultus Width (mm)


Suzuki Cultus Height (mm)


Suzuki Cultus Weight (kg)


Suzuki Cultus Ground Clearance (mm)


Suzuki Cultus Wheelbase (mm)


What Is Suzuki Cultus Fuel Consumption?

Living in a country where fuel prices skyrocket every month, it is important to own a car that provides top notch fuel economy. The Euro 2 Cultus is designed specifically to deliver an impressive fuel economy of 14 KM/L within the city. It implies, you can use it freely for children's pick and drop, going for office, or perform grocery shopping on daily basis. The Suzuki Cultus fuel tank capacity of 40L makes sure your long drives go uninterrupted, without the need of going to a fuel station after every few kilometers.

Suzuki Cultus Design

Living in a metropolitan city like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, we all know the pain of getting stuck in traffic for hours. Obviously, if you don’t have a compact car, it’s very difficult to get out of the congestion easily. The close-packed exterior of the Pak Suzuki Cultus enables it to easily avoid traffic jams and drive through narrow streets.

Suzuki Cultus Exterior

The car features a bold and elegant front grille and trendy rear combination lamps with garnish marks which really look unique. The blue tinted Cultus headlights give it a dazzling lookand the full wheel caps add to its beauty. The Cultus bumpers are colored to match with the rest of the body. Other exterior features include intermittent wipers, rear window defogger, side protective mouldings, and full wheel covers.

Suzuki Cultus Interior

The interior boasts cozy seat upholstery with silver garnish paneling. The stylish Cultus speedometer and Mp3/CD player with tuner add entertainment to your drive. The Cultus AC performance is superb; you will not feel the harsh weather conditions of Pakistan. In addition, the interior offers ample headroom and legroom. Talking about the comfort level, the seats are ultra-modern and provide a very pleasant riding experience, especially on longer routes. Apart from these, we have radio antenna and childproof rear door locks. The most prominent interior facilities comprise of front seat belts, sunvisor on both sides, reclining and sliding front seats, door trim (partial fabric), 3 assist grips, remote back door opener and remote fuel lid opener.

What Are The Suzuki Cultus Colors Options?

The all-new 2015 Suzuki Cultus is accessible in 4 color options including

  • Graphite Grey,
  • Solid White,
  • Pearl Red and
  • Silky Silver.

We believe the automaker wanted to diversify the market by making the Cultus attractive for every age group and hence released it in different colors. If you are young, go for the Cultus Graphite Grey color, as it looks sportier. Women should pick Pearl Red Cultus car colour, while the seniors can go with White or Silver. Remember, your car's color tells a lot about you.

What Are The Suzuki Cultus Safety Features?

You can drive Cultus Suzuki on all sorts of terrains; it is not a sensitive car at all. The powerful suspension enables a calm and comfortable drive around the corners and irregular roads. With minimum turning radius of 4.8 m and ground clearance of 170 mm, the driving on Pakistani roads can’t get any better than this. The gear shifting is also very smooth, plus the pickup power is superb. Drive it on petrol if you need good acceleration and excellent AC performance, the engine really dies on CNG.

Suzuki Cultus Safety Rating

It has a three star safety rating from the NHTSA in case of a front impact for both the driver and the passenger side of the vehicle.

What Are The Best Features Of Suzuki Cultus?

Durability is what makes Suzuki Cultus VXRi EURO 2 stand apart from other hatchbacks in the market. The air conditioner works like a charm (you will not encounter Cultus AC problem for years), the engine makes no unnecessary vibrations or sound, and the handling is superb. The stylish crystal headlights, new Cultus speedometer, and Cultus sound system make it stand out among other Pakistani cars in this price range. It also contains front seat belts to minimize injuries in the event of an accident. Other facilities include key/light warning buzzer, tachometer, trip meter, cigarette lighter and cup holder.

Where Can I Find Suzuki Cultus Accessories in Pakistan?

Suzuki official dealers are all around the country and have the genuine Suzuki parts (SGP) and oil (SGO) available. You won’t have to go through the hassle of finding a mechanic and the Cultus accessories. Mind it, the parts are very cheap and can even be found at private auto spare part shops. For instance, the Cultus alloy rims price can be anything from Rs.15,000 to Rs.20,000, depending on the quality and the brand. Similarly, the

Suzuki Cultus bonnet price for 2003 model year is around Rs.1,500. Easy availability of parts is really a boon for customers. With Japanese cars, there's no guarantee of your particular car's spare parts in the local market  and you have to import them at a high cost.

Where Can You Buy Suzuki Cultus In Pakistan?

You know our automotive market is dominated by 3 automakers and Suzuki is one of them. The Suzuki models maintain a prominent position here due to their higher resale value. Buying a used Cultus is effortless, and when you are looking to sell it, consider it a check which can be cashed even outside of your home garage. TheCultus used price in Pakistan varies between PKR 500,000 to PKR 1,000,000 depending on the model year and the condition. Click here to find out new and used Cultus in different cities of Pakistan:

Suzuki Cultus 2016 Review

The Cultus is one of the best compact vehicles currently available in Pakistan. Its fuel efficiency, comfort, performance and road handling make it a preferred choice of Pakistani customers, who don’t find a more complete vehicle in this price range.

Although it is a decent car in this price range, the interior is composed of low quality plastic, which really disappoints. Suzuki should put some efforts into improving the quality of materials used in the cabin and reduce cabin noise. Overall, the Cultus is a very capable car and has the potential to retain its bestseller crown for years to come if Suzuki would create better interior and add some safety features. This popular hatchback is definitely capable to beat better-equipped but more expensive Japanese alternatives. In the local market, it faces competition from Suzuki Wagon R, Toyota Passo and Toyota Vitz.

Suzuki Cultus Popular Models in Pakistan

Suzuki Cultus Euro 2015

The Suzuki Cultus Euro 2015 is the latest model of the Cultus available in Pakistan. It is assembled in Pakistan. Due to its high performance and cheap spare parts it still retains a very good resale value and fetches a very good price on the used car market.

Suzuki Cultus Euro 2015 for sale in Pakistan

Suzuki Cultus Euro II 2015

The 2015 Euro II Cultus is the latest design tweak performed by Suzuki on the Cultus line. The 2015 Euro model which preceded the 2015 Euro II model only had a slight modification in the front grille. Essentially it remained the 2015 model for all practical purposes. For this reason the 2015 model has remained one of the most popular models in the Cultus line.

Suzuki Cultus Euro II 2015 for sale in Pakistan

Suzuki Cultus 2004

The 2004 Cultus was released when the Cultus mania truly hit Pakistan. Coupled with low interest loans and easy financing rules the Cultus 2004 became the best selling compact car on the Pakistani market. It still has a very good reputation and resale value.

Suzuki Cultus 2004 for sale in Pakistan

Suzuki Cultus compared to other city cars in Pakistan

  • Suzuki Cultus vs Suzuki Wagon R- The Suzuki Wagon R and Suzuki Cultus are different in the sense that the Wagon R has a higher roof and although it is a compact car the Cultus beats it in terms of fuel consumption.

  • Suzuki Cultus vs Toyota Vitz- The Toyota Vitz is another competitor of Suzuki Cultus. The Vitz is a bit more expensive and uses more expensive materials and for this reason the Cultus has a lower maintenance cost then the Toyota Vitz.

  • Suzuki Cultus vs Toyota Passo- The Toyota Passo resembles the Cultus in almost all aspects such as price and fuel consumption but the Suzuki Cultus has more luggage space than the Toyota Passo. The Passo in turn has a smaller turning radius.

What Is The Suzuki Cultus Price In Pakistan?

Cultus 2015 Price in Pakistan

The best part is of course its affordable price tag. The Suzuki Cultus brand new price starts at PKR 1,034,000/- making it one of the cheapest locally manufactured cars. The price of new Cultus CNG is PKR 1,190,000.You can argue that imported Japanese cars are cheaper, but note that, with just Rs. 6,200 you can benefit from Extended Suzuki Warranty,which not only gives you peace of mind but also increases the resale value of the car. Moreover, we are talking about brand new cars, reconditioned Japanese cars with 660cc engine will cost you around 14 Lacs at least.

Suzuki Cultus 2014 Price in Pakistan

The Cultus 2014 in good condition might cost you between PKR 9 Lacs and PKR 10 Lacs. Below you can buy:

Suzuki Cultus 2014 for sale in Pakistan

Let's find out Cultus prices of different models:

Cultus Price List

  • Suzuki Cultus 2015 Average Price: PKR 10.6 Lacs
  • Suzuki Cultus 2014 Average Price: PKR 10.1 Lacs
  • Suzuki Cultus 2013 Average Price: PKR 10 Lacs
  • Suzuki Cultus 2012 Average Price: PKR 9.5 Lacs
  • Suzuki Cultus 2011 Average Price: PKR 9 Lacs

Suzuki Cultus latest offers in Pakistan