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Suzuki MR Wagon For Sale In Pakistan

The MR-Wagon is a Keijidosha mini Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) manufactured by the Suzuki Motor Co. The MR-Wagon, as its name says, is a subcompact Wagon, which is fabricated only for Japanese market but its popularity in Japan has now forced Suzuki to start exporting it for sale in Asian, European and Latin American markets. The MR-Wagon proved so popular that Nissan Motors bought the design from Suzuki and started selling it as Nissan Moco in Japan as well as export markets. Suzuki also granted manufacturing rights to its Indian franchise Maruti and Maruti has been manufacturing the MR-Wagon as Maruti Estilo or Maruti Zen Estilo since 2006. A very impressive collection of Suzuki Kei for sale in Pakistan can be found at Carmudi.

10 Things To Know Before Buying Suzuki MR Wagon In Pakistan

Let’s discuss in detail the top ten reasons to buy Suzuki MR Wagon in Pakistan:

1. Take A Look At The Suzuki MR Wagon Specifications

Suzuki MR-Wagon is a Keijidosha vehicle which is equivalent of compact or supercompact in the English speaking world. It closely follows the characteristics of small subcompact vehicles:

  • Keeping in accordance with the Keijidosha norms, the Suzuki MR-WAgon comes with a 657 cc engine in the inline and the inline-turbo configurations.
  • The Suzuki MR-Wagon, like most subcompacts, is available only in petrol versions.
  • Suzuki MR-Wagon has a 4 speed automatic transmission.
  • The Suzuki Kei is a five door hatchback car.
  • Suzuki Kei has a front engine and a front wheel drive. All wheel drive (AWD) versions are also available but rarely in Pakistan.

2. Check Out The Suzuki MR Wagon Fuel Consumption

At 657 cc it has a very good fuel consumption rating and it can do up to 12 km/h on the highway.

3. How is the Suzuki MR Wagon Road Performance

The Suzuki MR-Wagon is fabricated only in Japan and in Indonesia but now it can be found in every Asian country as a Suzuki vehicle or under a different badge name. This is a testament to the popularity of the MR-Wagon design, fuel economy and durability.

4. Check Out The Suzuki MR Wagon Design

Suzuki MR-Wagon has a very stylish and utilitarian design which was so appreciated by the Japanese public that Nissan bought it and fabricated their own vehicles to market under their brand name. The name is a bit confusing however because people think that “MR” in the vehicle’s name stands for “Mid-Rear” which depicts a mid-rear engine placement which is not correct at all because this is a front-engine front wheel/front-engine all wheel drive design.

5. Is Suzuki MR Wagon Available In Your Preferred Color In Pakistan?

The 2015 Suzuki MR Wagon is available in maroon, black and white colors straight from the factory.

6. Suzuki MR Wagon Interior Comfort

As the MR is a Wagon, it means that it has lots of interior space and it can act both as a family vehicle or a commercial vehicle. In both cases the car can be used to transport huge quantities of goods as well as personnel.

7. Suzuki MR Wagon Standout Features

Its standout feature is in fact its interior design which was especially designed for small families with folding bench seats, food trays and beverage holders.

8. Suzuki MR Wagon Price In Pakistan

Suzuki MR-Wagon is not manufactured by Pak Suzuki Motors, who fabricate many other Suzuki models. It does not mean that the availability of MR-Wagon is an issue in Pakistan. It is easily available in all the big Pakistani urban centers and of course on Carmudi. The price varies from PKR 1,100,000 to PKR 1,300,000 depending on the mileage, make and condition.

  • Suzuki MR Wagon 2012 Average Price: PKR 8.75 Lacs
  • Suzuki MR Wagon 2011 Average Price: PKR 8.5 Lacs
  • Suzuki MR Wagon 2008 Average Price: PKR 7.5 lacs
  • Suzuki MR Wagon 2006 Average Price: PKR 6.75 lacs

9. Analyze The Suzuki MR Wagon Resale Value

Click here to find out used MR Wagon cars in different cities of Pakistan:

10. Confirm The Availability Of MR Wagon Parts And Accessories

Suzuki MR Wagon auto parts and aftersales services are available throughout Pakistan through authorized dealers as well as general mechanics.

Final Words About Suzuki MR Wagon Pakistan

Suzuki introduced the prototype design in 2000 in the Nagoya Motor Show and started manufacturing the MR-Wagon in 2001. The MR-Wagon wet on sale in the November of same year and after 15 years in production Suzuki is so satisfied with its performance and sales that they announced to continue its production for the next five years in 2014 at their annual general meeting. During these 15 years of production, Suzuki Motor Co, has released the MR-Wagon in three generations. The first generation lasted from 2001-2006, the second generation from 2006-2011 and the third generation from 2011 onwards. The fourth generation is set to be released in 2016, first in Japan and then later in the export markets. We strongly recommend the Suzuki Kei to our readers.