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Suzuki Palette For Sale In Pakistan

Suzuki Motor Company started producing the Suzuki Palette, which is a Keijidosha car in 2008. The Keijidosha, or Kei in short, is a small car which conforms to the emission standards set up by the Japanese government. The Palette is in fact a rebadged version of the Daihatsu Tanto which was produced by the Toyota owned Daihatsu motors. The Palette was started in 2008 and the production continued for 6 years until it was discontinued in 2013. In 2013 the Palette was replaced by the Suzuki Spacia, which is in fact not very different from the Palette and it has been in fabrication since 2013 to date.

10 Things To Know Before Buying Suzuki Palette In Pakistan

Let’s discuss in detail the top ten reasons to buy Suzuki Palette in Pakistan:

1. Take A Look At The Suzuki Palette Specifications

The Palette, being a Kei car, came with a number of engine options. The most important features of the Suzuki Palette are as follows:

  • It is a front engine or an FF configuration car.
  • The engine capacity is 658 cc and the engine is only available in petrol configuration.   
  • It comes with a four wheel drive configuration.
  • It is a 5 door hatchback like the Daihatsu Tanto.
  • It is only available as an automatic transmission car with 4 forward and one reverse speed.

2. Check Out The Suzuki Palette Fuel Consumption

Like all the Kei cars, the Palette has excellent fuel consumption. It can do up to 14 km/litre on the highway and is basically a highway and city car combined into one.

3. How is the Suzuki Palette Road Performance

The Palette has exceptional road performance for a Wagon Kei car. It is a very good alternative to the middle class people who have a small family and would like to have a car which is good for both the highway and the city but can not afford to have a crossover or an SUV. Its road performance gets even better when you take into account that it is a Kei car and hence consumes very little fuel.

4. Check Out The Suzuki Palette Design

The Suzuki Palette is a 5 door hatchback but it is considerably different from other five door hatchbacks on the market because it is built more like a single cabin than a car. The back wall is very high which provides a lot of space for storage. The back lights are very high as well which means that during the rush hour it is very easy to see if the car is braking or not. The Palette is a 5 door car which means that it can easily carry five passengers and their luggage.

5. Is Suzuki Palette Available In Your Preferred Color In Pakistan?

Suzuki Palette is available in all the conventional colors. However since this vehicle is no longer in production, many second hand custom color models are also available.

6. Suzuki Palette Interior Comfort

The Suzuki Palette is very comfortable and spacious. Since it is a relatively new production, it has all the luxury features which are available in new cars such as power windows, power steering, hydraulic mirrors, digital radio, automatic transmission and four-wheel drive.

7. Suzuki Palette Standout Features

The Palette has a feature which makes it stand out among its peers. It is its height. The roof is higher than most hatchbacks which means that it is very comfortable even for people who feel congested in hatchbacks. The height also means that it has a very good road clearance. This means that it can avoid bumps without getting the chassis scratched even when carrying the full load.

8. Suzuki Palette Price In Pakistan

The price of a used Suzuki Palette is largely based on its overall condition and maintenance history. The models ranging between 2008 and 2012 are readily available. They are all imported and refurbished or reconditioned or are brand new in some cases.

Below you can find average prices of Suzuki Palette according to current Carmudi listings:

  • Suzuki Palette 2008 Average Price: PKR 7.5 Lacs
  • Suzuki Palette 2011 Average Price: PKR 8.5 Lacs
  • Suzuki Palette 2012 Average Price: PKR 9.35 Lacs
  • Suzuki Palette 2010 Average Price: PKR 8 Lacs

9. Analyze The Suzuki Palette Resale Value

Click here to find out used Palette cars in different cities of Pakistan:

10. Confirm The Availability Of Palette Parts And Accessories

Suzuki Palette auto parts and aftersales services are available throughout Pakistan through authorized dealers as well as general mechanics.

Final Words About Suzuki Palette Pakistan

In other regions across the world, the Suzuki Palette is being sold under different nameplates like Daihatsu Tanto. The Palette was so successful that Nissan decided to launch a rebadged version of Suzuki Palette in 2009 which was named the Nissan Roox Highway. When the Palette was discontinued and replaced by the Suzuki Spacia in 2013, even Mazda jumped into the fray and launched its own OEM version of the Palette which was named the Mazda Fair Wagon. Finally its success led to Mitsubishi launching its own version of Suzuki Palette in collaboration with Nissan in 2014.