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Suzuki Potohar for Sale in Pakistan

The Suzuki Potohar is a rebadged version of Suzuki Samurai, which was produced by the Santana Motors of Spain. Although it was launched in 1970, it hit the Pakistani roads in the mid-80s. The Suzuki Potohar was sold officially by Pak Suzuki Motors from 1985 to 2003, and then it was replaced by the Suzuki Jimny. Although it is very small in size and usually referred to as a Kei car, the four-wheel drive system makes it a capable SUV. In fact, the name ‘Potohar’ is derived from the highlands of Pakistan, indicating that the vehicle can perform exceptionally well in hilly areas.

Top Things To Know Before Buying Suzuki Potohar in Pakistan

What are Suzuki Potohar Specifications?

The Suzuki Potohar came with a number of engine options. However, the standard and the most commonly available engine is 1.0 liter F10A four-cylinder petrol producing up to 50 horsepower and 83 Nm torque. On the other hand, the high-performance variants of mini SUV are accessible with 1.3-liter G13BB petrol engine giving maximum 67 horsepower and 100 Nm torque. Besides these two petrol engines, Potohar also retains a 1.9 liter XUD 9 diesel engine boasting 63 horsepower. It uses stabilizer bar on the front axle while leaf springs on the rear. The Suzuki Potohar can be found in two drive layouts i.e. rear-wheel and four-wheel. Similarly, there are two transmission options; four-speed and five-speed manual.  

Suzuki Potohar Dimensions

Suzuki Potohar Length (mm)


Suzuki Potohar Width (mm)


Suzuki Potohar Height (mm)


Suzuki Potohar Weight (kg)


Suzuki Potohar Ground Clearance (mm)


Suzuki Potohar Wheelbase (mm)


What is Suzuki Potohar Fuel Consumption?

It accelerates from 0-60 km/h in 9 seconds, while the fuel economy is 12 KM/Liter on the highway and 10 KM/Liter in the city. The 45L fuel tank allows you to travel around 450 KM with a full tank.

Suzuki Potohar Design

Unlike its predecessor, the Suzuki Potohar (coded as SJ-Series) has an extended length and width. In Pakistan, this automobile is only available in two-door hardtop SUV variant that has a shorter wheelbase compared to Japanese models.

Suzuki Potohar Exterior

The earlier models have a Jeep-like front grille, which was later replaced by an open grille with a single horizontal strut, and Suzuki emblem in the center. However, the round headlamps remained unchanged throughout the production. Other exterior features include two-speed windshield wipers with fixed intermittent wipe and halogen bulb in headlamps. It is usually available in white exterior color.  

Suzuki Potohar Interior

On the rear side of the driver cabin, you can choose between the open cargo area and seating arrangement. You can further select from the front-facing or parallel side seating arrangements. As there are only two side doors, for driver and front passenger, the rear seat occupants have to use the rear gate. The features inside the cabin are trouble-free; you see plastic steering wheel, vinyl seat upholstery, lockable glove compartment, courtesy lights with two switches, ventilation system with four fan speeds and recirculation setting, cigar lighter and ashtray for front and additional row seats.

What are Suzuki Potohar Color Options?

Suzuki Pothohar is available in all the conventional colors such as

  • Black
  • White
  • Red
  • Blue and
  • Gray.

However since this vehicle is no longer in production, many second-hand custom color models are also available.

What are Suzuki Potohar Safety Features?

Suzuki Potohar Safety Rating

Suzuki Potohar is a big car which is strongly built very unlike the other vehicles coming from Asia. The NHCAP has given it a four-star rating for both frontal and lateral crash tests.

What Are The Best Features Of Suzuki Potohar?

As Suzuki Potohar is an old model, it is not technologically advanced. However, you can customize the vehicle to add some superior features like LCD display screen, sports steering and leather seats. The only safety facilities in this vehicle are height adjustable head restraints on front row seats and reel front seat belts.

Where Can I Find Suzuki Potohar Accessories in Pakistan?

Suzuki Pothohar auto parts and aftersales services are available throughout Pakistan through authorized dealers as well as general mechanics.

Where Can You Buy Suzuki Potohar In Pakistan?

The Suzuki Potohar is tremendously popular for its compact design, and low fuel consumption and maintenance costs, which are the reasons why it managed to have a very high resale value. That's why it is even more desirable for middle to high-income families. Check the following links to buy Suzuki Potohar used in your city. Click here to find out used Pothohar cars in different cities of Pakistan:

Suzuki Potohar 2015 Review

As there is a very small niche of station wagons in the Pakistani markets, the Potohar wagon does not face any opposition. So, we can surely say that the Suzuki Potohar ranks among the top selling model in station wagon segment. After assessing the overall utility and resale value of this vehicle, we encourage your plan to buy Suzuki Potohar Pakistan.

In other regions of the world, the Suzuki Potohar is being sold under different nameplates like Suzuki Samurai, Suzuki Caribbean, Suzuki Sierra, Suzuki Katana and Holden Drover. In Pakistan, the Suzuki Potohar is a strong competitor of the Daihatsu Rocky.

The vehicle has now been replaced by the next-generation Suzuki Jimny with a short wheelbase, but stylish design and high-tech features.

Pakistani masses fell in love with the first ever Potohar so madly that by 2009 Pakistan was the only country where the first generation Potohar was being sold without any upgrades at all. This reality is even more attention-grabbing considering the fact that by 2007, the second generation Potohar was discontinued in Europe. Pakistanis still look for Suzuki Potohar cars, and we highly recommend it to you.

Suzuki Potohar Popular Models in Pakistan

The Potohar car was made available in various versions including Potohar Club, Potohar Club GV, Potohar Exec, Potohar Plus, Potohar Prime, Potohar Prime GB and Potohar Exec GV. We will only talk about the most popular ones among these:

Suzuki Potohar 2015 price in Pakistan

The Potohar 2015 price is around PKR 10 Lacs in Pakistan. However, it availability can be a problem as not many units were manufactured for 2015.

Potohar 2015 for sale in Pakistan

Suzuki Potohar 2014 price in Pakistan

The price of Potohar 2014 is approximately PKR 9 Lacs.

Potohar 2014 for sale in Pakistan

Suzuki Potohar compared to other city cars in Pakistan

Suzuki Potohar vs Suzuki Jimny

Being the successor of Potohar, the Jimny is more technologically advanced offering premium features, as it's being developed for international markets. The Jimny car has a 1.1L engine while the Potohar holds a 1.0L engine, thus, the former is more powerful. The extra power does not compromise on fuel efficiency and renders 19.8 km/l which is a lot better than the Potohar. In culmination, the Suzuki Jimny easily beats its predecessor in all departments and is highly recommended.

What is Suzuki Potohar Price in Pakistan?

The price of a used Suzuki Potohar is largely based on its overall condition and maintenance history. The models ranging between 1985 and 1992 are usually priced at PKR 350,000 -PKR 380,000. Likewise, the 1993 – 2005 models are valued between PKR 425,000 and PKR 650,000. Suzuki Potohar 2015 price in Pakistan depends upon its condition. Below you can find average prices of Suzuki Potohar according to current Carmudi listings:

  • Suzuki Potohar 2005 Average Price: PKR 631250
  • Suzuki Potohar 2002 Average Price: PKR 500000
  • Suzuki Potohar 1996 Average Price: PKR 460000
  • Suzuki Potohar 1995 Average Price: PKR 550000
  • Suzuki Potohar 1994 Average Price: PKR 462500

Suzuki Potohar latest offers in Pakistan