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Suzuki Swift for Sale in Pakistan

Suzuki Swift Review

With the tagline “Feel Young Drive Young”, the Swift has mainly been positioned for the low age-group consumer segment. Manufactured by the Japanese automaker Suzuki, this subcompact hatchback was unofficially introduced to Pakistani markets as an imported vehicle in 2006. However, owing to popular demand, the mainstream production in Pakistan started in 2010 by Pak Suzuki Motors. By now, this supermini car has gained an impressive market share, which is still growing. That is why you can easily find new and used Suzuki Swift for sale in Pakistan.

Top Things To Know Before Buying Suzuki Swift in Pakistan

Let’s discuss in detail the reasons to buy Suzuki Swift:

What are Suzuki Swift Specifications?

The Swift Suzuki Pakistan is available in three variants i.e. Suzuki Swift DX, Suzuki Swift DLX and Suzuki Swift Automatic with the same powertrain. However, if you desire a high-performance version, you can import it from Japan. The 2015 Suzuki Swift is equipped with a front-mounted 1.3 liter M13A four-cylinder petrol engine producing 90 horsepower which is transferred to the front wheels only using a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic high-performance CVT gearbox. The Swift delivers 0-100km/h acceleration in 12.5 seconds, while the Swift top speed is 165 km/h.

Please note that the Suzuki Swift Sport is not locally manufactured, so the only option you have is to import it from Japan or Dubai. The Swift Sport retains a 1.6L DOHC 4 Cylinder engine with a 2WD layout only.

Suzuki Swift Dimensions


Suzuki Swift Length (mm)


Suzuki Swift Width (mm)


Suzuki Swift Height (mm)


Suzuki Swift Weight (kg)


Suzuki Swift Ground Clearance (mm)


Suzuki Swift Wheelbase (mm)


What is Suzuki Swift Fuel consumption?

The Suzuki Swift fuel average is not bad; it stands at 5.5 to 6.0 liters/100 km. You do not have to take frequent breaks for fuel refilling on a long tour.

Suzuki Swift Design

This stylish hatchback has a sporty exterior design. The basic design features of the Suzuki Swift 2015 include a stylish chrome front grille between halogen headlights, front fog lamps and standard alloy rims.

Suzuki Swift Exterior

The Suzuki Swift has won over 60 awards around the world, and has also been endorsed by the European footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo. It is one of the most graceful city cars on the market right now and has distinguishing features like high tail lights, automatic vipers and a new front grill for the 2016 model.

Suzuki Swift Interior

Going above the standard DX, the interior gets more furnished and functional. It comprises of a simple and stylish instrument panel with a sporty steering wheel, integrated sound system, fully functional driver armrest and silver chromed door handle, comfortable front and rear seats covered in high-quality fabric for five adults, and floor panels combined with high-damping efficiency asphalt sheets for quieter cabin.

What Are Suzuki Swift Colors Options?

It is available in nine beautiful and elegant exterior colors including:

  • pearl red
  • graphite grey
  • solid white
  • silky silver
  • sand beige and
  • phoenix red.

Most people prefer Suzuki Swift white, but probably Suzuki Swift red is the most dashing. You can choose whichever color suits your style, as there are plenty of paints for you to select.

What Are Suzuki Swift Safety Features?

The 2015 Swift Suzuki is a next-generation hatchback offered with state of the art safety features which include ABS with EBD, Keyless entry and an immobilizer system. You cannot call them high-end safety features but they are better than other locally manufactured hatchbacks here.

Suzuki Swift Safety Rating

The Suzuki Swift has a five star rating from the European Safety Rating agency Euro NCAP which is one of the best in the compact car category.

What Are The Best Features Of Suzuki Swift?

The following features are commendable, setting it apart from others in its segment; these include quiet cabin, low wind noise, four-wheel Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) supplemented by Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD), keyless entry with answerback and immobilizer, Electronic Power Steering (EPS), integrated surround sound, driver oriented transmission and optionally available navigation touchscreen with DLX and automatic trims.

Where Can I Find Suzuki Swift Accessories In Pakistan?

That won’t be an issue for you since it’s a locally assembled hatchback. However, if you have bought Swift Japan or Swift Sport Japan, the parts may differ, so you have to consult with a local supplier to get the desired parts. Popular auto markets in the biggest cities of Pakistan include Karachi (Japan Plaza), Lahore (Bilal Gunj), Gujranwala (Lorry Adda and Khiali ), Rawalpindi (Chah Sultan & Ahata Mithu Khan) and Peshawar (Shoba Bazar) .

Where can you buy Suzuki Swift in Pakistan?

Performance wise both versions are pretty much the same. The automatic version is perhaps better than the manual when it comes to city driving, but that also requires you to dole out more money in buying (check next section for prices). If we talk about Japanese Swift models, they are offered in both 2WD and 4WD, where the latter offers you stronger grip and better driving experience on tough terrains. Buy a Swift in your city:

Suzuki Swift 2016 Review

The Suzuki Swift 2016 is part of the third generation of the Suzuki Swift marque. The third generation rolled off the assembly line in 2010 and is the latest generation released by Suzuki Motor Co. A design update was introduced in 2013 but Suzuki decided to not name the design modification as significant and still kept on naming the new models as part of the third generation.

Suzuki Swift Popular Models in Pakistan

Suzuki Swift 2015

The Suzuki Alto 2015 is the latest model offered by Pak Suzuki motors and other car dealers who import it directly from Japan. The average price for a new Suzuki Alto 2015 varies from PKR 12 Lac to PKR 13 Lac.

Suzuki Swift 2015 for sale in Pakistan

Suzuki Swift DLX 2014

The average price for a new Suzuki Alto DLX 2014 varies from PKR 11 Lac to PKR 12 Lac. It is one of the most popular models in the Swift family. The DLX is a five seater with manual transmission and is usually an import item.

Suzuki Swift DLX 2014 for sale in Pakistan

Suzuki Swift DLX 2013

The Suzuki Swift DLX 2013, like its 2014 counterpart, is one of the most popular Suzuki Swift models.

The average price for a new Suzuki Swift 2013 varies from PKR 11 Lac to PKR 12 Lac

Suzuki Swift DLX 2013 for sale in Pakistan

Suzuki Swift compared to other city cars in Pakistan

  • Suzuki Swift vs Faw V2- Although the Faw V2 has a more comfortable interior, the Suzuki Swift has better features.
  • Suzuki Swift vs Toyota Vitz- Although the Toyota Vitz is more powerful, the Suzuki Swift is more fuel efficient.
  • Suzuki Swift vs Toyota Passo- Although the Toyota Passo is large in size, the Suzuki Swift is a better city car.

What Is The Suzuki Swift Price In Pakistan?

Pak Suzuki has a big network of authorized dealers.

  • The 2015 Suzuki Swift DX is priced at PKR 1,221,000, while the standard Swift DLX would cost you PKR 1,282,000.
  • The high-performance Suzuki Swift Automatic comes with a price tag of PKR 1,418,000. If you want the pre-built highly advanced navigation screen and system in your new Swift, it would cost you an extra PKR 48,000. Apart from that, you will also be charged with advanced income tax of PKR 50,000 if you are a registered taxpayer and PKR 100,000 if you are not a registered taxpayer.
  • The Swift Sport price can be around 24 Lacs (2015 model without taxes).

The price of a used Suzuki Swift car may vary according to build year and overall condition. Below you can find average prices of Suzuki Swift cars according to current Carmudi listings.

Suzuki Swift Price List

  • Suzuki Swift 2015 Price in Pakistan: PKR 12.9 Lacs
  • Suzuki Swift 2014 Price in Pakistan: PKR 13 Lacs
  • Suzuki Swift 2013 Price in Pakistan: PKR 12.2 Lacs
  • Suzuki Swift 2012 Price in Pakistan: PKR 11.5 Lacs
  • Suzuki Swift 2011 Price in Pakistan: PKR 11 Lacs

Suzuki Swift latest offers in Pakistan