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Toyota Fielder for Sale in Pakistan

Toyota Fielder car is the station wagon variant of Corolla. First introduced with the ninth generation Corolla in 2000, the vehicle has carved its niche in the market. It is specifically manufactured for the Japanese market, so you'd see only imported versions here. The Corolla Fielder has created a considerable market for itself in Pakistan. The Corolla Fielder Hybrid is also getting popular here. Listed above, you can find and evaluate different Toyota Fielder for sale in Pakistan. Below are:



4 stars


4.5 stars


4.4 stars


4.2 stars


4 stars


4.4 stars

Toyota Fielder overall score by Carmudi's car expert:
4.5 stars

Top Things To Know Before Buying Toyota Fielder in Pakistan

What are Toyota Fielder Engine Specifications?

Features of a Toyota Fielder include Gasoline (Petrol) plus Hybrid Motor. The Toyota Fielder gives you a number of engine options; those imported to Pakistan have almost similar performance standards. They carry a 1.5 liter DOHC four-cylinder 16-Valve engine that generates up to 190 horsepower and 180 Nm of torque. The Fielder hybrid 2015 holds a 1.5L engine with a motor to give you an economical drive. Both Toyota Fielder automatic transmission and Toyota Fielder manual transmission can be found in the market.

Toyota Fielder Dimensions

Toyota Fielder Length (mm)


Toyota Fielder Width (mm)


Toyota Fielder Height (mm)


Toyota Fielder Weight (kg)


Toyota Fielder Ground Clearance (mm)


Toyota Fielder Wheelbase (mm)


What is Toyota Fielder Fuel Consumption?

The Replace Fielder is a Highly fuel efficient car with an overall consumption of 8.3 liters/100km making it one of the most reasonable family car to own in Pakistan due to its spacious interior and incredible fuel efficiency.

Toyota Fielder Design

The design of the Fielder car has been evolving since its introduction. However, it has sustained its five-door body style. With a front-wheel drive layout, a strut type coil spring suspension system, Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) technology for unleaded premium gasoline, the Fielder is classified as a Low emission vehicle (LEV) system that controls the emanation of CO2. It is also available in 1.8L engine option. Environment-conscious individuals also have the liberty to choose between Toyota Fielder Hybrid and Toyota Fielder G edition.  

Toyota Fielder Exterior

The standard exterior features include front fog lamp, front spoiler, xenon headlight with a discharge lamp, rear wiper, privacy glass, rear spoiler and UV cutting glass. In addition to these, you can also opt for the optional exterior features like rear fog lamps and aluminum wheels.

Toyota Fielder Interior

Unlike the Toyota Probox station wagon, the interior of the Fielder Toyota is more satisfying owing to its premium features. The standard equipment inside the driver's cabin includes wood panels, power windows, tilt steering wheel wrapped up in leather and centralized door lock.  

What are Toyota Fielder Color Options?

The Toyota Fielder new shape is available in seven vibrant exterior colors including

  • Super White,
  • Black Mica,
  • Super Red,
  • Blue Metallic,
  • Silver Metallic,
  • Bronze Mica and
  • Dark Violet.

While the Toyota Fielder Black and Toyota Fielder White are more commonly seen cruising around in Pakistan, Toyota Fielder Blue is rare and a little difficult to find.

What are Toyota Fielder Safety Features?

The Toyota Fielder new model comes equipped with 6 airbags and safety systems such as Pre-collision System (PCS), Lane Departure Alert (LDA) and Automatic High Beam (AHB). You will not find these safety specs in your locally manufactured vehicles, hence giving Toyota Fielder 2015 an edge over local rivals.

Toyota Fielder Safety Rating

Toyota Fielder is a big car which is strongly built very unlike the other vehicles coming from Asia. The NHCAP has given it a four-star rating for both frontal and lateral crash tests.

What Are The Best Features Of Toyota Fielder?

The most convincing feature of this station wagon is its roomy and multipurpose interior. The entire area behind the front seats is adaptable for towing or cargo carriage purposes. The seats can be split folded to create an expansive flat area to be used for transporting goods. Even with the rear seats in their place, there is a huge space at the back to load your stuff for long road trips.

Where Can I Find Toyota Fielder Accessories in Pakistan?

The Toyota Fielder aftermarket parts can be easily found at the local dealers in metropolitan cities of Pakistan. Although the Japanese used cars parts have to be imported, but due to the popularity of the Fielder, the spare parts are readily available at local shops in Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad and Rawalpindi.

Where Can You Buy Toyota Fielder In Pakistan?

The Fielder Toyota has a comparatively lower resale value compared to locally assembled Corolla, but high-end safety features and fuel economy make it a popular car in Pakistan. So, if you plan to sell your used Toyota Fielder car in future, you will not make a huge loss considering its demand. Check our listings to buy used Toyota Fielder in Pakistan.

Toyota Fielder 2015 Review

As there is a very small niche of station wagons in the Pakistani markets, the Fielder wagon does not face any opposition. So, we can surely say that the Toyota Corolla Fielder 2015 is the top selling vehicle in station wagon segment. After assessing the overall utility and resale value of this vehicle, we encourage your plan to buy Toyota Fielder Pakistan.

Toyota Fielder Popular Models in Pakistan

Toyota Fielder 2015

Toyota Japan Company launched Toyota Fielder in 1996. Corolla Fielder wagon has sold up to 42 million units and new Fielder 2015 looks better than ever before.

Toyota Fielder price in Pakistan 2015

Toyota fielder price in Pakistan 2014 is around Rs. 24 Lacs

Toyota Fielder 2014

The Toyota Fielder 2014 is as good as the 2015 model and is, in fact, available more easily because of its low price and low-tech construction. The Toyota Fielder 2014 is readily available in major metropolitan areas in Pakistan.

Toyota fielder price in Pakistan 2014

Toyota fielder price in Pakistan 2014 is around Rs. 19 Lacs

What is Toyota Fielder Price in Pakistan?

Toyota Indus, the sole distributor of Toyota vehicles in Pakistan, is not currently offering this car in the local markets. If you want to import the Fielder latest model, you have to contact the car importers. On the other hand, there would be no issues in finding a used Fielder; they are displayed in abundance on Carmudi. Based on the vehicle condition and build year, the price of a used Toyota Fielder may range between PKR 1,100,000 and PKR 1,800,000. The Corolla Fielder Hybrid 2015 price is around US$ 25970 while the price for Corolla Fielder 1500cc (2WD) is around US$ 22,750.

Toyota Fielder Used Average Price List:
  • Toyota Fielder 2015 Price: 23 Lacs
  • Toyota Fielder 2011 Price: 16 Lacs
  • Toyota Fielder 2008 Price: 15.3 Lacs
  • Toyota Fielder 2007 Price: 14.9 Lacs
  • Toyota Fielder 2006 Price: 14.2 Lacs
  • Toyota Fielder 2004 Price: 15.9 Lacs
  • Toyota Fielder 2002 Price: 11.5 Lacs

Toyota Fielder latest offers in Pakistan