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Toyota Fortuner for Sale in Pakistan, Toyota Fortuner Price 2017 in Pakistan

What is a Toyota Fortuner?

The Toyota Fortuner is a mid-size SUV which was first manufactured by Toyota Motors Thailand in 2005. It was later introduced in other markets including Indonesia, Argentina, Egypt, Venezuela, Kazakhstan, India and Pakistan. The Toyota Fortuner has proved to be a huge success for the automaker and is among the best selling SUVs in Thailand. Despite being limited to a few countries, it has been able to capture the attention of car lovers worldwide.

Toyota Indus Motors, the official manufacturer and distributor of Toyota cars in Pakistan, started importing Toyota Fortuner and made it available for the consumers in 2009. In March 2013, the company started assembling the Fortuner locally, which resulted in a 37 percent decrease in the cost of a new Fortuner. The Toyota Fortuner Pakistan received widespread appreciation by Pakistani consumers, who constantly seek Toyota Fortuner cars for sale. Here are:

10 Things To Know Before Buying Toyota Fortuner in Pakistan

 toyota fortuner 2015 | toyota fortuner price in pakistan

1. What are Toyota Fortuner Engine Specs?

The Toyota Fortuner 2015 is available in the country in two trims: Toyota Fortuner and Toyota Fortuner Sportivo. It carries a 2.7L VVTi, Euro 2 engine paired with automatic Electronically Controlled Transmission that generates a 158 hp and 178 lb/ft of torque. The Toyota Fortuner top speed is 147km/h. The Toyota Fortuner 2014 also carries the same powertrain configuration. The Toyota Fortuner 2016 is still not available in the Pakistani market, but it hopefully will hit the markets across the pacific this October 2015, according to Toyota.

2. What is Toyota Fortuner Fuel Consumption?

The combined fuel economy of this all-wheel drive is 11.2 L/100km which is not very impressive, but considering it a luxury utility vehicle which carries a powerful engine, this fuel efficiency is not bad either.

3. Check Our Toyota Fortuner Review Of Exterior Design

The 2015 Toyota Fortuner sports a rugged and sporty design to match its tough performance. The aerodynamic design reduces drag coefficient and provides high-end performance. The distinctive exterior features of the SUV include Projection headlamps, Chrome front grille, High-intensity fog lamps, Retractable side mirrors, Anti-slip side step and Rear window wiper.

4. What Toyota Fortuner Colors You can Have?

The color choices are plenty which include White, Gun Metallic, Medium Silver, Strong Blue Metallic, Attitude Black, Bronze Mica, Wine Red, Super White and Metallic Flaxen Mica. Toyota Fortuner Black and Toyota Fortuner White being the most sophisticated colors can be seen driven mostly by mid-age rich citizens in Pakistan.

5. What Toyota Fortuner Interior Features?

The interior of the Toyota Indus Fortuner provides comfortable reclining seats for seven. The driver seat is 6-way power adjustable to give a comfortable driving experience. The Dual Air-conditioning System creates a pleasant atmosphere inside vehicle. Other prominent amenities installed in the Fortuner include LED Optitron odometer, Steering with audio controls, Entertainment Console, Adjustable headrest, Multi-info display, 4-speaker audio system and Drink holders.

The Toyota Fortuner Pakistan offers an ample cargo space; the second and third row seats can be folded to provide extra space when required. The roof rails come in handy for adventurous weekends.

6. What are Toyota Fortuner Safety Features?

toyota fortuner pakistan | toyota fortuner for sale in pakistan

The Fortuner Toyota has safety features in-built to prevent damage to both the vehicle and the passengers in an unfortunate event. The front SRS airbags work in coordination with seat belts to minimize injuries to the driver and front passenger. The Anti-Lock Braking System prevents the wheels from getting locked when brakes are applied on a slippery road. The crumble zones have been incorporated into the body of the Fortuner, to absorb impact energy in the event of a collision and protect occupants from injuries. It also features smart key entry and immobilizer system which can save your vehicle from theft and unauthorized use.

7. How Toyota Fortuner 4x4 Performs on the Road?

The Toyota Fortuner automatic is equipped with everything you would require in a luxury SUV. Its powerful engine combined with the robust suspensions offers a smooth and comfortable ride. The engine produces minimal noise and vibrations with an improved efficiency. The full-time 4WD system intelligently distributes torque between front and rear wheels to adjust to different terrains to maximize performance. The SUV provides a composed handling and unmatchable performance on both smooth roads and rugged terrains.

8. Is it good to buy a Toyota Fortuner?

The Toyota Fortuner has an amazing resale value in Pakistan since it is a locally manufactured vehicle. Moreover, the availability of Toyota Fortuner Accessories and genuine parts from the authorized Toyota dealers greatly add to its resale value. Check our listings to buy Toyota Fortuner second hand in Pakistan.

9. What Features of A Toyota Fortuner Make It Standout?

The standout features of the Fortuner include its equally good on-road and off-road performance, spacious and luxurious interior featuring power adjustable seats and latest safety features including smart key entry and immobilizer system.

10. What is Toyota Fortuner Price in Pakistan?

 toyota fortuner interior | toyota fortuner review | toyota fortuner for sale

The Toyota Fortuner 2015 has a starting price of PKR 4,749,000. One can find used Toyota Fortuner cars for sale in a price range between PKR 4,600,000 and PKR 5,400,000. This price difference between new and used Fortuner vehicles can be explained by the fact that previous models were imported while the 2015 Toyota Fortuner is locally assembled.

Fortuner Average Price List:

  • Toyota Fortuner 2015 Price: 47.5 Lacs
  • Toyota Fortuner 2014 Price: 49 Lacs
  • Toyota Fortuner 2013 Price: 46.7 Lacs

Our Final Thoughts about Toyota Fortuner

The Toyota Fortuner is a luxury SUV, which packs assertive performance under the hood along with a comfortable interior. It is the ideal vehicle for adventurous weekend getaways; be it forests or deserts, the Fortuner will never fail you. Toyota Indus Motors offers a two year warranty for the Fortuner, with a comprehensive network of 3S dealers across the country. The SUV owns a complete range of latest features in an affordable price. It faces tough competition from other SUVs like Toyota Rush, Toyota Land Cruiser, Mitsubishi Pajero and Nissan Patrol.