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Toyota Harrier For Sale In Pakistan, Toyota Harrier Price in Pakistan

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Prior to the introduction of crossovers, there wasn’t really something in the market that could lie between an SUV and a sedan. SUV owners were bothered by the vehicle’s bulkiness whereas sedan owners were displeased by the small space they offered to big families. The need for something to fill the gap between the two was thoroughly felt, thus crossovers were born. And it was one of these crossovers which quickly gained popularity worldwide - The Toyota Harrier. Equally popular in Pakistan, a number of Toyota Harrier cars for sale are available in the country - thanks to its luxurious cabin, beautiful exterior and efficient performance.

10 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Toyota Harrier in Pakistan

Let’s discuss the basic 10 points you should know before buying the Toyota Harrier in Pakistan.

1. What are Toyota Harrier Engine Specs?

The first generation Harrier was made available in 3 engine options including 2163cc, 2362cc and 2994cc. The 2015 Toyota Harrier is accessible in only one engine option i.e 2.0L 3ZR-FAE, DOHC, 4 Cylinders, 16 Valves, while the Toyota Harrier Hybrid is equipped with a 2.5L 2AR-FXE, DOHC, 4 Cylinders, 16 Valves engine combined with 2JM/2FM (Motor). The 2000cc engine produces 151 horsepower. As far as the drivetrain is concerned, the Harrier has both front-wheel and all-wheel drive (AWD) configuration options.

2. What is Toyota Harrier Fuel Consumption?

The third generation Toyota Harrier SUV gives an average fuel economy of around 12 km/L to 15 km/L, whereas the new Toyota Hybrid 2015 covers up to 21.8 km/L.

3. What are Toyota Harrier Colours?

The second and third generation Toyota Harrier in Pakistan usually comes in Black, White, Grey and Silver colors, while the Toyota Harrier new model 2015 is available in 7 dashing colors including Black, Blackish Red Mica, Dark Brown Metallic, Dark Steel Metallic, Silver Metallic, Sparkling Black Crystal Shine, and White Pearl Crystal Shine.

4. Toyota Harrier Review of Exterior

There is a lot in the new Toyota Harrier to glorify. Initially, only the Land Rover built SUVs could qualify as crossovers, but then technology equipped other automakers with the required expertise and we saw a flood of crossovers in the market. The Harrier has a striking body style, a luxurious interior, an efficient engine, and above all it offers both the flexibility of an SUV and the luxury and smartness of a sedan. If well maintained, the vehicle can last very long like any other Toyota vehicle and can deliver years of reliable service.

5. What are Toyota Harrier Interior Features?

toyota harrier price in pakistan | toyota harrier |Harrier in Pakistan

Inside of the Harrier is equipped with everything you expect from a luxury automobile. It has comfortable leather seats, a sunroof, power windows, power-adjustable seats, and several safety features. An added advantage of its design is that the Harrier has a low turning radius and isn’t bulky either, which means you do not have to worry about parking and getting out of the jam-packed roads of Karachi and Lahore. The front panel features an LCD display, air conditioner vents and Radio/CD player. The 3 spoke power steering offers functional buttons for volume and mirror control. Moreover the windows and mirrors are powered.

6. What are the Safety Features of a Toyota Harrier?

The Toyota Harrier 2015 body is designed to absorb high energies in case of any collisions. Other safety features include multiple airbags, anti-lock brakes, vehicle skid control, blind spot alert, a panoramic view monitor which uses cameras to give a view of the whole car, an alert system which tells about any pedestrians or stationary objects nearby, Lane Departure Alert (LDA) Pre-collision System and an Intelligent Clearance Sonar.

7. Where Can You Find Toyota Harrier Accessories?

It is difficult to find the Toyota Harrier parts in Pakistan, since they are not available at the official dealers. However, you can find a number of resources selling accessories locally and over the internet such as the Toyota Harrier navigation system, Toyota Harrier DVD player, oil filter etc, which can be purchased easily.

8. What is the Resale Value of Toyota Harrier in Pakistan

Frankly speaking, its market is not big, however you may not suffer a very huge loss when you plan to sell it. To get an idea of used Toyota Harrier prices, check out the following listings:

9. What Are The Best Features of Toyota Harrier?

Initially, the Harriers borrowed technological features from the Camry and RAV4, which enabled engineers to focus more on the Harrier’s other facets. However, lately things have improved. The Harrier has been kept abreast with Toyota’s latest industrial innovation by equipping it with modern features that stand out in this huge automotive market. All latest Harriers have Panoramic View Monitor for improved cross visibility by providing views from four exterior cameras, Pre-collision System with millimetre-wave radar, Lane Departure Alert, Drive-start Control and Intelligent Clearance Sonar.

10. What is Toyota Harrier Price in Pakistan?

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The price of Toyota Harrier vehicles found on Pakistani auto market ranges from PKR 2,650,000 to PKR 6,000,000 depending on the model, mileage and the condition.

Toyota Harrier Price List:

Toyota Harrier 2009 Average Price: 54 Lacs

Toyota Harrier 2008 Average Price: 55 Lacs

Toyota Harrier 2007 Average Price: 44 Lacs

Toyota Harrier 2003 Average Price: 26 Lacs

Toyota Harrier 2000 Average Price: 25 Lacs

Final Words on Toyota Harrier

The Harrier has a powerful engine to give you excellent performance, a comfortable interior for smooth rides and lots of infotainment features to make your journey more fun and interactive. However, if you go for the AWD version, you have to sacrifice on fuel economy. All in all, it's a perfect crossover to buy for your family to take them on long drives and recreational trips.