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Toyota IQ for Sale in Pakistan, Toyota IQ Price 2017 in Pakistan

toyota iq price in pakistan | toyota iq | IQ in Pakistan

Toyota started producing the IQ in 2008 and displayed it to the public at the European Motor Car Show in Berlin in December, same year. It finally hit the roads in early 2009. It became an instant hit upon its release in Japan as well as in the European markets and won several commendations and awards from motor magazines, journals and blogs. The name “IQ” is a satirical reference to the similarly designed 2 door, “Smart” and a subtle indication that the IQ is better than the Smart. A large collection of Toyota IQ cars for sale can be found at Carmudi. Below are:

10 Things To Know Before Buying Toyota IQ in Pakistan

1. What Are Toyota IQ Specs?

With the fabrication of IQ car, Toyota in fact launched itself in the market for very compact 2 door city cars which are not very expensive and are fuel efficient too. The Toyota IQ top speed is around 125 km/h. In Pakistan, the Toyota IQ 1000cc and 660cc are available. Most of the Toyota IQ models found in Pakistan are equipped with automatic transmission system, however Toyota IQ manual variant is also available in the market. The new Toyota IQ 2015 carries either a 1000ccor 1300cc engine paired with Super CVT-i Automatic transmission. The IQ is not available in sedan models here, only 3 door hatchbacks are available. It is a front engine, front wheel drive.

2. What is Toyota IQ Fuel Economy?

The Toyota IQ engine gives an average fuel economy of 23.2 km/L which is very good for daily commuters. If your workplace is far from your home and requires you to travel a long distance, then the IQ is a perfect fit for you.

3. Toyota IQ Review of Exterior

toyota iq specs | IQ in Pakistan

The Toyota IQ was designed by the “Toyota European Design and Development” center located in Nice, France. The exterior design makes it highly preferable for youngsters in Pakistan. The overall shape of the car is very compact yet sporty and attractive. The Toyota IQ front bumper has a stylish black colored grille and huge headlamps. The Toyota IQ alloy wheels further add to the sportiness of the hatchback.

4. What Toyota IQ Colours are Available in Pakistan?

The Toyota IQ 2015 is available in 9 beautiful colors. Men can choose among Toyota IQ Black Mica, Greyish Blue Metallic, Grey Metallic, Silver Metallic or White Pearl Crystal Shine, while the women can go for Orange metallic, Deep Amethyst Mica Metallic, Super Red or Deep Amethyst Mica metallic & Silver Metallic.

5. Check Toyota IQ Interior Comfort

Although the exterior looks very compact, you will be surprised when you enter the Toyota IQ car, as the cabin is very spacious. A unique feature of the IQ design is that the front passenger sits slightly forward than the driver to accommodate for leg space in the rear for the third and the fourth passenger. The seat design is slimmer in order to achieve more space for the passengers. The uncluttered dashboard not only adds to the beauty of the interior but also makes the front compartment roomy.

6. Are Toyota IQ Accessories Easily Available in Pakistan?

Finding Toyota IQ Battery, Toyota IQ navigation system, Toyota IQ oil filter or Toyota IQ tyres might not be difficult in big cities, but they will be expensive. Nevertheless, you can try your luck online to buy IQ spare parts at relatively cheaper rates.

7. Does Toyota IQ have a good Resale Value?

toyota iq review

In Pakistan, you only see Toyota IQ Japan since Toyota Indus does not manufacture this car locally. The Japanese cars usually don’t sell better than the local vehicles, but the prestige and goodwill which comes with Toyota brand name will make sure that you do not incur any loss when you go to sell your IQ.

Check our listings below to find the car's value in different cities of Pakistan:

8. How Does Toyota IQ Perform on the Road?

The IQ is a powerful hatchback which offers great performance and fuel efficiency. The Toyota IQ reliability is one of the major factors for its success in Pakistan. Despite being such a compact car, it renders a smooth and comfortable drive. The handling is also amazing, easy to be controlled in heavy traffic.

9. Should You Buy Toyota IQ?

The Toyota IQ is undoubtedly a very unique car owing to its high-quality interior and exterior features. It even has an air conditioning system. Having an AC in a car of this size is nothing short of a miracle, because it takes space and affect fuel economy, but Toyota was able to squeeze in a super slim AC which does not affect the Toyota IQ dimensions.

10. What is Toyota IQ price in Pakistan?

toyota iq price

The Toyota IQ is easily available in all big Pakistani cities. Its price ranges from PKR 1,100,00 to PKR 1,375,000

Toyota IQ Used Price list:
  • Toyota IQ 2012 Average Price: 12.5 Lacs
  • Toyota IQ 2010 Average Price: 12.3 Lacs
  • Toyota IQ 2009 Average Price: 11.1 Lacs
  • Toyota IQ 2008 Average Price: 11 Lacs
  • Toyota IQ 2007 Average Price: 10 Lacs

Our Final Words on Toyota IQ

The IQ won the best Japanese car award in 2008 and rightly so. It is very fuel efficient and easily seats four persons. It is marketed as a ride sharing car in major European cities where parking spaces do not only come at a premium but are very hard to find as well. Although Toyota does market the IQ as a supermini car, it is in fact a Keijidosha car with all the features found in supermini cars available on the market. Toyota is already working on Toyota IQ electric model which would also suit the needs of urban users, as more and more cities are getting linked to the grid and have charging units and points easily and more frequently available. We highly recommend the Toyota IQ.