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Toyota Mark 2 for Sale in Pakistan, Toyota Mark2 Price 2017 in Pakistan

The Toyota Mark II is a sedan model manufactured by Toyota. The first Toyota Mark 2 model hit the markets worldwide in 1957. It merged progressively with Toyota Carina and then finally was discontinued in 2002 with the introduction of Premio and Allion. The Mark II in fact belongs to the Toyota sedan class which was defined by Toyota Corona. The Toyota Mark II is in fact the most spacious of all the five-seaters found in Pakistan. You can find a huge collection of Toyota Mark II for sale in Pakistan at the top of this page.  

10 Things To Know Before Buying Toyota Mark 2 in Pakistan

1. What are Toyota Mark II Specs?

In total, Toyota Corona passed through eleven different versions over its fifty-five years life and naturally Mark II continued to evolve with it. Naturally, with the evolution of technology over more than five decades, the last generation Mark IIs were quite different from their earlier versions. In general, all Mark 2 car versions available in Pakistan have a 4 Cylinder, 1.5Liter, 115 Hp, 16 valve engine paired with either 4 or 5 speed manual transmission or 3 speed automatic transmission. It is available in both Diesel and Petrol versions. Only Sedan body style is available in Pakistan, but Coupé or Station Wagon styles are available internationally and can be imported.

The Toyota Mark 2 1974 came with 2.0L, 2.2L and 2.4L engine options. These higher-power models were available both in diesel and petrol configurations.

2. What is Toyota Mark II Fuel Consumption?

The Mark 2 Toyota is reported to give an average fuel economy of 11 km/L to 13 km/L, but this rating can vary depending on model and engine condition.

3. Check our Toyota Mark II Review of Exterior Styling

The design of Toyota Mark II evolved considerably over its 55 year life cycle. However, Toyota Mark II in Pakistan follow the same basic design guidelines. For example although Toyota did manufacture Mark II station wagons in limited quantities, these vehicles were never exported to Pakistan and most of the Toyota Mark IIs in Pakistan are 4 door Sedan models.

4. What Toyota Mark 2 Colors are Available here?

Although originally Toyota Mark 2 Grande was available in a wide range of colors such as Black, White, Red, Blue, Metallic Grey and Metallic Silver, but since it has been discontinued for more than 10 years now, it could be found in any color ranging from Burgundy to Sky Blue since most of the Mark 2 available on the Pakistani market are repainted.

5. What are Toyota Mark 2 Interior Features?

Another particularity of pre-1972 Toyota Mark IIs was that the gear-stick was attached to the steering shaft and therefore the front seats were more like a bench with no discontinuity contrary to two distinct seats as in newer models.    

6. What are Toyota Mark II Safety Features?

The safety features offered in Toyota Mark II 2003 include SRS airbags, power windows, Antilock Brake System, central locking and side impact bar.

7. How to Find Toyota Mark 2 Accessories?

It's always hard to find parts and accessories of discontinued models but things like air filter, oil filter, car battery can be acquired easily. If you find your Mark 2 engine faulty, you can always buy a brand new Toyota engine.

8. Should you Buy a Mark 2?

Well, if you are looking for a powerful and spacious sedan in an affordable price, Mark 2 is not that bad to buy. You can buy it at a cheap rate and when it's time to sell it, you won't have to bear a huge loss. We specially suggest it for first-time buyers. You can also import used Mark II from Japan. Buy your favorite Toyota Mark 2 used car in your city.

9. What Makes Mark 2 Different from other Sedans?

The most well-known and attractive feature of Toyota Mark II is its comfortable and spacious interior. The Mark II is without doubt the most roomy 4-door Sedan ever manufactured by Toyota. This remains to this day its most attractive selling point. Toyota has allocated very generous storage space in the Mark II trunk which could be used for transporting goods as well as for stocking tires. A bigger fuel tank means that you could take long road-trips through the beautiful Pakistani countryside without worrying about finding a gas-station every 3 hours.

10. What is Toyota Mark 2 Price in Pakistan?

As we have written above, Toyota Mark II was discontinued in 2002. It is therefore not possible to order or buy a brand new Toyota Mark II from Indus Motors, who are the sole distributors of Toyota Vehicles in Pakistan. However, you can find dozens of used Toyota Mark 2 cars on Carmudi. Older models from the 60s and the 70s could be found for around PKR 275,000, while mark II price in Pakistan for late 90s and 00s models could cost up to PKR 1,000,000 or more depending on their condition.  

Mark 2 Average Price List:

  • Toyota Mark II 2004 Price: 16 Lacs
  • Toyota Mark II 2003 Price: 15 Lacs
  • Toyota Mark II 2002 Price: 14 Lacs
  • Toyota Mark II 2000 Price: 12 Lacs
  • Toyota Mark II 1997 Price: 14 Lacs

Our Final Thoughts on Mark II Car

The Mark II is ideal if you are looking to buy a family car for intercity and intracity usage. As far as quality, reliability and availability of spare parts goes, Toyota Mark II does not face any problem at all. It has all the brand value and goodwill that comes with the Toyota name and has the luxurious, comfy interior to keep you and your family happy during your trips. We strongly support your idea of buying a Toyota Mark II in Pakistan.