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Toyota Mark-X for Sale in Pakistan, Toyota Mark X Price 2017 in Pakistan

The Toyota Mark X is a mid-size sedan introduced by Japanese car manufacturer Toyota, exclusively for the Japanese market in 2004. Introduced as a successor of Toyota Mark II, it provides an alternative to people who like Toyota Camry but prefer front engine rear drive pattern. People looking for Toyota Mark X car for sale, have to contact private dealers on our site, as they are not available through an official distributor in Pakistan. The first generation of the Mark X was produced between 2004 and 2009. The car is currently in its second generation, which was launched in 2009. The luxury sedan complementing comfort with performance is among the top three best-selling cars from Toyota along with Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and Toyota Alphard.

Top Things To Know Before Buying Toyota Mark-X in Pakistan

What Are Toyota Mark-X Specifications?

The Mark X gives you two powertrain options including a 2.5 L V6 engine producing 200 hp and 179 lb/ft torque and a 3.5 L V6 engine with 314 hp and 280 lb/ft of torque while being coupled with a 6-speed automatic transmission system. It has rear multilink suspensions and front double-wishbone.You can either opt for rear wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

Toyota Mark-X Dimensions

Toyota Mark-X Length (mm)


Toyota Mark-X Width (mm)


Toyota Mark-X Height (mm)


Toyota Mark-X Weight (kg)


Toyota Mark-X Ground Clearance (mm)


Toyota Mark-X Wheelbase (mm)


What is Toyota Mark-X Fuel Consumption?

The Mark Xs 2.5 L engine gives an average fuel economy of 11 km/L to 12 km/L while the Toyota Mark X 3.5 L engine delivers around 10.0 km/L fuel average.

Toyota Mark-X Design

The Toyota Mark X offers an ultimate driving experience. It is a kind of car you see adorning the roads of big cities and is owned by the Pakistani elites who want to drive in style. The only drawback is its high price which is why not many people own it in Pakistan. They go for either Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla Altis Grande. However, both these are 1800cc cars and do not pose direct competition to 2.5L and 3.5L versions of the Mark X.

Toyota Mark-X Exterior

The Mark X is a luxury in its true sense. It owns a unique outlook leaving the spectators in awe. Some of the exclusive exterior features of a Toyota Mark X include a huge X adorning the front, Bi-Xenon and LED daytime running headlights, bulging fenders, trunk mounted with a rear spoiler, wraparound taillights and a boot lid spoiler.

Toyota Mark-X Interior

The interior of the Toyota Mark X new model has been designed to provide ultimate comfort and luxury for its spacious interior with high-quality materials. Extended use of damping materials makes the car quieter than before. The luxurious interior is packed with bottle and cup Holders, thermal comfort front seats, power driver’s seat easy access system, front seat full flat mechanism, aqua wish front console box, electric rear sunshade, stainless steel door sill plates and a comprehensive infotainment system that includes GPS navigation, a TV tuner, and 12 speakers.

What are Toyota Mark-X 2015 Color Options?

The latest Mark X is offered in a range of stylish colors which include

  • Black,
  • Dark Blue Mica,
  • Dark Red Mica Metallic,
  • Ice Titanium Mica Metallic,
  • Silver Metallic and
  • White Pearl Crystal Shine.

What are Toyota Mark-X Safety Features?

Safety features offered in the latest Toyota Mark X are also phenomenal. They include seven airbags, VSC (Vehicle Stability Control), TRC (Traction Control), Active Headrests, ABS with EBD and a Pre-Crash Safety System. With the provided features Toyota Mark X can guarantee a high safety rating.

Toyota Mark-X Safety Rating

The Toyota Mark-X is one of the safest vehicles around. The NHCAP has given it a four-star rating for both lateral and frontal crash tests.

What Are The Best Features Of Toyota Mark-X?

To make the driver’s job much easier, the Toyota Mark X comes with some of the latest technology features. Some of the Toyota Mark X features include Intelligent Parking Assist, HDD Navigation System, Super Live Sound System, Terrestrial Digital TV Tuner, Voice Guidance Function with Color Back Guide Monitor, Side Monitor, Clearance Sonar and Back Sonar.

Where Can I Find Toyota Mark-X Accessories in Pakistan?

Since it is not manufactured locally by Toyota Indus Motors, you may not find spare parts of the used Toyota Mark X in Pakistan easily. However, the internet can be your survivor as there are multiple sites which are selling Toyota Mark X bumper, Mark X body kit and Mark X headlights. The price of each part varies according to the model year of the car.

Where Can You Buy Toyota Mark-X In Pakistan?

The stylish design (it makes the driver feel confident), superior performance, high-end safety features ( they ensure a secure drive), luxurious interior and the latest technological features make Mark X a perfect car for luxury car customers. Like every Toyota car, the Mark X is also a very reliable choice. The top-notch safety features and high-tech equipment available in this luxury sedan are not usually found in the locally manufactured cars in Pakistan, so yes! the Toyota Mark X 2015 will not disappoint you. If you are looking for a new or used Toyota Mark X car check our listings in your City:

Toyota Mark-X 2016 Review

The Toyota Mark-X 2016 belongs to the eleventh generation of the Mark-X family and like its preceding versions it has proved to be immensely popular. The Mark-X 2016 is the best selling model in the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and South Asia. It is also very popular in Asia and Europe.

The new as well as used Toyota Mark-X is the most preferred car in Pakistan automobile market due to its dependability and affordability. It possesses all the necessary features of a family car, comes with a reasonable price tag, and is equipped with all basic technology and entertainment features.

With that being said, some drivers complain that it accelerates slowly and feels underpowered. The handling also does not provide much road feel and is not very fun to drive. But all these flaws are overlooked by Pakistani customers looking for a dependable family car with superb resale value. It gives a tough competition to Honda Civic, Suzuki Liana, Mitsubishi Lancer and Honda City in the Pakistani automotive market and remains the best-selling car in Pakistan.

Following is a list of most popular models in Pakistan.

Toyota Mark-X Popular Models in Pakistan

Toyota Mark-X 2012

The Mark-X 2012 is one of the most popular models of Mark-X simply because of its resale value and durability. The Toyota Mark-X 2012 price in Pakistan ranges between 12 Lacs and 14 Lacs.

Toyota Mark-X 2012 for sale in Pakistan

Toyota Mark-X 2010

The Mark-X 2010 is loved by Toyota fans due to its reliability and strong position in the used car market. The Toyota Mark-X 2010 price in Pakistan varies between 9.5 Lacs and 12.5 Lacs.

Toyota Mark-X 2010 for Sale in Pakistan

Toyota Mark-X 2007

The Mark-X 2007 is one of the best sedans money could buy in Pakistan. The Toyota Mark-X 2007 price in Pakistan starts from 8 Lacs and goes up to 10 Lacs.

Toyota Mark-X 2007 for sale in Karachi

Toyota Mark-X 2007 for sale in Lahore

Toyota Mark-X 2007 for sale in Islamabad

Toyota Mark-X compared to other cars in Pakistan

  • Toyota Mark-X vs Honda Civic - Honda Civic is a true competitor of Toyota Mark-X and is surely superior to Mark-X in all aspects but it has a higher price tag and a lower resale value. This is the only reason why Toyota Mark-X is more popular than the Honda Civic.
  • Toyota Mark-X vs Mitsubishi Lancer - Objectively speaking the Mitsubishi Lancer beats Toyota Mark-X hands down in every comparison but two things tilt the balance in Toyota Mark-X’s favor. A wide network of Toyota dealers ensures easy parts availability and maintains high resale value.
  • Toyota Mark-X vs Suzuki Liana - The Suzuki Liana is less expensive than the Toyota Mark-X but the Toyota Mark-X is more powerful. As regards the resale value the Suzuki Liana holds it value as well as the Toyota Mark-X.

What is Toyota Mark-X Price in Pakistan?

The starting price of Toyota Mark X 2014 is more than US$ 36920, so imagine what it would cost you when you import it here in Pakistan. The Toyota Mark X used cars are available between PKR 225,000 and PKR 3,800,000.

Toyota Mark X Price List

Toyota Mark X 2008 Average Price: PKR 24 Lacs

Toyota Mark X 2007 Average Price: PKR 31 Lacs

Toyota Mark X 2006 Average Price: PKR 26 Lacs

Toyota Mark X 2005 Average Price: PKR 24 Lacs

Toyota Mark X 2004 Average Price: PKR 25 Lacs

Toyota Mark-X latest offers in Pakistan

Toyota Mark-X for sale in Karachi

Toyota Mark-X for sale in Lahore

Toyota Mark-X for sale in Islamabad