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Toyota Pixis for Sale in Pakistan, Toyota Pixis Price 2017 in Pakistan

The Pixis is a subcompact car manufactured by Toyota Motor Co. of Japan. It belongs to the Keijindosha category of cars, which are designed and manufactured specifically to meet the environmental and carbon emission standards defined by the Japanese government. The Pixis uses Daihatsu Move platform and is its rebranded version. Toyota started manufacturing the Pixis in 2008, the Move was there since 1995 though. It became an instant success in Japan and was later manufactured for the local as well as export markets. A very impressive collection of Toyota Pixis for sale in Pakistan can be found at Carmudi. Here are:

10 Things To Know Before Buying Toyota Pixis in Pakistan

1. What Are Toyota Pixis Specs?

Toyota Pixis Epoch

The Japanese versions of new Toyota Pixis Epoch 2015 have a 660 cc engine paired with automatic transmission system. This is consistent with Toyota’s strategy of manufacturing smaller vehicles that conform to the environmental standards in Japan for the local market and manufacturing bigger models for export markets where emission standards are not as stringent. The Epoch is the badge Engineering version of the Daihatsu e:S. The Toyota Pixis Epoch is available in number versions including Epoch G, Epoch X, Epoch L, Epoch D, Epoch Gf, Epoch Xf and Epoch Lf. The Toyota Pixis 660cc has a top speed of 140 km/h.

Toyota Pixis Space

The Toyota Pixis Space 2015 is Toyota’s version of Daihatsu Move Conte, which was introduced in September 2011. As the name suggests, it’s a roomy compact car aimed at small-car-buyers. The Pixis Space fuel economy rating stands at 25.5 kilometers per liter, which is pretty amazing for a Kei car.

Pixis Mini Truck

The Toyota Pixis Mini Truck 2015 was derived from Toyota Townace and houses a 660cc engine to power the front wheels or all the wheels. The loading capacity is 350 Kg according to Japanese law. It competes with Suzuki Ravi and FAW Carrier in the Pakistani market. The fuel consumption rating for Toyota Pixis Truck (Version: Extra) is 19.0 KM/L.

Toyota Pixis Van

The Toyota Pixis Van 2015 takes it inspiration from Toyota Liteace offering the same fuel efficient engine as other Kei cars in the lineup. The car is accessible in both 2WD and 4WD configurations. Toyota offers this Kei car in 4 grades including Cruise Turbo, Cruise, Deluxe and Special. The most fuel efficient is the Pixis Deluxe van which offers 17.2 KM/L fuel economy.

Toyota Pixis Mega

It is a new ultra-cute Kei car from Toyota Japan to cater to the diverse needs of customers in Japan. It has a 666cc gasoline engine mated to naturally aspirated config (52 HP) or turbocharged (64 HP).

2. What is Toyota Pixis Epoch Fuel Consumption?

The Toyota Pixis Epoch 2012 and the models after that boast an incredible fuel economy of 30 km/L. This is impressive for urban drivers, for school pickup and drop of children, going to office or to travel to their college.

3. Here is Toyota Pixis Review of Exterior Styling

The Toyota Pixis has a very retro design which makes it a perfect car for youngsters. Toyota invited famous Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro to design this vehicle. The compact design enables you to park Epoch anywhere and escape from traffic congestions, especially in metropolitan cities like Karachi and Lahore.

4. What Color Options are Available in Toyota Pixis?

To make it attractive for both men and women, Toyota has introduced the new Toyota Epoch in 10 impressive colors including Black Mica Metallic, Bright Silver Metallic, Cotton Ivory, Sky Blue, Light Rose Mica Metallic, White, Shining Red, Plum Brown Crystal Mica, Urban Night Blue Crystal Mica, Pearl White. We recommend boys black, white or silver color, while the girls may choose red or pink.

5. Toyota Pixis Interior Comfort

The Toyota Pixis offers a spacious and luxurious interior with a generous headroom and legroom. Even the rear compartment is very roomy and provides adequate space between the rear and front seats. It is spacious than your Alto and Mehran.

6. How Well Pixis Performs on The Road?

The Toyota Pixis offers a very pleasant driving experience on roads as well as rough terrains thanks for its robust suspension system. The minimum turning radius of 4.4 m makes sure you drive it easily on roads with sharp edges. Moreover, it has a fuel efficient engine, so you don't have to apply brakes every now and then for fill-ups .

7. What are Toyota Pixis Safety Features?

The standard safety facilities in Pixis include dual driver and passenger airbags, ABS with EBD, power steering, power windows and central locking system. Even the expensive locally manufactured Pakistani cars don’t have airbags installed in them, so you can consider this as a plus point in the Pixis.

8. What Features Make Toyota Pixis Standout?

The Toyota Pixis is well known for its height which is definitely its most appealing feature. It is the tallest compact car ever produced by the Toyota Motors Ltd. Hence, you don’t have to worry if you are tall and prefer compact cars plus the Pixis extends more storage space and extra legroom than other subcompact cars. The fuel economy of 30 km/L is also very commendable.

  1. What is The Resale Value of Toyota Pixis?

The enhanced safety features, beautiful interior and a stylish exterior combined with the fuel efficient powertrain are the facilities that won't let Pixis go on a loss when you plan to sell it. Even the Toyota Pixis 2011 used model has a very good market price of around 10.7 Lacs.

Check our listings below to buy used and reconditioned Toyota Pixis in Pakistan.

Toyota Pixis Popular Models

Toyota Pixis 2014

The Toyota Pixis Epoch 2014 is one of the most reliable and fuel economical car in the Toyota lineup. This is the reason it is highly appreciable here. The Pixis 2014 price hovers around PKR 11 Lacs.

Toyota Pixis 2014 for sale

Toyota Pixis 2012

The Pixis 2012 is an economical compact car which is perfect for a small family. Its price ranges from PKR 9 Lacs to PKR 10 Lacs.

Toyota Pixis 2012 for sale

  1. What is Toyota Pixis Price in Pakistan?

Please note all prices new cars are exclusive of shipping charges and custom duty.

Toyota Pixis Epoch Price in Pakistan

The Toyota Pixis Epoch 2015 can cost you minimum PKR 6.5 Lacs, while the price can go as high as PKR 11.3 Lacs in Japan.

Toyota Pixis Epoch for sale

Toyota Pixis Space price in Pakistan

The Toyota Pixis Space 2015 can cost you around PKR 9.6 Lacs in Japan. The import charges and custom duty will apply as you import it in Pakistan. The top of the line variant may cost around PKR 14 Lacs.

Toyota Pixis Mini Truck price in Pakistan

The price of Toyota Pixis Truck 2015 starts from PKR 7.7 Lacs in Japan, while the range-topping variant (Pixis Extra with 4wd, 5MT) is available for PKR 9.5 Lacs.

Toyota Pixis Van price in Pakistan

The price of Toyota Pixis Van 2015 starts from PKR 12 Lacs in the Japanese markets for Cruise Turbo variant, which offers 14.8 KM/L fuel economy. The most economical version is the Pixis Special Van, which starts from PKR 8.5 Lacs in Japan.

Toyota Pixis Mega price in Pakistan

The price of Toyota Pixis Mega 2015 starts from PKR 11.6 Lacs in Japan, while the Turbo Pixis Mega with all-wheel drive can cost you around PKR 15 Lacs.

Used Toyota Pixis in Pakistan

It is available as both brand new and pre-owned with the prices varying from PKR 1,100,000 to PKR 1,600,000.

Toyota Pixis Used Price List:

  • Toyota Pixis 2013 Average Price: 11.2 Lacs
  • Toyota Pixis 2012 Average Price: 10.2 Lacs
  • Toyota Pixis 2011 Average Price: 10.7 Lacs
  • Toyota Pixis 2010 Average Price: 10.5 Lacs

Toyota Pixis 2009 Average Price: 11.5 Lacs

Final Words on Toyota Pixis

The Toyota Pixis shares its chassis with Toyota Cuore. Therefore, it provides the same footprint as that of Cuore, but with more space. This is an excellent combination which caters to the customers looking for a bigger car with a subcompact footprint. Comparing it to Suzuki Alto, the Pixis is more advanced with essential safety features. Moreover, its fuel efficiency is also better than the Alto. In our opinion, this car is suitable for both the urban and country dwellers. Toyota has made a name for itself by producing cars with excellent fuel efficiencies and the Pixis is no exception. We highly recommend buying Toyota Pixis.